Saturday, January 19, 2008


It is beyond cold. The thermometer reads -5 and add the wind chill it is closer to -30 degrees below zero. This is the type of cold the takes your breath away when you step outside. It makes your eyes freeze and your skin burn within seconds of exposure. It is that bone chilling kind of cold that stays with you even if you are snuggled up in a warm house. This is the time of year I always ponder why I live in Minnesota.

Needless to say, I skipped my run. The thought of frostbite and slipping on the ice didn't really appeal to me today. I will just have to work harder they next time I go out.

Honestly, a little part of me wanted to face the elements. My running co-worker makes a point to run on the coldest and hottest days of the year. I know she was out there today. I wanted to do it just to have some bragging rights under my belt.

I truly think I am becoming a runner, at least mentally. Only a runner would think exercising in sub-zero temps would be worth boasting about.


Maria said...

You already are a runner! Um, -30 is ridiculous..

Viv said...

OMG, that is way too darn cold. I can't even imagine that. Flannel pj time, no doubt!

Danielle said...

Those are exactly the reasons I had wanted to get out on Saturday!! I've done it...I've been out in -7...I have the gear...but the cold drove me into the gym (it really didn't feel as bad as they were saying either, when I stepped out, it probably wouldn't have been THAT bad!).