Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rockin' Robin

Is that annoying song now stuck in your head? I saw a sure sign that Spring is FINALLY here, while I was on my run...I saw a Robin. I don't know about different parts of the country, but Minnesotans get very excited to see this red-chested bird this time of year. It means warmer days are coming! Seeing that really made my day (Sad, that an ugly bird can make me smile).

I have been holding myself to follow Weight Watchers very religiously since Monday. I feel great that I am in control and I do not feel deprived. While running tonight it occurred to me that I finally feel "ready" to get to goal. I am done feeling sorry for myself that I can't eat junk and be skinny. I am not built that way. If I want excellent results, I have to put forth excellent work.

Not only have I been very good for three days (three.whole.days), but I have not been booze and sugarfree and I haven't killed anyone (yet).


Marcy said...

WTG Carly!! WHoot! Whoot! Sounds like the weather is turning for the better and you're doing a most excellent job on the WW ;D ;D

On a sidenote, now that you mention college funds, I must say that it a MOST excellent idea. Forget college kids! Momma needs a new set of boobies! Seriously like we don't pay out enough to them during their lives? LOL

Stace said...

That song is now stuck in my head for sure! Great job getting out on the run, and on working so hard on the WW!

Brianna said...

Hooray for the red, red robin! Happy spring - and happy running! It sure is easier to pull yourself together for a run when spring is in the air instead of dreaded winter. :)

Laura N said...

Great job having a great week! Spring is definitely the time of year to get recommitted to health.

P.O.M. said...

Day four of no booze. It's actually getting easier. But I just booked a girls dinner on Fri night that will involve wine.
BUT if I can just keep the drinking to Fri or Sat night (instead of wine everynight after work).

Viv said...

Yaa on the hardcore OP! i have the same burning desire to get this weight off.

You are doing great, and it gets easier right??? Lie to me if you have to..LOL!

Looking forward to watch that ticker slide to right