Monday, March 31, 2008

Snowday Monday

Spring in Minnesota, you gotta love it! It has been snowing here all day. Yesterday it was mid-50's. I am not too upset about today's weather as I am in sweats and I am not leaving the house. Today gave me a good opportunity to start my annual spring decluttering. I also had time to plan out my weekly running goal.



Tuesday-2.0 (gym)

Wednesday-2.5 and cross train


Friday-Day of Rest


Sunday-cross train

I did not run today when hubby got home. By 6pm the roads were nasty.


Tammy said...

Blech! Snow!

Good for you for making your plan for the week... Oh, and for cleaning and organizing. That's a downfall of mine.

Marcy said...

Freeking snow!! I'm so sick of this sheet (That's my polite term for the bad version :P)! We're supposed to get some as well, towards the end of the week. Whateva. BAH!

Viv said...

Snow sux! To me anyways, and I am sure it is working ur nerves.