Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Up Before the Birds

I get up every Tuesday and Thurday at 5 AM to get to the gym. I hop on the treadmill and pound out my workout in 30 minutes. Once I am at the gym I am fine. I am even better after my workout. I feel energized and ready to start my day.

It all sounds so matter of fact. I get up at 5AM, so what?

I may be a morning person, but I am not a 5 AM person. Getting up at this insane hour is tough for me. I have to set 2 alarms and have my workout clothes within arms reach. It is just easier to hit snooze and curl up under the covers and drift back to sleep. I am literally pushed out of bed by my husband who is annoyed at the alarm going off every 5 minutes (the alarm is on his side of the bed). Bleary eyed, I stumble around to get dressed and get out the door.

Although I hate getting up in the morning to workout. Once I am fully awake, I actually like being up before the birds. Getting up at 5AM adds another level to the running insanity. Not everyone is willing to do it. I like how quiet and peaceful everything is. I also like the fact that the gym is never crowded at that hour and I never have to sign up for a treadmill. The good benefits outweigh the bad and I am getting ready to add another day to my early morning routine.

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Running Knitter said...

I love that cartoon. I get up at 4:30 for boot camp, and I so agree with you - not everyone is willing to do it. Just like running - not everyone is willing to do it. But once you are out there, isn't it the best? :)

Marcy said...

I *heart* getting up at 4-30am :-X :-X And all for the same reasons you do. It's peaceful, no one is around, it affords me an extra couple minutes to do as I please before the kids get up. But, apparently my husband doesn't think it so hot. In fact he told me that I needed a little breaky from the early morning wake ups. He says I'm a CRABBY lady when I do it LOL

Tammy said...

I NEED to get up at 5am to run, but I struggle during the winter...

In the absence of a husband, I guess I need an alarm clock that will yank the covers off of me and turn on the light!

Viv said...

Way to go, Carly with the early morning workouts. I guess they are over before you really have a chance to totally wake up, huh? That has to be an incentive for me. I see the little scale ticker moving, doing great :-)