Monday, December 10, 2007

The Return of a Weight Watcher Reject

Today I dug out my Weight Watchers materials and I am unofficially back on the plan. If I continue to eat as I have been, I will need a rescue team and a crane to get me out of my house.

I should be going to meetings, but I am not. The truth is, paying the $40 bucks a month doesn't motivate me enough to stick to the plan. I literally would be throwing my money I did for 2 years.

Don't get me wrong, Weight Watchers is by far the best weight loss program, but like any bad habit that needs changing, your heart has to be in it. I was lazy on the program and that is why I never reached my goal. Plain and simple.

As I mentioned below, I am focusing on small changes. I know myself so well that if I have too many new things I will have set backs and I chalk it up as a total failed attempt. Changing one or two things at a time is more realistic for me.

Another reason why I failed on WW, was because of how I viewed the program. I know it is a lifestyle change and I chose to only focus on the diet part. This time I am going in with the attitude that is how I have to live my entire life and not just while I am trying to lose weight. I have a realistic expectation this time around.

Regarding my running, I am bumping up my expectation a bit. My goal is to be able to run non stop 3 miles and I feel I can get to that goal in a month. It is so frustrating to have to start running from scratch. Last year at this time I could run several miles. It is amazing how hard it is to build up the mileage and how quickly you can lose it.


Tammy said...

Welcome back, WW reject! :-P

Good luck!
I have a newfound resolve after this weekend, too.

Viv said...

Welcome back, I will scoot my big booty over for ya on the wagon. I totally agree the heart and mind have to be there or nada works! Ummm, I have been looking for my heart and mind since Thanksgiving, UGH!

The 3 miles will be here b4 u know it. Hang in there, doing fantastic!

Pokey said...

Love your blog! I just recently discovered you and Viv and you gals ROCK!

I am also someone that battles with the scale on a daily basis, so you are just the inspiration I need!! :)

Pokey said...

AND we might just be kindred spirits....I'm in accounting too, and have the same passion for eating...LOL :P

Lisa said...

Welcome Back, Carly. I'd offer to throw you a party, but that would involve food, and it would do neither of us any good. So, I'll just say Welcome back!