Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What PTA Really Stands For...

PAIN (in) THE ASS! These initials accurately describe quite a few PTA members at my son's school. If the mom's are this irritating this year in PRESCHOOL, what the hell are they going to be like next year when he attends "real" school? Remind me in the fall to just say NO when they come looking for the next round of suckers to be part of the craziness. I want no part of that bullshiz (he he that sounds like a Marcy word)!!!!

The event held on Sunday did not end on Sunday. I have been working my tail off editing and organizing photos from the retreat. I have only stopped to go to work and let my kids out of the closet for potty breaks. The emails started flowing in yesterday from members of the committee...."Where are the pictures"??? Cheese and Rice people, the event was 12 hours ago can I get them off my camera first. Not to mention that this was donated time (again).

I had one asshat even have the audacity to call me at 10:30 tonight to check on the progress of the photos even after I emailed and said, I need a couple of days. I let her know she woke my house up and sent her my thoughts in the form of an email. She then responded by patronizing me stating that she was so sorry that I had so much work to do. Then she actually had the balls to say it was an unwritten rule that 10Pm is still considered an appropriate time to call. Hmmmm....I will be happy to send her screaming Babydiva to see if she changes her tune about calling after 8:30pm in my house.

Thankfully the other committee members were AWESOME and tons of fun to hang with. Too bad one freak has to ruin it.

To quote my father:

"Anyone that thinks the are are a people person:
A. is a liar
B. has never worked the general public
C. has never been on a committee with crazy PTA moms

---end quote" Dad is always right!!!!

On a much brighter topic, I got my flabby rear end out of bed today and went to the gym. I walked 2 miles on the dreadmill. No running today as I am in race recovery mode. I need to be running though as another chocolate bunny has died at my expense.


RunningNan said...

I hope you gave the bunny the proper burial! I think you should get up and call her at 7am. My friends all know not to call me after nine.. unless it's a dire emergency!

Marcy said...

I would be PISSED, and it's not an unwritten rule. Freak that! I get irritated when someone calls after 9:30pm. Ummm do you want to put my kids back to bed after you WOKE THEM UP! Arrgghh

your brother said...

LMAO... Asshat... I love it. I have a new word to use at the office!!!!

Tammy said...

Yup, I think I would pay her back by calling her at 6am or so.
'Oh, I thought it was ok to call people as long as the sun is starting to come up...'

But, then, I've never done anything with the PTA. When they ask for people to "help", I send them a check. That's my kind of help. Drama free.

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

Miss Manners says you should not get a phone call between the hours of 9PM and 7AM.

Emily post says the phone should not ring between 9PM and 10AM.

So there you go.
Report that to that biatch!

Viv said...

Congratulations on the 10K!
Wohoohho!! PS baby jogger strollers irratate me. They make me look slower.
Notice how I blame them..LOL!
I am so happy you have been keeping up with the running.
I know things were a little crazy at the casa and the presentation.
LOL @ thinking of things to blog about than forget by the time you
get to the screen. Maybe give Stace a key so she can pull u outta
bed :)
I am ROFLMAO over the Damon pic...You are too much Carly

Stace said...

When I worked for a collection agency, we didn't call people after 9pm, and we were SUPPOSED to be mean!!

The Young Family said...

I believe the rule is 9pm.... it is good enough to stop the telemarketers! If they can't call after 9 then unless a friend in an emergency - no one else should either!!


Robin said...

Ok, the quote from your dad made me laugh. But the fact that Alb always quotes Miss Manners and Emily Post makes me laugh harder.

And if somebody calls my house after 9pm, it best be to let me know my house is on fire.

Yasmin said...

I agree with everyone, 10pm? 10:30?

I'm also filing away Alb's post for later use.

Dirty Dancing Through LIFE said...

ok, there are crazy PTA moms at EVERY school. We've been the outcast parents at all three schools they have shuffled us to in our district in the last three years and I have not found one to be a SANE GROUP OF WOMEN (and the occasional man).

Anytime after 8:00pm is too late for us except for Thursdays when Grey's anatomy is on and my best bud calls every commercial. LOL. Anybody else who calls after the specified date is dead meat.