Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fast Food Again...

Seriously, what is wrong with me? I had a 1000 calorie (at least) dinner at 8:30 tonight. Rather than cooking a proper meal, I sent my husband out for Wendy's. It didn't even taste good. Why do I eat things that don't taste good?

Tomorrow is another day at the gym. My 30 minutes on the treadmill should burn of 1/10 of my dinner. I truly need to do something about my eating habits. I am really out of control.

I am starting fresh tomorrow. I am setting the bar pretty low so I can achieve a goal. I will drink at least 64oz of water and I will workout.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

After a busy week, I was finally able to get out for my quick (if you can call 45 minutes quick) 3 mile loop. I am in the miserable part of being so out of shape. My body hurts all over and I feel like my body is made out of lead. I am trying to imagine what life will be like when I actually *like* running again. Right now it is a form of torture.

On a a good note...I survived Thanksgiving and my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party without gaining weight. My husband had a stomach virus and left me holding the bag as a single parent for these events. I was ready to kill him even though he could not help being sick. Chasing kids and sitting down to eat a meal just does not mix well. Even though these events were not very relaxing, I was happy that I didn't have a huge jump on the scale.

I did not get the chance to run the Turkey Day 5k because of my husband's virus. I hope it doesn't catch up with me next weekend for the Reindeer Run.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am clearly in the honeymoon phase of running. I got up at 6:30 and voluntarily put my running shoes on, grabbed my ipod, and headed out to do my workout. Normally I would procrastinate and whine about doing any form of excercise. Today I was happy to get out there. I give myself another week before the bitterness of being out of shape sets in.

Today was so peaceful. I left my house with a sleeping baby, a husband still in bed, and two little boys who were content watching their Saturday morning cartoons. The streets were quiet and there was a light snowfall. It was actually really pretty. To add to my Zen-like state, I blared my G&N and Whitesnake and headed off. Life is good.

I did the 2.8 mile loop and actually was able to jog most of it. I felt pretty good but my body is incredibly weak. The pregnancy really took its toll on my old body. I hope the physical therapy I doing will get me stronger quicker because I am tired of being laid up. I am willing to bet that tomorrow I will be sore. That fact that I am already waddling should be a good clue.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day one

My co-worker and I decided to start running again. Our ultimate goal is to complete a marathon in November 2008. Both of us are in sad sorry shape. To make sure I was ready to start I got my self a gym membership, new running shoes, and new clothes that cover the post partum flap and rolls. I was ready to get started.

Alarm blew that morning at 5:00 AM, I rolled over hit snooze and slept until 6:30. Shit! Already off to a *wonderful* start. I raced around the house throwing stuff in my bags because heaven forbid that I am ready the night before.

I got to work, and emailed my co-worker an apology email for oversleeping and not meeting her. I told her I would do the workout tonight. She maybe a military gal, but she is easy going and laid back. She was fine with it. But I have a feeling I will not get off so easy next time.

Since I decided to workout than evening instead, I went out to get coffee. To celebrate the couch to marathon kickoff day, I indulged in the gingerbread at Caribou. OMG!!!!!! Who knew that food could make you moan. I had a full blown foodgasm. I wasn't even ashmed when I got busted licking the pastry paper. I bet that cake alone was 1000 calories. It didn't matter, I was working out after work. Lunch and dinner were not any better....Taco Johns and Wendy's. It was definately triple threat thursday having fast food for all three meals. mmmmmm....I wonder why I am fat.

Finally....I am ready to run. I started out at 7:30 pm and began at a slow jog. My first thought was this really isn't too bad. Then I hit the second block. I was winded and my legs cramped up. I walked the third block, then ran two more, walked one, and so on. In total I went 1.2 miles and was out for 25 minutes.

It is amazing how a body can change over time. Last year at this time, I was probably close the best shape of my life. A baby, 2 major surgeries, and 30lbs I am starting from scratch. The flap that hangs off of my midsection formerly know as my stomach sway from side to side and the junk in my trunk jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. With every step I take, I wonder if I will ever get to where I was the year before.

It felt so good to be out there again. I love the feeling of the cool night air and how it makes your cheeks rosy. I love that I can only hear my own panting and the pounding of my feet rather than screeching kids. I may have a long journey ahead of me, but today I took the first steps.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fat Girl Running!

What is one more blog about running? This blog is my place to rave, vent, and track my progress with training and my weight loss (hoping there will be some).

Once upon a time, I was a skinny girl who loved to run. I ran cross country and track in high school...and I have to admit, I wasn't have bad when I trained. Then came college, where my new love was eating pizza and drinking beer. It didn't take long for the scale to jump to numbers I never thought I was see.

I might have been a decent runner in high school, but I was not even close to being good enough to compete at the Big 10 level. I ran here and there, but it was an episode of Seinfeld that made me hang up my running shoes. I don't remember when I heard it, but he stated,
"You go to the health club, you see all these people and they’re working out; they’re training, they’re getting in shape. But nobody’s really getting in shape for anything. In modern society, you really don’t have to be physically strong to do anything."

He had a point, So I closed the door on running or any sort of fitness for that matter.

Fast Forward to 2001. The scale is now well above 200lbs. I got a phone call from my high school friend and she tried talking me into running the Twin Cities Marathon. Me, I am always up for a challenge, so I accepted. I did it!!!! I finished and I finished 20 minutes before they shut down the course!

I call myself the fat runner because I don't look like a "typical" runner. I don't have washboard abs or weigh 120lbs. I am tall, pushing 2 bills, I am armed with DD boobs and a 2 digit pant size. Someday, I may know what it is like to thin and fit. But for now, I am the fat girl running.