Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back to Reality

I just came home from Las Vegas. I went out there to go to the WPPI conference. It was crazy! Over 10,000 photographers from all over the world came together to talk shop, learn new tricks, and of course walk away with even less money in their pockets.

I wasn't able to run while I was out there. I did bring my running gear and I did set out to do a workout, but I simply ran out of time. Since this was my first year at this conference I wanted to get the most out of my time there. Do I get points for trying? On the flip side, I didn't party either. Frankly, I am rather shocked about not whooping it up while in Vegas, I was there on St. Patty's Day and did not have kiddos. to worry about. Who am I?

I am way behind in training now, but at least my mileage on the schedule isn't too bad. I am going to kick it into gear this weekend and get back on a regular schedule. Even though I didn't run, I probably walked at least 5 miles everyday. I noticed the scale was down a bit. Not much, but still down.

Now I am back to reality and trying to get back into a routine. It has been too long since things have been "normal" in this house. Things got so out of whack with everyone sick and my being gone. Everyone seems healthy now, I hope this last bout sickness is it for a long long time.


Viv said...

Carly, glad you made it back safely to a non sickly home. I give you points for packing the running clotes ;-)

Marcy said...

Did you at least get some pictures of some hookers? That right there would be worth it LOL JK!

I'm glad you're home and had a safe trip :-)

Laura N said...

Travel is tough. But it sounds like you did pretty well weight wise, considering.

Hope things are normal for you this coming week!

Running Knitter said...

I'm with Viv. You get bonus points for packing the running gear. That's like a gold star for trying, right? :)