Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cocktails on a School Night

Cocktail Hour

Some days just require a drink to unwind from all the craziness. Betty Ford, here I come! Some days even Calgone can't take a girl away.

Some funky stomach virus has made its way into our house again. Three out of the 5 of us got it. I am still on the healthy team. Babydiva on the other hand is puking Linda Blair style. My parents were staying with us prior to them leaving on their vacation. I pray to all things holy that they remain healthy on their trip or I will never hear the end of it.

Expensive items in my house have decided it was their time to go to electronic heaven. My desktop completely crashed. It is gone.Dead. I of course did not back up all my photos and other files I needed. Thankfully most of them were on an external drive, but I did lose a bunch of stuff. I must remember to back them up every single time! My washing machine also decided to crap out mid-cycle. I am pretty sure it can be fixed, however I have to wait several days before the repair person can come. Not an ideal time to be without a washer....see the paragraph above.

The dog is still with us, but she had another episode. She could not stand or walk again. Today, she seems fine. I caught her on the couch, she had to jump up there somehow. Her legs are back to normal today. As I mentioned in a previous post, just when we think she is a goner, she bounces back. That is my "million dollar baby".

I know my post has a Debbie Downer tone to it, but really I think it is funny. When it rains it pours. All is not lost, I did have a great 2.25 mile run this evening. It was almost 50 degrees here and I do believe Spring is starting to come around. I have my cocktail in hand and I am kicking ass in Wii bowling. Life is good...even when it is crazy.


Laura N said...

Carly, can I just say what a thrill it is that you found me, 'cause now I've found you! Damn, girl, you are a hoot. I love finding new blogs to read and from the few posts I've read here, I can tell I'm gonna enjoy yours. Life as a working mother and wife is a trip, isn't it? What stories we have to share with each other.

Hope things calm down at your house. It's been the Year of the Sick at our house so I can relate. Oh and yeah, everything breaks at once, don't it. Last year we needed a new furnace and water heater and dishwasher in the same year, and this year we need a whole new freaking roof on our house. Serves us right for daring to buy a house built in the mid 80s. Everything breaks down at 20 years.

Good on you for getting in that run even with the chaos. Betcha feel lots better.

You're in my Favorites list now. I promise not to stalk you... too much. =)

Your Brother said...

I owe you a bottle of Absolut Raspberry...

ebsfwan said...

Wow when it rains it really pours!

Stace said...

My friends are the best friends
Loyal, willing and able.
Now let’s get to drinking!
All glasses off the table!

Viv said...

LOL @ Debbie Downer we call my sister that all the time.

Sorry to hear about the expensive stuff crashing we went through that a couple months ago, and still paying for it.

I hope the team sickly gets better soon without infecting the other team. I think you totally deseserved that drink and a couple more. Way to go on getting that run in through all the chaos! I hope things back back to normalcy well at leat stuff to stop breaking and people to stop puking ;-) soon.

Marcy said...

Oy ,oy, oy! I hear you girl! I say we just get rid of the kids :P LOL JK!

ThickChick said...

Haha, you're totally cracking me up. Poor Baby Diva!

I hope your appliances, and Baby are back to normal soon!

Running Knitter said...

Hope things get better soon, and everyone feels better soon!