Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Power of a Picture

Gosh, another week has flown by. My daughter's baptism was today and I just got done uploading the pictures from the event. This is one of only a few events that I find myself actually in a picture. I am usually the one behind the camera. I wish I would have stayed out of the pictures this time around.

What a wake up call! Wow, I am fat. Not that I should be shocked. I know I am fat because of the way my clothes fit, I know I am fat by what the scale says. But I always thought in the back of my head that I wasn't THAT bad. Pictures do not lie and I did not like what I saw.

I am trying not to piss and moan about being fat. I know what I need to do to start losing this weight, I just do not have the focus. Now that I have seen the results of eating Cheetos and ice cream for dinner, I am scared straight. I am done complaining about being fat. I was looking for motivation to lose weight.....I found it.

Running has kind of taken a back seat this week. I did my standard treadmill workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday I did a 2.25 mile run with my husband. He got a cramp and took a short cut home and I still beat him. Yes, I get off silly little competitions like that. I did not run today because of the baptism and company at our house.

I have only 3 weeks until the first 5k of the year. I think I will be just fine even though I have had a rough couple of weeks.


Viv said...

Carly, you are doing great, just keep at it. I know what you mean about being behind the scenes of photography. I am trying to find a pic of me 60 pounds ago, and I really I can not find one, prolly cause was taking the pictures. Yaa, on the 5K coming up that will keep your running in check 4 sho.

Stace said...

Hey Carly, you are meeting the goals we set. Don't beat yourself up for not doing what you didn't commit to doing. You look good, and when everyone is older, they will be grateful to have pictures of you. Trust me. They love you regardless of how much you weigh.

Tammy said...

Carly- We are all our own worst critic. That being said, I hate the most recent pictures of me and it drives me crazy when people tell me they can't tell that I've gained weight.

I can totally relate to knowing what needs to be done but lacking the focus to make it happen. I think you just have to fake it until it eventually gets easier. That's my plan anyhow!