Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stick a Fork in Me, I am DONE!

This year, all of the Christmas festivities took place at our house. I was really nice not to have to go anywhere and try to work around the kids' schedules. The only issue I had hosting, was being stuck with all the leftover food. This year we had more leftovers than any other year because of the plague that struck. It really was depressing to see all of the food we made hardly touched and its only destiny was a date with the garbage can. Unfortunately with everyone sick, no one wanted care packages and the stuff could not be frozen to be used at a later date.

I was really bothered by having to throw away so much food. I thought about all the starving people in the world and how much we were wasting. My inner fat chick took over and helped diffuse the situation. Because of the stomach flu, I didn't have much of an appetite but I actually FORCED myself to eat so I could reduce the amount I was throwing away. Only a fat chick think would that way. I don't know what I am more disgusted by, the bad eating or the wasted food. The damage is done now and I must clean out the fridge and move on.

The good news is that I didn't gorge myself as bad as you might think. I just didn't journal or eat anything that resembled a vegetable. I know as of right now I am up on the scale, but I am sure it has something to do with the massive amount of sodium I ingested. The bad news is that I lacked the energy to do anything physical more than taking care of myself or the kids. I am starting to feel human again so I hope to be out there braving the elements to burn off the leftovers.

With the new year knocking at our door, my husband and I have vowed to make some positive changes with our health. We are joining forces with my brother and his girlfriend to make 2009 our year to become healthier. We have all decided to give something up and to start the ball rolling with small changes.

My vow is that I will not go through the drive thru and I will not eat my meals in the car anymore. Like everything else, I will need a plan. A plan to have a "go bag" if I am starving while I am out and about. Driving up to a window to get crappy fast food kind of disgusts me (even though I am guilty of doing it way more often than I should). I know this little change will have a big pay off in due time. My husband is giving up his daily Mountain Dew habit. I know once he weens off of that he is going to drop 20lbs without trying.

I hope everyone is enjoying the remaining days of the holiday season. I am taking it easy and I am going to be catching up on some blog reading over the next few days.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday.

Our Christmas was, well, crappy. I mean that in the most literal sense. Most everyone was granted the wish of a 5lb weight loss as we were all in the bathroom for the better part of the week. The latest victims were my brother, his girlfriend, my sister-in-law, my niece, my father-in-law, and my father. They were down for the count yesterday and today. Why does the stomach flu always hit hard during this time of the year? Why not January?

No one had the energy to really enjoy anything or eat much. I am included in that, I seriously did not and still do not have the energy to do much more than watch TV. I have enjoyed catching up on some movies and I was recently introduced to Keeping up with the Kardashians. I LOVE trash TV and this is right up there! What I am most disappointed about is that it is almost 40 degrees outside and I wasted all my energy taking a shower and putting clothes on rather than being able to do a quick run/walk around the hood.

I am getting over the stuff now, but I was majorly miserable for the majority of the week. I kept saying to myself, "it will pay off on the scale". Wednesday came and I rushed into my local Weight Watchers meeting, my buzz quickly was killed when I found out I GAINED a pound. How the hell did that happen? I hardly ate anything all week. For crying out loud, I didn't even have a piece of my own birthday cake and I still gained a pound. crap.

Christmas wasn't all "crappy". Christmas Eve was a fun night before Puking Claus came and paid a visit. Below are some of the highlights from the Chubby Chick's Christmas Party.

I learned that Poinsettias don't like to be left in a car overnight in below zero weather. My mother was shaking her head as I insisted on having it on the table as decoration.

My brother made me a special candy cane cookie.
We got a couple of gasps of horror from my mother.

We were all cozied up by our "fireplace".

My niece texting her friend telling her what an AWESOME party she was at.

I think Baby Diva is having a foodgasm.

Who is sleeping in that bed?

Look, is Baba's baked goods!! She bakes for us and then we try pawning the stuff off on other family members. I don't know why people don't want them, her walnut, raisin, pineapple bread is so tasty!

My brother needed the Imodium after eating Baba's homemade tasty treats.

Even though Christmas day was kind of a bummer because everyone was sick, the expressions on my kids faces after getting a visit from Santa made the day worth it.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Caroling Blog Style

I wanted to share my love of the season by doing a little Cyber Caroling....

THAT song is stuck in my head. grrrrrr. I had never heard that song prior to this week and now it haunts me. People were making fun of me because I have never heard that song before. I guess it is like a classic or something. Whatever it is, it is annoying and I can't get it out of my head. I think my ears are bleeding. At least my brother and I have a new song to make up dirty lyrics to for Christmas Eve.

Ice skating went well. Nobody broke a bone. My son got the hang of skating just as it was time to go. I have to say, I am pretty proud of him. I think we are going to look at getting him some of his own ice skates. I love ice skating and it is a great form of cross training. My butt is going to feel that in the morning.

Volunteering went well too. The kids were hopped up on candy and buzzing around the room. The teacher looked like she needed a drink. I really think she is going to enjoy her two weeks off. Hell, I don't know how she does it. First the kids never shut up and never stop moving. Second, I don't know how she stomachs the smell of kindergarten. It is a very distinct odor of unbrushed teeth and 5 year old flatulence. But the kids were all great to me this time.

I have a fun filled weekend of working, shopping, cleaning, and celebrating my birthday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weigh In Results

I am down 1.6 pounds. I was a little nervous as my Secret Santa loved me up with lots of chocolate. I could not let it just sit there, I had to try it. I also survived dinner with my son's former teacher and my friends. I got lucky that I lost even though I mentioned in a prior post that I was going to be down with all the exercise I got from working.

The next two weeks my WW center is closed because of holidays. My leader put out a challenge for us to attend an alternate meeting. Since my motivation is super charged from my recent losses I am going to pop into a meeting on Wednesday evening before the Christmas Eve feeding frenzy starts. My goal is to not gain any weigh this week. I plan on getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and write down most of my food.

I tested out my new gear I bought yesterday on a walk today at lunch. It was a balmy 14 degrees and my robbery gear worked really well. I was nice and warm. I did have fun with my new stuff running around the office and "scaring" people. I am really mature.

Tomorrow I have a skating date with my oldest son. I haven't been on skates for YEARS. I guess one of my jobs is to help 20 kids get into their ice skates. Hmmmmm this sounds a lot like a volunteer gig. Yes, yes it is. I am a glutton for punishment. I bet I come home with a good story or two of my hip checking a some Kindergarten kid who gets in my way while I try to do my best Nancy Kerrigan. Either that or I will come home in a cast.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Stuff and a Trip to See Santa

I did a little early birthday shopping. I went out and picked up a few cold weather essentials. I went to REI and got a neck gaiter and a new hat. Then I went to Target and picked up some new running gloves. I have to say they have a great selection of workout accessories and a fraction of the price. I am cheap so I love it. They had a TON of C9 stuff on clearance too.

I am not getting ready to rob a bank. This would have come in hand on Tuesday night driving home as my window on my van would not shut. I had to drive on the freeway with my window completely down. Brrrrrrrrrr! Power windows don't really like freezing temps.

Today we also paid a visit to Santa. I seriously don't think he will be coming to our house. Notice that Santa doesn't look too happy? Well, I think #2 was spouting his mouth off and told Santa that his shirt was ugly or something. That kid does not have a filter. If he does come, I think duct tape will be under the tree.
I think Santa was ready to boot my children off of his lap. I noticed it was a really quick visit. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?

I can never get a good picture of my kids. Someone always has to be screwing around.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside


If I am going to keep on task becoming a runner again, I need to learn to love running in this shit. Even though today's temp is well below zero, it is still doable with the right clothing. Unfortunately, I don't have the right clothing. Rather than lose a few digits to frostbite, I sat this round out and made a list of the gear I need. I need just about everything.

I do have a pair of fleece-lined tights that I can wear as an under layer and a few long sleeve tech shirts but that is about it. I need stuff to keep me warm yet not too bulky so I can move freely.

Cold weather people, what are your must haves for running in the tundra? I see some shopping in my future. Ha!

I have also decided that I am going to keep my membership to the gym so that I can run on the dreadmill when the temps get really low. I hate cold, but I hate the dreadmill more so I would rather brave the elements than spend time on the machine. It will be nice to have a back up.

Speaking of gear....
We are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange at work and I got a great gift

Thank you Secret Santa! I love it. It is perfect for my 2009 goals.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Day in Bullets....

Why I am in pissy mood today:

  • 3 kids with coughs and snotty noses
  • I had to call Santa before 9AM, he has one less stop on his route this year.
  • Below zero weather, windchill is -20 (I guess global warming doesn't effect Minnesota)
  • 1 child informed me he could not find his backpack and he lost his hat and mittens as we are ready to walk out the door.
  • My van doors are frozen shut (even after running to warm up and being out and about all day....still freakin' stuck.)
  • I had to load 3 kids through the front driver's side front door. Not an easy task with 3 in car seats.
  • Frozen doors do not make for easy school drop offs and pickups.
  • I am out of pretty much everything food related at my house.
  • Grocery store is out because I am not willing load kids and groceries through one working door.
  • My bank got a new system and now all my electronic bills are going to be late. I am not happy because their "glitch" is going to cost me money in the form of late fees.
  • Baby Diva is tearing apart my house faster than I can keep up with cleaning so I am not doing any more today.

My husband's "honey do" list just included one more stop tonight....the liquor store. Mama needs a glass of wine!

I had better go pack my gym bag for tomorrow. Sarge is going to make me walk at lunch no matter what the temp.

Working My Ass Off


I jumped on the scale today to get a sneak peek before my official weigh in on Thursday and I was liking what I was seeing. I am down even from last week. If I can avoid face planting into a gallon of ice cream, I should have another really good weigh in.

I can thank my part-time gig for the loss. On average I work 5-7 hours and all I do is walk. I am on my feet the entire time. I don't feel guilty about not working out on the days that I have to work at night because I get a lot of activity. I really love that this job keeps me out of my normal nighttime nibble habit. A discount and weight loss? What more can I girl want?!

My activity today is coming from cleaning, going to the grocery store, and chiseling ice off my windshield. We got a ton of ice/snow last night so brushing my car off should be fun. Man, I hate not having a garage space this time of year. I am so jealous of you Southern peeps that don't have to start their vehicles 15 minutes prior to leaving your house. You guys don't have to shovel the heat.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Friday

This photo was just taken. Baby Diva has found a new love....The Laurie Berkner Band. Gah! Talk about an annoying earworm. She was so funny dancing in her winter coat with bare feet and stinky bear in her hand. It had to make Photo Friday because it looks like I am mother of the year again plopping the kid in front of the TV! Ha! Don't laugh at our ancient tube.
For those of you that have no clue about Laurie Berkner...this is for you.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


I would like to report a 5lb weight loss. I am finally under my starting weight. That is all.

2009 Here I Come!

I am enjoying an unexpected day off from work today because my kids' daycare provider is sick today. I am not doing much of anything today and chalking this up to a much needed mental health day. I am not working, cleaning, or going anyplace. The half decorated Christmas tree is lit and I am enjoying a hot cup of tea while the kids are napping. Life is good!

I have been thinking a lot about my 2009 goals. I got out a piece of paper and started writing my never ending self improvement list. I ended up throwing it away because I only have one goal that I want to accomplish this next year. Running.

I am going to Run. Not just run, I will be a runner again. I hate that I can't call myself a runner right now. I miss it terribly and I realized I need to do it.

2008 was a disappointing year for me. I had such high expectations of myself, crazy goals, and no plan to carry them out. I hate to admit this , but I had a hard time adjusting to having 3 kids. I underestimated how much work just one more child brings and I forgot how little sleep you get with an infant. The injury and lack of weight loss added to the disapointment. It is hard to look at last years list and know that not one thing has been accomplished. All was not lost, I did learn a lot this past year from all of my mistakes.

2009 is going to be different. I am declaring it my official "do over" year. I am scratching everything off the list except running. My running goals for next year are just about the same as last year. I looked at how and why I failed this year and now I am armed with a plan to get in the game next year.

I am adding races to my calendar as motivation to keep moving to the next level. I love running for fun, but if there isn't an event to train for it kind of kills the mojo. I know I said I wasn't going to race until I was ready but I think I am ready for a comeback. Below are the list of races that I hope to complete in 2009. This is more of a wish list rather than a must do. If I feel like I am not ready, injured, or getting burnt out, I will back off training and regroup. For now I think it is a good way to get me back in the running scene.

December-Modified C25K
January-No races just a modified C25k
February-Valentines Day 5K
March-Irish for a Day 5k
April-Get in Gear 10K
May-Bolder Boulder 10K (if I can afford the trip)
June-Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon (If I get in and I am trained)
August-Urban Wildland Half Marathon
October- Twin Cities Marathon
November-Turkey Trot 5K
December- Reindeer Run 5k

There it is, my goal for 2009. I have high hopes but realistic expectations this time around.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

All Dogs go to Heaven (Maybe Even Mine)

I just wanted to write a quick note that Riley is now gone. I spent most of yesterday crying or walking around looking like I got beat up. My husband and I were with her the whole time. I don't think I have ever seen him cry like that. We both could have flooded the room with our tears. The vet came in and gave her a shot and just like that she faded. The words from the doctor, "She's gone" are still fresh in my head. I was so upset the entire time I was at the vet and the minute I got into my car I was overcome with RELIEF.

I feel like a weight has been lifted.    

As you may already may know, I find humor in strange ways.  As I left the vet hospital, I turned on some Christmas tunes.  What song?  Blue Christmas.  Crap.  More tears.  Turn the station. Please Come Home for Christmas.  Double Shit.  Next.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas....  W  T  F?????  That damn dog always had the knack for making me feel guilty.  The only thing I could do at that point was laugh because I felt this was her way of letting me know that she was OK.  

Again, thanks for all the kind words and cyber hugs.  They really meant a lot.  Now I have to resume my normal posting or I am going to be labeled Debbie Downer.  

Friday, December 5, 2008

Photo Friday

It may seem a bit tasteless to post a picture of the dog we are putting down in a few hours, but this photo is one of the funny memories I want to cherish of my Big Yellow Dog.
Prior to having children, we actually dressed her up and took her trick or treating (yeah yeah we are those people). This costume was rockin' hippy dude complete with a doggie afro. I love how she looks completely stoned. She really gets into character. hahaha.

This photo always makes me laugh.

Posted by Picasa

Thanks again for all the thoughts and well wishes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Music

I LOVE this time of year. I have been kind of Bah Humbug because of the dog and my busy schedule has over shadowed my excitement of the season. So today a turned on the radio hoping to get in the spirit. We have the stations that play 24/7 Holiday tunes, it is great for an hour but 10 hours is a little excessive. I have made categories of Christmas songs.

Absolute Favorites
The Peanuts Christmas Song (don't know the name)
Christmas Cannon
Rudolph and Frosty
Jingle Bells-always a classic

Favorite Church Tunes
Gloria (I think that is the title...Gloooooooorrrrrriiaaaaaaaa...)
Oh Come all Ye Faithful
Ave Maria
Oh Holy Night

Oversingers that need to get over themselves
Anything by Celine
Anything by Mariah Carrey
Josh Groban's "Oh Holy Night"

Nails on a Chalkboard
Anything by Amy Grant
Anything by James Taylor
Anything by the Carpenters or Manheim Steamroller....SORRY MOM!
That John Lennon Song
That Alton John Song
I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Unless, you use the lyrics I made up which are not suitable for children)

What are your favorites?
What songs do you like to make up new words for? Come on....I know you do it.

For the record, I have alternate lyrics for almost every song. During family get togethers my brother and I often times get scolded for being immature. Hmmmmpf, imagine that.

On a side note, you may have noticed my lack of Weight Watchin' updates and lack of exercise. I can explain. I suck. I am now heavier than when I started the program and I am still on a hiatus. Not for long though....I am armed with my plan. I have started my 2009 goals that I will share in a later post when the drama with the pooch settles.

*Running around spreading Christmas cheer*

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Need the Big Woody!

That statement is reason numbero uno why I should not be allowed to use a public walky talky.

At job #2 a customer asked if we carried the large Toy Story dolls. She already had Buzz Lightyear but she wanted Woody. I immediately got on my customer service hat on and called the toy department over the the walky looking for her request.

I need the big Woody!
I said it faster than my brain could process it. After the words were hanging out there, I realize what I had said and so did the customer. We laughed uncontrollably for about five minutes. What was even funnier was my "trainer" is not from this country and could not understand why we were laughing. I told explained, but it got lost in the translation. I am glad that I fit right in with all the high school kids.
This statement is going in the archives with "I love Dick!". That statement made my boss fall off of her chair. I went in with this exclamation 8 months pregnant. She said "That is obvious". I died laughing. Innocently, I went into her office excited to tell her I solved a problem. Dick, a co-worker of mine helped me and I was beyond grateful. Hence, I love Dick. Wow, I really have a problem with saying clean things and having them come out dirty.

Thank you all for the kind words regarding my pooch. I needed to lighten the mood of my very depressing post below.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Riley and Me...

The time is coming to say good-bye to our pup Riley....or as my friend Uncle Larry calls her "Big Yellow Dog". On Friday we are having her put down. She is not even gone yet and I can't stop blubbering.

I must look like an absolute idiot. I am not just crying, I am weeping over this dog. The ugly cry. The cry where the tears won't stop. I never ever thought in a million years that I would be this affected by a pet. They really do become part of your family and when they die it leaves a void. I am blogging about her now because I know I will be a wreck on Friday and because I have this twinge of guilt. How could I bring my dog into the vet to be put to death? Why can't dogs just die peacefully on their own? She is sick and has been for over 5 years, I can only assume she is miserable. I know we have made the right decision, but it doesn't make it any easier.

This saga started 9 1/2 years ago. My hubby and I were still relatively newly weds, we just purchased our home, and I had just graduated college. The next major thing we needed to do was get dog. It was my graduation gift and our test to see if we could handle children. I researched breeds and breeders. I had to have the perfect dog. The perfect dog would have to be great with kids and be a good running companion. I found one. A wonderful breeder with 8 week old Yellow Lab pups. We made the hour trek and found our puppy. She was adorable and I had to have her.

It was a good thing she was cute because if she wasn't she would have been put down years ago for her crazy behavior. If you have read the book Marley and Me you can appreciate our story. I think I could have written a similar book. Riley has never been a good dog. She gave Labs a bad name. I often wondered how and why these dogs were used as service dogs.

Was she a good running companion?
Not all all. For a sporting breed, running was not her forte. She would quit about 1/2 mile into a run and stop to do her biz every 5 feet. She literally could make herself poop so she didn't have to run.

Was she a good watch dog?
Nope. She sat and watched while people stole our bikes while in our drive way. Did she bark? No. Did she growl? No. She just watched them. Now, when the mail is delivered that is another story. She barks and snarls at the mailman who give her treats but not for criminals.
She also:

She begs at the table, often times jumping up to get the food.
She will not come in the house when called. I had to go out and chase her this morning.
She refuses to go out in the rain. *gasp* my water dog hates the water!!!!
She used to run away a lot.
She is a digger.

We often joke about what to put on her name tag. My favorite was "Riley-You find her, you keep her." To her credit, we weren't the best trainers.

She earned nicknames such as:
Numbnutz, Dammit Riley, and Effing Dog

Through the years she never really calmed down as people promised. She still would get in your face and pant or snatch food out of your hand. Even though she was an insane dog, she LOVES the kids. She always has a warm spot on the one of the boys' beds or curls up next to Baby Diva's crib. They loved her too. They all use her as a climbing toy and she would just sits there and takes it. She loves her walks and playing countless hours of fetch in the backyard. Even though she is sick and crazy, she is our sick and crazy. She is a total love pig and I could never stay mad at her.

So here I sit sobbing, about a dog that isn't even dead yet. then I bust out laughing because of all the crazy times we have had with her. Then I go back to crying. All this over a dog. My husband is sad, but he grew up on a farm so he has been through this before. I have not. Please bear with me during my moment of over dramatic insanity over Big Yellow Dog.

I guess now I can pull out the sympathy card. Ha!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This and That

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday and stuffed themselves with lots of turkey. I am just starting to wake up from my carbohydrate coma. I had a wonderful weekend and spend some good time with family and friends.

I still don't have anything blog worthy. The last few weeks have been one crazy blur. I guess that is the typical holiday season.

I started my new job. So far, I really like it. It gives me a little peace and quiet (if you can believe that) and something to do in the evening. There is a good mix of people, some are my age and older just looking for holiday cash and then there are the high school students. I have a whole blog entry on the high schoolers. They are a riot and make me nervous for the future. Only kidding, as I was their age once. It is fun to people watch.

One benefit of this job is all the exercise I am getting. I push, I pull, I stock, and best of all I walk. I walk a lot. I am going to slap on a pedometer to see how far I walk each day I work. I came home from my first night and I was sore, good workout sore. I think this might be the jump start I was looking for.

I know I have said this before but our dog's health is going down the tubes. She took another turn for the worse this past weekend and it is looking like this week might be it. I had another gut wrenching talk with the kids. My middle child was sobbing as was I and my oldest just rolled his eyes and said "yeah yeah, heard this all before". I just had to laugh when he said that because it is true. But unfortunately the time has come for our good friend Riley and we are making the appointment for later this week.

The agenda today involves finishing the decorating I started. The tree is up, but no decorations. The bins are all pulled but all my decorations are still in them. It feels like I just put all this stuff away! This year it is a challenge as Baby Diva is now a Toddler Diva and into EVERYTHING. Our tree is going to look pretty funny with all the ornaments on the top half. Also, since today is December 1st, I need to make a list of all my holiday favorite things I want to do in the next 25 days.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I am planning on sitting down with a glass of wine tonight to catch.....make that a bottle as I have a lot of catching up to do. Ha!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing to Blog About...

I really have nothing to talk about today *gasp*. I am going through a little blog withdrawal, both writing and reading. Life has kept me pretty busy these last few days so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I am pretty excited to report I have a shiny new iMac coming my way. My husband watched a full blown meltdown when my computer crashed 3 times while I was doing some work in Photoshop. To spare my heart and possibly his life, he ordered it that night. Now I have a whole new purpose for working my part-time job. Ha!

This week is full of craziness as we get ready for Thanksgiving. I am thankful that it is not at my house! Thanksgiving. Already. This year FLEW by! I am dumbfounded that we are into the holiday season already.

As I mentioned....I have nothing to report. I officially start my job tonight so I hope to come home with some blog worthy notes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet My Brother

We always knew he was a little special.
This is my contribution for Photo Friday that NikeMom started. Since I have nothing else to offer the Blogasphere, I thought I would introduce you to my brother.
I have a busy weekend on deck. Today is taxi service for the kids and a class this afternoon, tomorrow I start my retail gig, and Sunday is picture mania. I am going to make my hubby scale the house to put up our Christmas lights. Maybe my brother can help him out! hahahaha !!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Tag

Enough of the serious talk about being on a plan or finding my is picture time! Dawn from Brownie Blog tagged me to post a photo. The tag rules were:
1. Pick the 4th folder on your computer
2. Pick the 4th Picture
3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 more peeps.

Here is mine. ..

I took this photo of a photo. This is hung in the hall way at my work. This is one of two pictures that cracks me up. Here we have a lady sharing a milkshake (giggle) with 2 boys. She has an awfully naughty look on her face and notice we cannot see her left hand. I think she is giving old four eyes some under the table lovin'. The other picture that I don't have is a guy sitting wearing a name tag reading "Dick Cox". I still laugh every.single.time.

Confession: This photo was really like #6 because #4 was not as cool.

I tag: everyone ('cause I want to see lots of pics)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flashback Inspiration

Tick tock, tick tock. I am burning the midnight oil tonight finishing up a photo shoot. I am convinced that my laptop is going to catch fire soon as it is getting very hot. I am waiting for an upload and it is moving like molasses. Santa if you are listening I have been a very good girl all year and hopes you will bring her a shiny new Mac. *shining good list halo*

While I am patiently waiting for this piece of shit to work, I am having a flash back to 2 years ago when I was very close to my WeWa goal. I remember trying on new shorts for a race. They were compression shorts on the inside and boy(ish) shorts on the outside. For the first time in my life I actually thought my ass and legs looked awesome. I of course snatched them up as fast as I could.

This was a time in my life where shopping was fun. I didn't have to do a Hail Mary to get stuff buttoned. I had variety, I could shop wherever I wanted, and I didn't have to buy the biggest size on the rack. I looked good. People told me I looked good. Looking good made me feel good.

Why am I daydreaming about the past? I have really been struggling with motivation lately. Really struggling. Last week at the meeting, my leader asked "What is your motivation?". My answer *crickets chirping*.....I had nothing. I sat there almost dumbfounded that I couldn't come up with one thing that would light my fire and get the scale moving.

Tonight's total recall might have sparked my mojo. I really liked not having to shop in the tent section. I am now getting to the point where I need to add things to my closet. Now the question I ask myself is Do I want to buy what sorta fits or do I want to buy what I like? Do I want to stay where I am or do I want to feel like I did two years ago?

I think the answer is self-explanatory.

I don't know what triggered the memory of my workout shorts but it has me excited to want to succeed. Inspiration comes at crazy times and I should take it when it is thrown at me.

Upload complete. Off to bed......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Earworm

How do you not giggle when he gets to Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love (around 2:20 in the video)???!!! I heard this on the way to work this morning and now I got the King on the brain.

I am very easily amused and there is nothing like crazy Elvis song to make you laugh out loud.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Running Hiatus

I swear my ass has become one with my chair this weekend. My laptop and I were best buddies as I have working on some photo stuff and getting pictures ready for Christmas. Most of my stuff is done and my computer is practically smoking from being on 24/7. Bleary-eyed from staring at a computer screen all weekend left me extremely unmotivated to do much of anything exercise related. So I didn't push it.

I kept saying to myself I HAVE to go for a run, I NEED to go for a run. I had the time but I could not make myself do it. Moving a mountain would have been easier than making me do my 30 walk/run workout.

Normally this is the paragraph where I start in on how over committed and unmotivated I am. I would whine about some bad food choices and make excuses for them. Of course I would have to throw in some hatred for the cold weather. Same verse as the first. Even I am tired of hearing myself.

Rather, I decided that this is not a good time for me to start the Couch to 5K program. I am extending my break from running. Why? I am trying to make too many changes at once right now. Running feels more like a chore right now rather than an activity that I love. I want to focus on following Weight Watchers and getting the scale to move in the right direction. Running will always be there for me to pick up. For now, I am sticking with walking.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will be stalking your blogs later today.

Friday, November 14, 2008

WTF Friday?!

Today's WTF Moment.......

This one was brought to you by my in laws. The photo below was taken today. The dog is alive and acting like her really well trained self. Don't all dogs beg for table scraps? hahaha!

My husband called and told his mother that Riley was still with us. She replied with something like save the card for when she really does go. OH. MY. GOD. (sweet thought about sending the card though) This is my TGIF photo of the day. I am jumping on Nikemom's bandwagon for the Friday photo.

I went to my WeWa meeting last night. I used my free pass to avoid the scale because I just could not take another hit yesterday. I had one of those days where EVERYTHING I touched turned to shit. I didn't want the gain I expected to be the icing on my cake. I could not have picked a better time to go to the meeting because they were taking about dusting yourself to keep going off after a fall. I was just the topic I needed as I was feeling like a big old loser. After the meeting my night got 100% better.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I don't have exciting plans for the weekend. Just catching up on some serious cleaning! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carly's Thursday Mindless Babble

My mind is not functioning in complete sentences today so I am bullet blogging today.
  • I switched my work hours on Thursdays to accommodate my Weight Watchers evening meeting. I love my original leader so much that her meeting is worth getting up at the crack ass of dawn to get into work early.
  • Because of my new early start I am drinking rocket fuel (aka a large Americano) to get me going today.
  • I am not excited about weigh in today, but at least now I am armed with a plan going forward.
  • I remembered to pack my lunch today.
  • Because I am not busy enough, I decided to get a PT job for a little extra holiday cash and a discount.
  • I can't believe I had to go through4 assessments, a rather challenging math test (I am a math reject), 3 interviews, and a drug test for said PT retail job. (I passed all of the above and got the job)
  • I don't want to say this out loud but my Plantar Fasciitis feels like it is doing a little better. Stretch, ice, ball rolling, decent shoes....repeat. *knocking on wood and crossing fingers that I didn't just jinx myself*
  • I have 2 meetings after work and I will not get home until after 10PM so my hubby is a single father today.
  • Sarge brought in the book "My Life on the Run" by Bart Yasso. I am excited to read it even though it might take me a decade to finish it.
  • Gingerbread is back at Caribou Coffee.....Lawd help me....I need to just bite the bullet and get it right away and eat zero point soup for the rest of the day.
  • Running has taken a backseat to sick Baby Diva. That is an excuse...a valid one, but still an excuse.
  • Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away! Let the good times roll and the vodka flow....Ha!
That really is all that is on my mind today. Hope everyone has a good day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Planning, Part Deux

Yesterday I wrote that I need a plan to finally succeed at this weight loss. Thank you for all the suggestions and links. I secretly hoped that just talking about fitness and rejoining Weight Watchers would make the weight magically disappear. Since that is just a pipe dream, I actually need to plan my attack to once and for all get rid of the pudge.

The first thing I did was analyze my journals (when I keep them) and reviewed how I spend my days. I have always been amazed that I have a weight issue with as much running around as I do. I learned that I have not one but TWO danger zones where I have a tendency to chow down on anything not nailed down. These times are 2-5 PM and 8-10 PM. The other problem I discovered with my schedule is that the busier I get, the lazier I get about getting to the grocery store and planning my meals. It is just easier to grab something and it NEVER is healthy.

The other think I learned looking through my journals is that I don't eat enough veggies and lean protein. This is a challenge for me as I am highly allergic to many fruits and some vegetables, all poultry, and shellfish. I know I sound like a freak show, but it is true. I LOVE fruit but can only eat a minuscule variety. I can eat McDonald's with no ill effect but put peach in front of me and I could die. Where is the justice in that? Couldn't I at least have the never-get-fat gene? What does that leave? Carbs. I am a carb junkie!

As far as the running plan. I could not agree more that I need a schedule to follow. I can't wait for it to include races. But for now, I am back to the drawing board and starting over as a beginner runner. Since I am starting over as a runner, my workout aren't very high calorie burning. I am going to need to step it up and do more cross training via the gym or a workout DVD. I of course can't forget the two S's.....strength and stretching.

Ironically, I missed my C25K run last night as I had an allergic reaction to an apple. I had to pop a few Benedryl to counter the attack. I was so drowsy from the drugs I had to go to bed. I am so upset because apples are one of the fruits that I could eat. I have to scratch them off my list. I told you, I am a freak of nature. Really, who is allergic to the healthy stuff?

Today I am at home with Baby Diva. She was hacking like crazy this morning to the point of gagging but has since miraculously stopped. Oh well, I am enjoying my day with just her. At least I will have time to catch up on my blog stalking.

Planning vs Just Doing It

I never put too much thought into something before I just do it. My "Just Do It" attitude usually works for me and it has opened up several doors of opportunity. I have never had time to doubt myself because of fear or negative consequences. Though most of the time I learn the hard way by falling flat on my face, I usually can get back up and keep going.

Lately things have changed for me. I am stuck. I am spinning my wheels. I just am not moving forward. Frustration has replaced my "I can do it" attitude. Why, why, why? I tried a few new things to get the ball rolling and I kept ending up in the same place. THEN... My A-HA moment (yes, I admit watching Oprah from time to time) came to me while I was sitting in a small business class. The instructor, a very gruff older man, was repeating the phrase "you MUST have a plan, YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN!". Then the light came shining down, harps were playing, and I got it. I need a plan.

You must being thinking....NO SHIT SHERLOCK, who the hell doesn't know that???!!! So I am a slow one and and as I mentioned I learn things the hard way. Ha! Planning is one of those things that I just don't get. Even the word kind of makes me break out into hives. When I do have one, I follow for a bit then it all falls apart if there is a change.

Why the Oprah-like post today? last weigh in at WW was not pretty. I stepped on and gasped in horror!!!!!!! Not only had I gained, I am OVER my starting Weight Watchers weight. My little C25K workouts were not match for the Halloween candy. Needless to say that this is not the direction I want to go.

What IS my plan? My PLAN for today is to make a PLAN to make this Weight Watchers PLAN work. I have posted a lot of ideas but never anything to make me stick to it. All you type A runner people out there, How do you make your plans? How do you make yourself stick to it? How do you adjust when the plan doesn't work?

(yes I am that inept in planning things dealing with myself)
C25K on deck for this evening. I may redo week one because of extreme temp changes and still dealing with some foot shenanigans.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome Winter

Snow! I woke up to mother fricken snow!!! I am soooooooooo not ready for winter. We still have tons of leaves that need to bagged and I need to get Baby Diva a winter coat. Every year when I see the sight of white stuff I get bitter and wonder why of all the places in United States my grandparents chose the tundra to settle.

I know it is November and we should start getting the winter like weather but is is so disheartening that our winter lasts 6 months. At least the kids will be excited and want to play outside (translation: out of my hair. ha!).

Even though I despise winter, I actually like running in the cold BETTER than the heat. I takes me a little while to get motivated to brave the elements, but once I am out there I enjoy it. At least with the cold you an add layers to warm up, the heat you can't do a thing about.

I will stop talking about the weather. I am sure in the next several months you will not forget how I feel about winter.


My 2 C25K runs this week have been good. On Wednesday I didn't want to run in the dark so I piled the 2 kidlets I had at home in the monster double stroller and went on my way. Wow, what a workout! My son is clearly too big for the stroller but I made him ride anyway. Baby Diva loved it! My son wasn't so excited. I told him I was going to run and we would go really fast. When I did run, he asked "When are we going to go fast are you running yet?". Little stinker, next time he is running with me!

Running is not on the schedule today. I have a video day and 3 kids at home. Maybe I will dust off the Wii fit and challenge the boys to a few rounds. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Blog is One Year Old Today!

Happy Birthday Little Blog!
Wowweeee has this year flown by. One year ago today I started this blog to document my running and weight loss adventures. Ironically, one year later I am in the exact same position as I was when I started this journey. Although it would appear that I have made absolutely no progress, I do have some noteworthy accomplishments, some failures (I mean lessons learned), and things I will do different to move forward.
What I Have Accomplished:
  • Reindeer Run 5K
  • Valentines Day 5K
  • Get in Gear 10K
  • Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
What I Learned:
  • I can do a half marathon with very little training
  • Having a baby is more work than I remember. Baby Diva did NOT get her name because of her mild disposition. (she takes after her father)
  • A 3 mile run is no match for a Chipotle Burrito
  • Once you sign a volunteer form, you are prepared to be stalked
  • I whine about not wanting to run, then I whine when I can't run. I must just like to whine.
  • Speaking of wine....2 buck chuck is not something to drink the night before a run.
What I Will Do Different:
  • Strength train & Stretch. I am not 18 anymore and my almost 35 year old body needs more TLC (not THAT kind of TLC)
  • Cross train....maybe a little Jazzercize?
  • Train for races rather than just doing them
  • Not over schedule myself. *thinking of ways to scare off PTA*

Thanks for a great year! I have loved all the comments giving me support and encouragement. I also love stalking your blogs for my daily dose of entertainment, laughs, and training tips.


C25k is on deck for this evening. Yesterday's workout was a 4 (ish) mile walk at lunch.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Liked Running?

Today I started day one of the Couch to 5K Program. I was so excited to finally get some use out of my running shoes. I dusted off my Garmin and pulled the jogger out of storage for Baby Diva. Today could not be more beautiful weather wise. The sun was shining and the temps were high. The stage was set for a glorious run walk.

I started with a brisk 5 minute walk and then alternated between 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. I kept telling myself that this program is probably too easy for a seasoned veteran such as myself.
My first running interval felt fine but the 60 seconds seemed to pass by very slowly. The next 60 second interval is when my feet (yes both of them) decided that maybe running is not what they want to do as I had some serious PF pain going on. I kept on. My 3rd interval my feet must have been speaking to my knees because they joined the pain train. The pain at this point was not too severe but it was enough for my mind to join in. I kept thinking....why am I even trying, I don't think I like this....blah blah blah. I was thankful that I had Baby Diva in the stroller so I could hang on for dear life. At that point I thought....
It wasn't until my Garmin showed that I was over 20 minutes into my half hour workout that I was able to remember why I love running and why I miss it so much. I shut off the negative nagging chatter in my brain and enjoyed the final part of the workout.

I am now icing my foot and stretching it out. I am going to show it who is boss. Ha! I think of all the injuries I have recovered from and I have to say that Plantar Fasciitis is the worst. As I said before I am getting really aggressive about taking care of it.

I am applauding the Chubby Hubby for getting up and doing his first day of the C25K. He did great!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am Carly the Chubby Chick and I Approved this Message.

It is going to be a very exciting week. New President? Nahhhh, it is something much bigger! Chubby Hubby and I are kicking off the Couch to 5K Training Program. Our schedule for running is Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Chub Hub is taking the the morning shift and I will take the late afternoon. It is not the ideal time for me, but if it gets both of us out the door I will do it.

This is my week ahead:
Tuesday-2-4 Mile lunch walk
Thursday-2-4 Mile lunch walk
Friday-video mania
Sunday-Video or walk outdoors


On a completely unrelated note, I had a huge eye opening experience. I was balancing my checkbook today and kept thinking "where the f*** is all my money going?"At first I thought someone stole my identity because my balance could not be correct. I admit I am super anal about reconciling my account but not real good about entering the transactions as they happen. As I started going through the receipts, I began to see the light. My account is being drained by caloric entertainment. My morning coffee habit, lunches out with my co-workers, and my lack of drive to cook dinner have taken a huge chunk of my change lately.

While my money is disappearing, my waistline is growing (not losing very fast). Today was my first time truly realizing that my lifestyle of convenience is causing me to stay fat as well as having less money in the bank. This.Needs.To.Stop. This has got to be the first habit to change. My new goal this week is to curb the spending in food and food related items. I bringing my coffee and packing my lunch. This will force me to be a little better in my planning and make me do my grocery shopping on a regular basis.

Happy first weekend of November. I am off to blow the stink off myself and go for a walk. It is too beautiful to stay indoors today!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a spooktacular day. We a great time, especially since the temp was in the 60's. In Minnesota, that does not happen often. It was a busy day with school functions and running around to get ready for tonight. We had a great time and the kids made a haul with the candy. I am temped to let them go to town and eat as much as they can in one day then pitch the rest. They got all the good stuff too.

Our very unique pumpkins. Ha!

Look, it is Mary Kate Olsen!

The only shot of the 3 monsters together

The end of the night stash in separated piles. I have my eye on that full size Reese's.
Yes, he is eating the wrapper.

Touch it and die

The scariest pic of all....the dreaded side profile. I think this will be my "before" picture. *shudder*

I can't believe tomorrow is November already. Back on the wagon and no candy for breakfast.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take it and Run Thursday

I stopped by Runner's Lounge today and the topic for Take it and Run Thursday was super powers. What super power would I choose to make me a better runner?

Hmmmmmm....If I were a running Super Hero what powers would I have? Since I am big into not having just one of anything....I have a wide array of powers.

  • My first super power would be I would have the ability to run in a tube top, thigh high boots,and a cape.
  • I would have a smell shield to block the odor of other runner's high fiber breakfasts and dodge the dreaded crop dust.
  • I would grow a third foot to boot runners that rudely cut in front of me or decide to stop abruptly.
  • I would have a force field that protected me from other runner's spit, snot, and other fluids. *shudder*
  • My powers would get super charged when my alarm goes off at 5AM and I would up and out for the run.
  • I would wear wristbands that shoot stuff at people that annoy me.
  • I would only be able to survive on a strict diet of bar food and beer.
  • Last but not least, I would be a time traveler. I would love to go back into time when I was in the best shape of my life and rewrite my running history.
Back to my mortal is so fun to daydream. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Golf Ball Trick Take 2

Thanks for the input on the torture devices below. I knew I could count on my bloggity peeps to help me out. A golf ball kept showing up in the comments as a way to work out the foot muscle.

Sarge told me about the golf ball a long time ago when I first started suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. She swore up and down that this ball made her PF go away. I took her advice and used it for awhile but stopped because I felt it was doing more damage.

Since I am desperate to get this taken care of, I decided to give my golf ball one more chance. I pulled it out of my desk drawer and rolled my foot on it When I wasn't rolling, I was picking it up with my toes (also a suggestion from Sarge). The pain was killing me, but I kept up with it.

She came over to my desk when I was whimpering in pain only to discover that I was using the golf ball improperly (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER...SICKOS!). I was putting full pressure on my foot where it was sore and nailing the ball on that point. I using the ball as a form of a deep tissue massage. She immediately corrected me and told me to use gentle pressure and lightly roll the ball under my foot then stretch. What difference that technique was! By then, the damage was already done. My foot was swollen and sore from the constant rolling I was doing. *duh*.

Today I am going to use the frozen water bottle, do some calf stretches, and take some ibuprofen. I also saw at Tar-jay that they have a brace that is similar to those ever sexy socks but much cheaper. I am going to give it a shot.

Now that the cold weather is here my motivation to get outside is dwindling. I decided to get the Chubby Hubby on board with running. He asked me to help him with a workout program and I need the extra motivation. Together we are doing the Couch to 5K program. This is a 9 week program which is perfect because it takes us right to the end of the year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Insomniac Edition

It is 2AM and rather than sleeping, I thought I should be blogging. In reality, Baby Diva has been up most of the night coughing and now that she is out like a light.... I can't sleep. gah!

With this round of insomnia I am researching products to help with Plantar Fasciitis. I have decided that enough is enough and I need to get this foot better because I miss running. My blogaversary is coming up and I am in worse shape now than when I started this thing. I am tired of going the wrong direction and I have decided to get aggressive getting my aches and pains under control. My Internet search for PF pain relief came up with a bunch of gadgets. Here are two that look promising. Any feedback on these? Do you have other gadgets that work?

This sock is sexy....I might get a matching set if they really work.
As long as I am on the topic of aches and pains, I have an update on my other issue. My doc is taking the wait and see method. That pain is a bit more tolerable now that I know I am not dying. It still is there and it is still uncomfortable but I think I can deal with it for now. The good news is that I won't be going under the knife any time soon (I will keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way).
My ultimate goal is to become a runner again. I am sooooooo sick of being on the sidelines. If I can get this crap under control this winter, I am hoping to be in good shape for running season in 2009.

*Yawn* all this injury talk has made me sleep. Off to bed.....for 2 hours.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

That's Hot

I love this time of the year. I especially love Halloween. Every year, our friends have was has become know as Fright Fest. We have a blast every single year. The master mind of the Fright Fest always goes all out on his costume and this year was no exception.....he was one of the Cavemen from the commercial and short lived sitcom.

My costume this year fell short on the creative spectrum. Actually, it was really lame but nevertheless still funny if I do say so myself. My BFF and I went as bridesmaids from the 1980's. She had a side pony tail and I had mall bangs. I love the puffy sleeves and the shoulder pads. Oh the dresses they had back then.

The glasses were just an added benefit that needed to be thrown in the costume somehow. My husband found them randomly in a chair at our house. He asked if I was having an affair because they looked like men's glasses. I said yes, yes I am banging the Schwan's man. Only kidding of course, but the glasses remain a mystery.

I love the shoulder pad, metallic goodness.
My busy weekend caught up with me and I did not get off the couch yesterday. I literally watched 4 hours of Bridezillas and Elf with the kids. I loved every second of being lazy.
That is all I have to report. Please note that there is a lack of mention of healthy eating and exercise in this post. That is because there was not any of that happening this past weekend. Never fear I am back on track today and chugging water to wash away all my caloric sins.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday

It is only 7:30 in the morning and already it has been a crazy day. I have been up cleaning like a mofo because this house has not been touched all week. Then I jumped in the shower. I discovered that when I was drying off that I was covered in BLACK FUZZ. I sat there dumbfounded for a second and then I realized I had washed a black fleece blanket with my towels. I looked like I was tarred and feathered. Then came shower #2 and I toweled off with a non-fuzz towel. good. The craziness continued as I was blow drying my hair. My hair dryer STARTED ON FIRED!

It is funny how this chain of events made me laugh uncontrollably. I woke up as a major bitch and my string of bad luck put me in a good mood.

On top of all my misfortune this morning, I had a 2lb gain last night at weigh in. I should have never gloated about eating ice cream sammies for dinner and having a major loss. The Weight Watcher Gods sure now how to put me in my place. Oh well, today starts a new week and come hell or high water there will be a loss. Also a not eat high sodium foods all week and expect good results on the scale.

Today is one day I wish I could curl back up in my bed. No such is a majorly crazy day today. The preschool Halloween party is tonight and I am half in charge (note to more drinking with school parents that rope me into this shit). We are expecting 600 kids tonight. It is always a good time but very tiring. I was slightly pissy about not having a chance to workout today, but I will be doing a lot of running and lifting today so I am calling it a workout.

Also at some point today I MUST GET TO THE GROCERY STORE. I think I have set a new world record on length of time between store visits and number of days of getting creative with meals. I had my husband pick up some of the essentials but we still have nothing. I need a clone of myself to get this crap done. One stop I will not miss today is the liquor store. I will be enjoying a cocktail tonight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stuck at Work

I am being held hostage here at work because of a political rally for Al Franken that is occurring in our building. Hillary Clinton is here so security is very tight. Since I really don't want to be fighting secret service to leave, I thought I would blog my random thoughts.

  1. I wonder if it would be appropriate to run down stairs and do my best Stuart Smalley impression while the rally is going on.
  2. Am I the only one that is more excited for the election to be over than getting a new prez? At this point, I don't care who gets in as long as the commercials stop.
  3. I killed two birds with one stone today at lunch. I walked close to 4 miles to the camera store and bought a new lens for my camera.
  4. I should have used the money I spent on a lens to buy a few pieces of clothing for myself.
  5. I LOVE Noodles & Company. I had it for lunch again today. I am completely addicted to the Med Salad. It is also very WeWa friendly.
  6. I am drinking water even though I would kill for a Coke right now.
  7. I can't stay focused enough crunch numbers today as I keep thinking about how I need to pull my Halloween costume together. Anyone else love to dress up as much as I do?
  8. Someone at work noticed that I am losing weight. I guess I am not seeing it yet.
  9. I STILL need to get to the grocery store. Tonight. It must be tonight.
  10. I really hate grocery shopping. It is my worst think in the world to do.
  11. I am thinking of sneaking downstairs during this rally to see if I see any famous people or if I can end up on camera somehow. I wonder if they have food down there? Hmmmmm????
Speaking of being held hostage....I have to be stuck home most of the day tomorrow for the washer repair guy to come. What is this 8 hour window business??? I have shiz to do and peeps to see. It will be a good excuse to hangout in blogland and catch up with everyone. Cross your fingers that he get here in the morning. I should pile up all the laundry I have just for shock value. I can't believe the amount of dirty clothes 5 people can generate, no wonder our washer gets burned out all the time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Today's Good Plan:
  • Get up at 5AM and do DVD
  • Eat a sensible breakfast
  • Meal plan and grocery shop in the 2 hour window of preschool
  • Cook dinner

What really happened:

  • Woke up late and had no time to do any sort of workout
  • Ate Halloween candy and oatmeal for breakfast
  • My 2 hour window of opportunity was sucked up by a preschool commitment
  • Cooking???? hahahhaha.! I have NO food in this house to cook with. We had left over take out from last night. In fact the reserves are so low that I asked my son if he wanted cream of mushroom soup for his lunch. That little brat said no. hmmmmfp.

It turned out to be one of those days where I could not stop nibbling. The kids brought home lots of candy from our trip and I gladly helped myself to their stash. I then had this bright idea that I was going to walk after my husband got home from work. Nope. We had to run an errand as a family. When I got home. I was too tired and cranky to do I didn't. Now I feel just blech.

I am going to write this day off and do better tomorrow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Recap in Photos

Another weekend has come to an end. I can't believe how fast they can go by. I was so happy not to have a scheduled activity on the calendar. No soccer. No Football. No work. We headed north to hang out with my parents and we had an absolute blast.
Friday the kids and I played outside all day long. Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo. Finally on Sunday we played in the leaves and enjoyed more time outside on a beautiful Fall day. Below are some of the photos from our trip.

Hey look, I am in a photo. Too bad the kiddos would not cooperate and look at the camera I was not kidding about my jeans and North Face Fleece. This is known as outfit option #1.

My 2 monsters. We hiked up a path to see the waterfall. BEAUTIFUL!

Here is a photo of my mother in her Indiana Jones costume. Doesn't she have a sweet ass? I am SOOOOOO KIDDING and SOOOOOO going to hell. This lady pictured above was on a man hunt at "Boo at the Zoo". You think the skirt was short, you should have seen the cleavage she was sporting. Yikes. My boys were even staring.

Here is a real photo of my mother and Baby Diva.

Baby Diva coming off of the sugar high. My friend made her flower costume. I love her hat!!!

Having fun in the neighbor's leaves!

In true Diva form.....

Here is a backside view of myself that serves as a motivational photo for not eating for a month, a reminder to get my hair foiled, and to show outfit option #2.....the grey hoodie.

Back to the grind tomorrow. I am beat!!!! I hope my husband enjoyed his quiet time this weekend. It is all over now! I passed those kids off to him like a hot potato. They were well behaved all weekend until they crossed the threshold onto our property....then all hell broke loose. Whining, screaming, and crying.....and the kids were worse. *putting in earplugs*

Hope to catch up on on my reading tonight!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Did This Happen?

I confess, I was not even close to being on Weight Watchers this week. No journaling, lots of junk, and very little excercise. The anxiety of waiting for my test reults had more of an effect on me than I thought. With that said......

I am down 4.2!

I even got a message when I logged my weight on E-Tools saying I lost too much weight this week. I just laughed because it wasn't like I was trying. For heaven's sake, I had ice cream sandwiches for dinner (yes that was plural). I know I am not going to have that streak of luck this week if I don't watch it. So back to doing things the way I am supposed to do them.

I am heading north with the kiddos tomorrow for the entire weekend. I am going to see my parents and take my kids to "Boo at the Zoo". I am not sure how I let him weasel out of going but I did hand him a mile long "honey do" list. I am sure he will enjoy sleeping in and playing Wii. I had better come home to a spotless house. *dreaming*

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Good luck to Shosh, Chia, and everyone else racing this weekend.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Have Been Tagged

Six Random Facts About Moi:

1. I am a Sagittarius, my favorite color is blue, I can't pass up donuts, I love long walks, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

2. The music made by James Taylor makes me physically sick. I can't stand his voice. My friend made a CD for all her bridesmaids containing a James Taylor song. She remembered my hatred for his music and burned the same song sung by another artist. I wonder if it is because Carly Simon is my namesake?

3. I really really love Kraft Mac and Cheese. Or as my Baba calls it...Kraft Dinner. I try to avoid the stuff because I can seriously eat the entire package. It is like my crack. My kids and husband hate it.

4. I am a closet talk radio lover. I turn it on the car when no one is with me and then I turn it back to my old school rap station before I get out hiding the evidence.

5. I am a really boring person. I don't travel much, I have only lived in Minnesota, and I really don't have any spectacular talents. I am totally OK with this.

6. My two favorite outfits are my black yoga pants with my grey hoodie and my blue jeans with a black t-shirt paired with my North Face black fleece jacket. I know I am in a dire dire need of a wardrobe makeover! I am *this* close to being that mom with the jeans that go up to her boobs who also has the sweater vest with cartoon characters embroidered on it.

Thank you Shosh for tagging me. I really struggled with this today because I really am *that* boring and you probably already know all this stuff. I tag Tammy, Chia, Em, Alb, & Bubba.

In other news.....

I got my test results today. Negative. Woo Hoo! I don't have Cancer (although, I kind of knew that). I have a follow up to figure out the next step sometime next week. *Sigh* the drama continues. I just want it to be done

I hired a photographer to take our family portrait as well as getting a few of my kiddos. Yes, I have to hire someone else to take my kids pictures. They do not cooperate for me. Turns out they didn't cooperate for her either. We went here. It was a beautiful day. I just hope to have at least one photo that turned out.

Peace out. I am going to retire for the evening.