Monday, March 24, 2008

Making up for Lost Time

With all the shenanigans of the last couple of weeks, my pathetic little base I built up is shot. I was running up to 3 miles and felt pretty confident about how well I was doing. Now the mere thought of putting my running shoes on makes me cringe.

Today is supposed to be the start of week 3 of my half-mary training program. I don't think I could run 3 miles to save my life. Dropping out of the race is not an option. I am hell bent on doing it. The race isn't until June 21st, but I want to catch up with training.

This is the program I am following:

People of Blogland, how do I make up for lost time and training????

Do I run 2x a day?
Do I start over from week 1?
Do I start week 3 and run what I can?
Do I find a new training program?

Thoughts? This setback is getting me down.


Marcy said...

So you have 12 weeks (from April 1st)? It's TOTALLY doable for a HM ;D If you don't think that you can swing 3 miles then go back down to what you ARE comfy with. No sense in pushing yourself into more miles when you can't cover them and risk injury, KWIM? You don't have to follow that plan EXACTLY, you can modify it. Mendy once told me, plans are guidelines. They aren't set in stone. Which is REALLY true! You'll be fine! :-)

P.O.M. said...

You have plenty of time. I hardly ever stay on my plans and can get thru the race. Backtrack from your race date and just make sure you get in a 6, 8 and 10 miler before.

your brother said...

I could secure a dairy queen cake to the back of my SUV and you could follow it for the milage... Just a thought...

Viv said...

LOL 2 your brothers comment. I have no advice except you have the determination so there has to be a way!

Laura N said...

Great advice so far. My own training for my 1st half has been spotty at best. I'm comforting myself with the fact that I have continued to get in the long runs each week, but my base miles during the week have fluctuated from 3 to 6 to 9 to 15. In other words, no consistency whatsoever. This is not what you should emulate, mind you. I'm just saying--I do what I can, and I make sure to get in my long runs as prescribed (granted, I may not do them the exact day they are scheduled on my plan, but I do get them in eventually).

I also have no plans to run super fast during the race and am going to allow myself walk breaks when I need them.

If I were you, I'd start from week 1 on your plan, and just make sure you get in the longer runs each week. And take walk breaks if you need to, just get those miles on your feet. And golly, I'd sure rest more than 1 day a week. That's a lot of miles without much rest, for a "novice" running program, IMO. You might check out some other half marathon training programs for comparison, too.

You can do this!