Monday, February 18, 2008

Bit By That Bug


The flu bug has invaded our house. Everyone has it. I think I know what hell on earth is. We are all miserable, we all have the body aches and queasy stomachs, and we are all whiney and pathetic. The worst part is the baby has the same stuff we do. Unfortunately she is a bit of a diva and wants to be held all day. She is finicky about how she is held. We must stand,rock and bounce, sitting is not an option. I have to admit, I think I am the whinest person in my family today. I just hate being sick.

My 3 year old is the healthiest one of our group and the only one with an appetite. His dinner consisted of half of a left over McDonald's cheeseburger, potato chips, and strawberries. The rest of us decided it was a bad idea to eat. Should I get fitted now for the mother of the year crown?

Workouts this week are going to be easy, if at all. I am bummed out because tomorrow we were supposed to start our spinning class. It is not going to happen and I know am planning on being out of the office tomorrow. Right now it is a workout just standing upright holding the munchkin.


Running Knitter said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Pokey said...

Oh Carly...that is just the worst! I hope you all feel better QUICK!!!!!

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) Being sick with small children is never fun. Get better soon!

Viv said...

Aww, Carluy when Mom and the family is sick it stinks. Hope all of you get better real soon. If your body wants the rest give it to it. Sending quick recovery wishes your way.

Anonymous said...

oh suck it up ;)