Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am clearly in the honeymoon phase of running. I got up at 6:30 and voluntarily put my running shoes on, grabbed my ipod, and headed out to do my workout. Normally I would procrastinate and whine about doing any form of excercise. Today I was happy to get out there. I give myself another week before the bitterness of being out of shape sets in.

Today was so peaceful. I left my house with a sleeping baby, a husband still in bed, and two little boys who were content watching their Saturday morning cartoons. The streets were quiet and there was a light snowfall. It was actually really pretty. To add to my Zen-like state, I blared my G&N and Whitesnake and headed off. Life is good.

I did the 2.8 mile loop and actually was able to jog most of it. I felt pretty good but my body is incredibly weak. The pregnancy really took its toll on my old body. I hope the physical therapy I doing will get me stronger quicker because I am tired of being laid up. I am willing to bet that tomorrow I will be sore. That fact that I am already waddling should be a good clue.

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