Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Boring Random Details of my Life Today

  1. I signed up for the Gary Bjorklund 1/2 Marathon in June at 5AM this morning. I find out if I get in March 5th. I am wondering why???!!! A momentary lapse of judgement.
  2. I walked several blocks in -30 windchill to get coffee. I forgot my gloves and my fingers are just now starting to defrost.
  3. I am still feeling sick but relieved to be at work because it is quiet here and I can sit down.
  4. I ate McDonald's for breakfast and soup for lunch. At least one meal was in line with Weight Watchers.
  5. I had a phone conference for my 3 year old who is in preschool. They told me he is struggling because he cannot write his name yet......HE IS 3! I sent him to preschool to have fun with other kids. I will be concerned when he is 7 and can't write his name.
  6. I have a photography class after work tonight and I am I dreading showing my work to the class because I was kind of lazy with the assignment.
  7. It is my godson's birthday today. They are not having cake tonight, so I am not going to visit. (only joking)
  8. I am wondering what I am going to wear in Vegas when I go next month.
  9. Oh yeah, I convinced my husband that it was a great idea for me to go to Vegas to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention. Evidently, I have been a big enough pain in the ass and he gave me his blessing to go. He also realizes he will be a single parent to the kids for 4 days. I bet I will be paid back when golf season hits. Eh....still worth it.
  10. Going back to #8, I am wondering if I have enough time to lose 30lbs before I go to Vegas so I can fit into my spring wardrobe. Unless I drink hot lemon water, eat nothing but lettuce, and workout 10 hours a is not going to happen.


Marcy said...

I'm shocked about the phone conference for the tot. Mine just turned 4 in Jan and I still have to help her with some of the letters. I thought preschool was for fun and socialization too, I guess people have other plans?!?

Oy, oy, oy I'm also waiting for my husband's pay back for me going to AZ alone for the weekend while he stayed with the kids. Who knows when that will be (crossing my fingers hoping it will be never, but I know better LOL)

Viv said...

Id say the meals balanced out. The 4 yr old can't write his name, they totally need to chill on that. It is all about will they share blocks at that state. Get as close as you can to the 40 lbs, it seem like u will be doing a lot of running with a 1/2 in the works so inches will be gone :-)

Viv said...

oopps 30 not 40 geez, i am not trying to make u into one of the olsen twins here.

Stace said...

I thought preschool was where kids learned not to eat paste and glue.
You are already doing great on weight loss, I see your little ticker moving in the right direction. Keep it up!

Pokey said...

Seriously ~ that is crazy about the preschool. My 3yo cant right his name either - he can barely just make the first letter (an easy "T"). And of all the valentines that came home last week, the parents had signed all but ONE. So Pffffffff.....preschool for my little one is all about the snack and the play kitchen (and he's a boy!!) :P

30 below for coffee? We must be kindred spirits ;)