Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day 5k Race Report

My first 5K of 2008 is complete! This race was held at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It was the same race course as the Reindeer Run I did in December. It was COLD! The temperature was nice, but the wind came off the lake and it was killer on the skin. I am glad I decided to keep the optional layer of clothing on.

The horn blew and Staci and I took off at a snail's pace. The combination of snowy ice patches and lots of people was not a good mix. Nobody fell but the road was very congested at the start and it was hard to maneuver through the crowd without landing on your ass. Until the crowd dispersed, we had to go pretty slow. It wasn't long before we got to a decent pace and I was able to keep it up for the majority of the race.

I started feeling fatigued about 3/4 of the way and my legs were cramping up a bit. I wanted to walk more than anything but my goal was to run the entire way. So rather than walking, I slowed my pace down. Staci was so kind to stick with me. She is in WAY better shape than I am and she could have just taken off at her own pace. She helped me get through the tough part. Somehow I got a small burst of energy at the very end and was able to finish strong.

Time 32:01

Now for my shameful confession. I did this race more than slightly hungover. Normally I stay away from the sauce a night before a race, but Friday night was special. My brother introduced us to his new girlfriend. Let me just say we hit it off a little too well. We had lots of fun, but it was not fun running with a headache and a queasy stomach. All things considered I am happy with my race.

My post race Bloody Mary
(and hangover cure)

Post race lunch


AndrewE said...

Well done to keep going!

Stace said...

You did so well Carly!!! Nice post-race fare. Next time we should all go out together after the race. I had a blast, and hope you did too. Great job!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! Now that's my kind of run!! Nothing wrong with having a couple (too many) drinkys before a race the next day as long as you don't get sick LOL GREAT JOB!

Running Knitter said...

You ran even after drinking? That's true dedication. Awesome job!

Carly2 said...

Way to go, Car! That is a very decent time-I'm proud of you:)

Viv said...

Totally terrific time, Carly!! I am glad you were able to hang tough through the hangover, hanging touch chickie :-)
Cheers to the post race drink, I must adopt this post race drink thingy. You are only gonna get betta. Nioce loos too, i see that lil ticker just moving along :-)

Yasmin said...

Running hungover you still beat my time!

I'm glad it went well and now I have a craving for french fries.