Thursday, April 3, 2008

Body for Life for Women

About two weeks ago, I got a call from Rodale. This company is the one that publishes Runner's World magazine (I am a subscriber). They called to inform me about a book especially for women, it is called "Body for Life for Women". It is book designed for women to transform themselves in 12 short weeks.

Not interested. The sales lady kept talking and told me it was $34.00 after shipping. I am cheap, so now I am not interested at all. She kept on with her sales pitch. She told me that if didn't like it, I could return it for just the cost of shipping. The woman on the other end of the phone was so sweet and so grandma-like. How can you say no to grandma???? I of course caved. Those people at Rodale Publishing are marketing geniuses by using someone as sweet as this woman was.

Now I am the proud owner of this $34.00 book. The few pages that I did skim seemed interesting and I am going to see what it is all about. In twelve weeks, I had better have a smokin' hot bod!!!

Has anyone else been suckered in to buy this book by Rodale? If so, do you like it?


Marcy said...

Ahhhhhh see I NEVER answer the phone when I see "Rodale" come up on the caller ID. I know they either 1) want me to renew RW, which I WILL when it becomes due in AUGUST or 2) Want to sell me that book :P I, like you always cave to those types of things. Plus I always get my books from Supa dupa cheap!

Let me know how it is, I'm actually really curious now LOL

Running Knitter said...

I have the "Body for Life" book, and it has some good stuff in it. I just never really followed through with it to get any results. I'd like to know how this other book turns out, so please let us know.

Stace said...

They don't have my phone number since we stopped service to the land line. If they did, I would be telling you all about it because I would totally have not been able to say no : )
Like Marcy, I am really looking forward to the book review!

Viv said...

No, but you better tell us all the good parts.

thebets said...

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Great blog by the way! I feel like we're sistas....fellow chubby runner : ). I like to think of it as extra insulation for the winter running season...but that only works one season of the year...HA!