Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaving Funkytown

I have been MIA for about week because I have been crazy busy and in my annual winter funk. This time of year is always hard for me. I truly thought this year would be different if I stayed busy, and I mean so busy that I wake up one morning and winter is over. Well that theory was blown to shreds. February Freakfest 2008 was sure a 5 alarm meltdown. My husband was ready to call in for backup to to haul me to a padded room.

Not only did I flipout about being stuck in frozen tundra hell, I completely blew my top about being so busy and not being able to compete all the goals that I have set for myself. I have set so many unrealistic goals that God himself could not meet them.

Today, I am slightly more sane and I am scaling back my list to be one mortals can accomplish. I also realized that I cannot look at the big picture because it overwhelms me. I have 50lbs to lose, a marathon I want to run, and a business I hope to get off the ground....and I want it all to happen right now! Everything seems so unattainable when I look at how far I have to go to get to the end result. I have decided to not put time restrictions on my goals. I am going to focus on losing 5lbs at a time, running one day at a time, and the rest will fall into place. I go through this every winter when I spend every waking hour indoors. I get crazy.

I have not worked out all week. I did get up one morning to go to the gym at 5am. I can't call my 30 minute walk on the treadmill a workout considering my grandmother could have walked at a faster clip than I was doing. I only did about 1.5 miles (in 30 minutes!).

Today, Spring was in the air. Not much longer in winter hell.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

As expected, Spirit of the Marathon was awesome! This movie captured every aspect and emotion of what 26.2 miles does to a person. I felt I could relate to each of the runners' experiences. I was truly amazed that the first time runner and the elite runner have so much in common when it comes to tackling the marathon.

I was so inspired by all the athletes and their stories. Their determination and completion of their goals made me very excited for all my upcoming races, including the full marathon in November. I do have to say, although I am ready to experience the rush of racing again, I was reminded of how much blood, sweat, and tears go into a training schedule. Like anything else, it is something to take day by day.

This movie was something only a runner could appreciate. When I announced that I was going to be seeing this flick people either yawned or rolled their eyes. I came home wanted to rehash the highlights with my husband. It was no surprise that his face went blank as I was giving him the rundown. It is a similar reaction that he gets from me when he spouts off football stats or updates me on current events (I am not a news junkie).

It has been one week since I have completed a real workout. This bug that infected our house really got us down. I am feeling better but I am still exhausted. I took it easy this weekend and did a run/walk around Lake Nokomis. I certainly hope my energy level returns soon. There is one more week until the official training program starts for the Get in Gear 10K. I plan on starting this week for good measure.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunch Time Blues

I really want a Big 10 sub (one of the greatest places on earth for hot sub sammies) with a steamin' hot plate of seasoned waffle fries. Mmmmmmm. What I had for lunch is an apple, string cheese, and 100 calorie bag of popcorn. I would have really enjoyed my soup that I also brought to work, however I neglected to bring something to put it in. So I had to fall back on Orville Redenbacher to feed me for lunch.

I am struggling with eating healthy lately and I can feel my waistband getting tighter. So today I am taking it literally one hour at a time being on plan. I have not been planning my meals, bringing my lunch, or putting much effort in at dinner. My schedule has been so crazy that I have gotten lazy. I am back to journaling and trying to make better choices. It is just amazing how fast a downward spiral starts when I stop recording.

I did not complete a workout again today. I am just exhausted and trying to catch up from being sick. It is supposed to be nice this weekend and it will be a good time to ease back into running. We were supposed to start a spinning workout class this week as well. I am mentally preparing for next week because it looks brutal!

Tonight is the encore presentation of Spirit of the Marathon and I have my ticket! I am very excited to go. The previews look great and people have raved about it. My husband just rolls his eyes at me because I have been talking about seeing this for months. He had absolutely no interest in going. I guess only a runner can appreciate this movie.
Spirit of the Marathon

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Boring Random Details of my Life Today

  1. I signed up for the Gary Bjorklund 1/2 Marathon in June at 5AM this morning. I find out if I get in March 5th. I am wondering why???!!! A momentary lapse of judgement.
  2. I walked several blocks in -30 windchill to get coffee. I forgot my gloves and my fingers are just now starting to defrost.
  3. I am still feeling sick but relieved to be at work because it is quiet here and I can sit down.
  4. I ate McDonald's for breakfast and soup for lunch. At least one meal was in line with Weight Watchers.
  5. I had a phone conference for my 3 year old who is in preschool. They told me he is struggling because he cannot write his name yet......HE IS 3! I sent him to preschool to have fun with other kids. I will be concerned when he is 7 and can't write his name.
  6. I have a photography class after work tonight and I am I dreading showing my work to the class because I was kind of lazy with the assignment.
  7. It is my godson's birthday today. They are not having cake tonight, so I am not going to visit. (only joking)
  8. I am wondering what I am going to wear in Vegas when I go next month.
  9. Oh yeah, I convinced my husband that it was a great idea for me to go to Vegas to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention. Evidently, I have been a big enough pain in the ass and he gave me his blessing to go. He also realizes he will be a single parent to the kids for 4 days. I bet I will be paid back when golf season hits. Eh....still worth it.
  10. Going back to #8, I am wondering if I have enough time to lose 30lbs before I go to Vegas so I can fit into my spring wardrobe. Unless I drink hot lemon water, eat nothing but lettuce, and workout 10 hours a is not going to happen.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bit By That Bug


The flu bug has invaded our house. Everyone has it. I think I know what hell on earth is. We are all miserable, we all have the body aches and queasy stomachs, and we are all whiney and pathetic. The worst part is the baby has the same stuff we do. Unfortunately she is a bit of a diva and wants to be held all day. She is finicky about how she is held. We must stand,rock and bounce, sitting is not an option. I have to admit, I think I am the whinest person in my family today. I just hate being sick.

My 3 year old is the healthiest one of our group and the only one with an appetite. His dinner consisted of half of a left over McDonald's cheeseburger, potato chips, and strawberries. The rest of us decided it was a bad idea to eat. Should I get fitted now for the mother of the year crown?

Workouts this week are going to be easy, if at all. I am bummed out because tomorrow we were supposed to start our spinning class. It is not going to happen and I know am planning on being out of the office tomorrow. Right now it is a workout just standing upright holding the munchkin.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day 5k Race Report

My first 5K of 2008 is complete! This race was held at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It was the same race course as the Reindeer Run I did in December. It was COLD! The temperature was nice, but the wind came off the lake and it was killer on the skin. I am glad I decided to keep the optional layer of clothing on.

The horn blew and Staci and I took off at a snail's pace. The combination of snowy ice patches and lots of people was not a good mix. Nobody fell but the road was very congested at the start and it was hard to maneuver through the crowd without landing on your ass. Until the crowd dispersed, we had to go pretty slow. It wasn't long before we got to a decent pace and I was able to keep it up for the majority of the race.

I started feeling fatigued about 3/4 of the way and my legs were cramping up a bit. I wanted to walk more than anything but my goal was to run the entire way. So rather than walking, I slowed my pace down. Staci was so kind to stick with me. She is in WAY better shape than I am and she could have just taken off at her own pace. She helped me get through the tough part. Somehow I got a small burst of energy at the very end and was able to finish strong.

Time 32:01

Now for my shameful confession. I did this race more than slightly hungover. Normally I stay away from the sauce a night before a race, but Friday night was special. My brother introduced us to his new girlfriend. Let me just say we hit it off a little too well. We had lots of fun, but it was not fun running with a headache and a queasy stomach. All things considered I am happy with my race.

My post race Bloody Mary
(and hangover cure)

Post race lunch

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday. In fact I don't really celebrate it with my husband. He kind of ruined it by breaking up with me on Valentine's Day in 1994. We were college sweethearts and met when we were the ripe age of 19. About a year into our relationship, he wanted to date other people. He chose Valentine's Day to drop that bomb. His playing the field days didn't last long, 2 weeks later we were back together. Now 15 years and 3 kids, we are still going strong.

It is a funny story now even though I was heartbroken for those 2 whole weeks. I only hold it over his head because I am too cheap to buy cards and chocolates. Plus, we are not the most romantic couple. Rather than lovers (that word makes me shudder), we are more like immature kids that show affections by pulling each other's finger or slinging insults as terms of endearment. These conversation hearts are right up our ally.

Anitsocial conversation hearts
Valentine's Day and trying to detox off of sugar isn't a good combo. The kids came home with a bag of candy which I had no problem pilfering through their stash. I also thought it was a fantastic idea to make Rice Krispie treats for the kids to take to daycare as a Valentine's Day treat. They left the house empty handed. Because SOMEONE ate most of them. Who would have thought cereal + marshmallows = heaven????!!!

Snap, Crackle and Pop, anyone else find them kind of creepy?

snap crackle pop

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cutting to the Core

What a difference a day makes. I am in a much better mood today. I took advantage of my insomnia this morning and went for a run. It was still cold but I actually saw a puddle of WATER, not ice, but water. I am so excited about our low double digit heat wave.

Now that is it getting lighter out in the morning, I think I am ready to add Wednesdays to my early running routine. It is a great feeling to be able to cross the workout off the list before I get started with my day. Plus, I don't have to get up at 5AM. I can sleep in....until 6AM that is. There isn't a lot of cars on the road at that hour and my neighborhood is quiet. With the exception of a face full of school bus exhaust, it was a perfect run today.

I tried something new today. I ran while concentrating on controlling my core muscles. As I have mentioned before, I am incredibly weak in this area because of all the times I have been under the knife. It was tough to control. I had a harder time regulating my breathing and keeping the form. Unless my mind is playing tricks on me, I felt less pressure on my knees and hips. Is this something that all runners do? Is this something I should have been doing all along? Whatever the case, I am going to work on using these muscles more to see if it improves my overall running.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter Blahs

I am so ready for spring. I have hit the winter wall. All these subzero days have lost their novelty. I am sick of being indoors, I am sick of being cold and dressing in multiple layers. I have had enough of starting my car 20 minutes before going anywhere. Don't even get me started on how much I hate snow and ice. My kids are bouncing off the walls and it is a miracle that we haven't killed each other. On a positive note, it is 8 degrees above zero today.

I don't know if the weather is draining me or my insane schedule, but I am exhausted. I have been sleeping well, but I can't seem to wake up. I got to the gym this morning before 6AM but I could not get going on the treadmill. I ended up doing a 30 minute walk instead of running. I was happy that I got some activity, but it wasn't what I set out to do.

I did a face plant into the sugar bowl yesterday. My detox was on a roll and I blew it. You name it, I ate it. I need an intervention because I was eating the kids' leftover Christmas candy. YUCK. I need to work a treat into my week somehow otherwise I will be facing this problem often. Eh, live and learn.

Completely off topic, my dog is not doing real well these days. This past weekend she was not able to stand up or walk. She has Addison's Disease and she is on medication to help regulate it. We gave her a little extra medicine and it helped perk her up and eventually she walked. I know her days are numbered but it still makes me really sad to see her like this. Everytime she has an episode like this, I think this is it...but she always pulls through.

Our vet gave her about a year to live when she was diagnosed........That was almost 5 years ago. She literally is the million dollar dog. I will be very sad and the kids will be devastated when she is gone, but I won't miss the vet bills or the monthly medicine costs.

I know this isn't a real postive post. I am just in my annual winter funk. Now that the weather is supposed to be in the positive digits and it is staying lighter out longer, my mood will improve.

Saturday, February 9, 2008



We are staying at my parents house this weekend. I packed all my running stuff; the shoes, cold weather gear, and my Ipod. I have plenty of people to watch the kids and I don't have a time limit. At this point the temperature is still above zero. It is an ideal day for a run. But here I sit. I just keep finding things to do that are keeping me from getting my workout in.

I am not sure why I am putting it off. I KNOW I will feel energized when I am done. I need to get my run in because next weekend is the Valentine's 5K. I am weighing in on Monday and my workouts this weekend are going to be tied to what the scale is going to give me. I NEED to do this run. These reasons should be pushing me out the door right now.

Laziness is working for me right now.


I did do my run today and I am glad I did it. I ran about 2.5 miles. It was fun to switch up my route and see the old neighborhood. I am also glad I ran when I did because it was in the 20's when I went out, now it is about -40 below zero with the wind chill.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Up Before the Birds

I get up every Tuesday and Thurday at 5 AM to get to the gym. I hop on the treadmill and pound out my workout in 30 minutes. Once I am at the gym I am fine. I am even better after my workout. I feel energized and ready to start my day.

It all sounds so matter of fact. I get up at 5AM, so what?

I may be a morning person, but I am not a 5 AM person. Getting up at this insane hour is tough for me. I have to set 2 alarms and have my workout clothes within arms reach. It is just easier to hit snooze and curl up under the covers and drift back to sleep. I am literally pushed out of bed by my husband who is annoyed at the alarm going off every 5 minutes (the alarm is on his side of the bed). Bleary eyed, I stumble around to get dressed and get out the door.

Although I hate getting up in the morning to workout. Once I am fully awake, I actually like being up before the birds. Getting up at 5AM adds another level to the running insanity. Not everyone is willing to do it. I like how quiet and peaceful everything is. I also like the fact that the gym is never crowded at that hour and I never have to sign up for a treadmill. The good benefits outweigh the bad and I am getting ready to add another day to my early morning routine.

Running Shoes

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Watch the Birdie

On today's run I got flipped off for NO reason. It was a guy driving a Direct TV truck. I was standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross a busy street. I had to look around to see if there was anyone else that could have been on the receiving end of this man's fury. Nope, the bird was directed right at me. I can't figure out why. I didn't jet out into traffic, I didn't throw rocks at his truck, I wasn't anywhere near him.....I just was waiting to cross the street. Fucker. It pissed me off.

That incident made me run faster because I was irritated. When I got home and called the company to voice my concern about the rude gesture and extreme lack of professionalism for someone representing their company. I am sure their customer service people were rolling their eyes at my phone call tattling on one of their technicians. But I felt like I needed to piss and moan about it, especially since a good chunk of my hard earned income goes to the Direct TV bill each month.

I am not sensitive or easily offended. The truth is, I have been getting flipped off quite a bit lately. It usually occurs at least once a run. Because the sidewalks are so slick, I run on the street opposite traffic. I am in no way interfering with oncoming vehicles. You would not believe the people who honk with distain, swerve to "scare" you, or in this case today, flip me the bird. Why do people have it out for runners? I don't understand why this is even an issue, I sure hope it is not people reacting to what I look like in running tights.

Despite the asshole, the run went pretty well. I went almost 3 miles at what felt like a good pace. I am still not officially timing my runs, I base it on how I feel. I had only had one quick walk break that lasted about a minute. We have less than 2 weeks until our first 5K of the season. I am so close to being able to do the distance without stopping. I will be ready by then.

Even though I had a great run, I had WAY too much caffeine this morning. It made me feel jittery and sick. My morning wake up cocktail is a Cafe Americano (4 shots of esspresso and hot water!). Normally it doesn't do much to me, but today I thought my heart was going to explode. Might be time to tone down the caffeine before a run.