Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Running Partner

I owe my running partner Stace a big apology. I stood her up again. My alarm went off at 5am and I didn't get out of bed until 6:30. Thankfully she is the most kind-hearted person I know and has once again forgiven me. If the tables were turned, I would standing at the foot of her bed tapping my foot waiting for her to get up. Hmmmmm, maybe that is what I need.

I have a whole list of excuses why I don't get my workouts in. Some of them are justified and some are just down right lame. It doesn't matter, excuses are not going to get me closer to my goals. I will always be busy, There will always be stressful situations, and I am normally tired even with a full 8 hours of sleep...not just at 5am. My point is, there is just no excuse.

So as she is getting faster and fitter by the day, I am falling behind. My first gut reaction to her successes, is pure jealousy. But why? She is working her ass and deserves to have good results. I could be there too except I keep putting up my own self imposed road blocks. Running is very important to me and I need to make it a priority.

I haven't completely fallen off the wagon. I have been running and it has been going well. However, with all the craziness in my life right now, I have found squeezing in running is part of my overall stress level. I need to get running to the top of my list for my day. When I run, I am a better person. No more excuses.


Chief Wahoo said...

Running should be part of you routine to combat stress...make time for running and you will reap the rewards.

Running Knitter said...

So, are you running tomorrow? :)

Marcy said...

Once you get into the swing of an early a.m. routine it should be easy. You won't even question getting out of bed anymore, you'll just do it even if you don't want to ;D

Stace said...

The day is not over - get your butt out there and run, before the sun goes down!!!

Yasmin said...

hmm.. If I wasn't a couple of time zones behind you, I'd call you to wake you up.

I'm not sure the rest of the fam would love me though..