Thursday, December 13, 2007


is the sound that my pants made this morning when I bent over. Thank GOD they didn't rip all the way, but I can totally see where the seam busted in the ass.

This happened just as I was thinking how good I felt about being on plan since Monday. This was even after my workout today. The powers above have a way of keeping one's ego in check. This incident alone was enough to keep me away from the orgasmic gingerbread at Caribou.

I worked out on the dreadmill 2 times this week. Tuesday was pretty good, I ran 6 minute intervals at a 6.0 or faster (that is fast for me). Today's workout wasn't so great. I did one 5 minute interval at 6.2 then I had to walk the rest of the time. My hip and knee felt kind of funky. The last thing I need right now is an injury to sideline me before I get started.

At least I got up to go....right?


Viv said...

WTG Carly, umm with the workouts not the pants :-X
No comment there been there and I am sure It will happen again.
6.0 is fast for me too, really fast :-)
Injury stay really far from all us WW chickies we don't want it!

Yasmin said...

Nice. I have a pair of pants that seem to keep ripping at the butt seam too. I blame it on poor chinese construction. (the gap make all their clothes in China right?)

I hope you don't catch our injury bug.