Thursday, May 29, 2008


I can't believe it is already Thursday. Where did the week go? I guess having a long weekend screws up my normal routine. I have been so busy that I wish I could clone myself to get things done that are being neglected. For example, my oldest son had T-ball pictures last night. Ten minutes before they had to leave we tore apart the house looking for his jersey. It was found in the couch. I am not sure how it got there, but we found it and it had not been washed. So my son had T-ball pics in a wrinkled, dirty t-shirt. I can't wait to see those pictures. I certainly won't be winning any Super Mom awards anytime soon.

I got some sort of bug that hit me Tuesday night. I came home from work and had the worst stomachache. It was so bad that I was doubled over in pain and it did not get any better on Wednesday. I went to bed around 8:00 and slept through until 6:30. I must have had a fever because I woke up soaking wet. Yuck. I am feeling a bit better today, but still not quite right. My boys were complaining of a stomachache too and I am just chalking it up to another fun time at our house. Also, poor baby diva has impetigo all over her mouth. gross!!!! I can't help but call her my little fungus.

The bug has put a little damper on my workouts. I did almost 3 on Monday. I ran around the lake. I love changing up the route a little bit. We live so close to the Chain of Lakes that it is a shame that I don't take advantage of it more. Great people watching too!!! I am shooting to do a run tonight even though I am still having issues. A run/walk might be in order.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I am booked solid with photo jobs! I am so excited because I am getting paid for my work. I received a phone call out of the blue on Monday night asking if I could be a second shooter at a wedding this Saturday. I jumped on it and said YES!!! This is my favorite kind of work. I love doing weddings as long as I am not the lead photographer. As a second shooter, I get to focus on the fun candid shots rather than the posed formal pictures. They are so fun to do and I get the opportunity to get really creative.

More good news, my friend is home from the hospital. She is already itching to be running again. I have not been going to the gym to meet her while she is been out. It just is not fun going by myself. I had better watch out because I know she is not going to be down long. I have a feeling when she gets the green light to run, she will still be able to kick my ass!

Sunday I am planning a long run of 7-8 miles. I am mentally preparing now.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Memorial weekend is almost over. We have been busy all weekend, but I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. My husband took the kiddos to his parents house on Saturday so I could get stuff done. I spent most of the day Photo shopping pictures of a wedding I did over 2 months ago....argh....lets just say it is not my best work. I pray that the bride and groom love them.

Aside from being fused to my computer, I did manage to go for my "long" run. I went about 5.5 miles in less than an hour Saturday morning. I was thrilled with my run and I could not be happier about the time. I know it is not ideal to build mileage as I am doing, but I just need to try to get in a 10 miler before June 21st. If I can do that, I should be just fine for my half marathon. I am certainly not going to stress about it. If I do horrible, there is always next year.

Today I visited my friend in the hospital. She looks FANTASTIC. She was sitting up in bed as if nothing had happened. Unbelievable. During my visit, her friend's mother (the recipient) popped in to say hello. She was just cruisin' the floor. My jaw dropped because I cannot believe how "perky" (I really hate that word) both of these woman are after having major surgery! They are both doing so well that I hope the can resume normal life soon. My friend told me she only has to wait 6 weeks before she can start doing some light running....again unbelievable.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Good News Friday!

Happy Friday! I am excited to report that the transplant surgery was a success. Both my friend and the recipient are doing very well as per the report from her husband this morning. They both remain in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I am excited that she was able to give the gift of life to her friend's mother so she can once again enjoy life and her family. I am very proud to call her my friend.

Her decision to do this was an eye opener for me. She makes me want to be a better person. Going that extra mile for someone can brighten someone's day (or this this case save someone's life). What might seem like no big deal to me might mean the world to someone else. While I am not sure I can make the same decision to be a live organ donor, I CAN check up on my neighbors, bring food to my pregnant friend on bed rest, or simply call my grandmother more. I know for me it is easy to get wrapped up in my own life but just stepping out once in a while can make a huge impact on someone else.

On a different topic. I was able to run 3 miles today without too much trauma. I didn't have any of the problems that I previously reported. I am going to push my training a bit this weekend and do doubled-up runs to get some milage in.

Happy Memorial Weekend!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

There Are Still Good People in this World

Let me pose a question,

If someone you know is sick, would you help them?

I think most people would say OF COURSE!

What if they needed a liver transplant?
What if the person in need isn't a family member or a close friend?

I know my knee jerk response would be "FOR SURE, anything I can do to help".....but then I start to think of surgery, and the recovery, and the fact that I really like my liver (especially for as much as I drink), I think about the missed work and the missed runs. How long will it take me to get back to my "normal" self? My selfish side kicks in. My for sure YES turned into a "only as a last resort".

I ask this question because my friend (a fellow runner and avid reader) made the life changing decision to help another person. Today, my friend donated part her liver to a mother of one of her friends. When she heard that her friend's mom was sick, she immediately started the procedure to see if she was a match. She was. After several long months of testing, the surgery took place this morning.

So much of what we hear on the news is doom and gloom. I am happy to report there are still compassionate caring people out in the world. She did not do it for recognition, attention, or any other self serving reason. She just said, "If it was my mom, I would want someone to help". In fact, she seemed a bit peeved when someone brought up the idea of contacting the local media. I told her I would pee my pants laughing if I saw her on Dateline!

I am still waiting for news on how the transplant went from her husband. No news yet. I hope and pray that both women had a successful surgery and I wish them a speedy recovery. Knowing my friend, she probably is walking laps in the hallways by now and timing her splits. She is one tough and selfless cookie!

I am planning a visit to the hospital armed with gossip magazines and junk food later this week. I am temped to challenge her to a race around the hospital floor, that way maybe I can beat her just once. Only kidding....I will let her have a week to recover.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a video game person. We picked up the Wii Fit today and immediately started playing. I am hooked. I may have a new mission in life, and that would be to kick Wii's ass! This is the electronic version of the Biggest Loser. No rainbows or puppies, just hard core taunting. It all started out nice, that was until I stepped on to the platform. "OUCH!" was the response from Wii.

Meet Obese Carly. Funny, my Mii automatically porked out upon doing the body profile. According to this bad boy, my BMI is 30. The measurement of weight was EXTREMELY accurate so I am afraid that my BMI is correct. With that number, I am officially in the obese category. The other thing that was bad was my "Wii Age", it was 42!!!! That baseline makes me want to work very hard to get these numbers down.

It is down right scary how close my Mii is to what I really look like. *shudder*

Below are photos of me Hula Hooping. It is not as easy as it looks. Especially when the guy in the corner whips hoops at you while you are trying to keep the hoop up.
When you lose, you get a look like this on your face and they play really really sad music.
I have a challenge now. This thing is going down! LOL

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mental Health Day

Yesterday, I played hooky from work. Well actually it was a scheduled and approved vacation day, I just can't lie to the boss. I needed a day to regroup because I have been falling apart because I am so disorganized. I have been such a space case that I threw away my cell phone (it is gone forever) and I paid my Visa late because I simply forgot. I need to get back on track before I really mess something up.

I thought by having a day I would be able to pull everything together. Ha! The only thing I got accomplished was attending a school picnic with my son and a 2.75 mile run. I didn't come close to completing the laundry list of things I wanted to get done. Oh well. Even though I didn't do anything yesterday, a light bulb went off in my head.


I want to do so many things and I love staying busy BUT, I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Things that I love to do have become things that I HAVE to do. My half marathon for example was stressing me out because I am so far behind in training. I know I am not going to shatter any records with this race. I chose to try the half because:

1. I am getting back into running
2. It is in my hometown
3. Grandma's is a really fun race.

Fun. That is the key word. Even if I am not the fittest one on the course, I will still do it and still have fun.

Going back to the topic of running. I am having a hard time lately. Motivation is not the problem this time. I just feel like lead, I get horrible side aches, and the dry heaves. I AM NOT PREGNANT! I know that there are always bad runs, but this has happened for the last 4 times. I am not giving up, it just could be a bad week training. I feel like I can't push through to the next level. Any suggestions?

I am going strong with my resolve to get up in the morning and run before I get my day started. My neighborhood is like bad reality TV. I am excited to get out in the morning to see what comes my always makes good blogging topics as you cannot make this stuff up. Today did not disappoint. On my home stretch, I heard something following me. I turned around and it was a woman on a bike. It was one of those old 3 speed bikes and she was biking slow while her child was jogging to the bus stop. The funny part about this is, she was wearing her purse around her neck (like a necklace) and she was smoking with no hands. I just about had to stop because I was going to pee my pants from laughing. Another day in my 'hood!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eleven Blissful Years

My husband and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We are both still alive too. When you have been married for as long as we have you have fights like this:

Me: Thanks for the Garmin, How do I use it?
Him: Read the manual
Me: **blank stare**
Him: Really, I don't need to do it for you.
Me: You know I don't read directions
Him: I am not doing it.
Me: Take it back then....Hmmmmmfp

So now I am blogging, and he is looking at the user manual. Ha!

After 11 years there are a few things he should know about me:
1. I never ever read instructions,
2. I screw things up because I don't read the directions
3. I am a spoiled brat

Thankfully he loves me anyway.

We celebrated our anniversary on Friday night. We suckered my brother to watch all 3kiddos and we went to dinner at a place that did not have a drive through. We ate like linebackers. When I ordered my wine, the lady asked if I wanted to "try" it. I said "nope, this is fine" as I immediately started chugging. I am not sure what classy people do, but if it has "wine" on the label, I am fine with it.

After two glasses of wine and a very heavy dinner we decided to go get a drink. This is where my common sense left me. I decided to have mini martinis that were not so mini, an Appletini, a Cosmo, and a Chocolatini. Quite the mix with the wine. They were good and I was good and drunk. We relieved my brother of his childcare duties and I had another cocktail with him and played Guitar Hero. Lets just say, I slept well that night and had to take a nap the next day.

My progress towards my weight loss slowed down this weekend. I still got up 5-5:30AM just to be consistent but my diet and exercise was less than par. I am recommitted and I am going to work hard this week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

So Much to Blog About, So Little Time

First, let me pat myself on the back for making some baby steps in the right direction. Today is day 5 of getting up and doing my workout before starting my day. I ran 2.75 and felt pretty good about it. I not quite on the 5AM schedule, but I do my run or walk before doing anything else.

Next, Listen to your mom's advice when she tells you not to talk to strangers. While I was waiting to cross the street,there was a a woman was getting off the bus. She grabbed her bike from the rack mounted on the front of bus. I simply said....."Oh, that is how they hook on there". That one sentence sparked a 5 minute dissertation why everyone should ride the bus and/or a bike. I faded to black and I heard her mention something about "going green". I am all for being environmentally responsible, but I don't need a lecture. Then she said "By the way....." as she is looking at me up and down......"I went from a size 18 to 14 just riding my bike". Was I supposed to take that as a hint as she is staring at my midsection??? Another tale for the WTF book.

I had a new toy on my run today. For Mother's Day, my kiddos and hubby got me a Garmin 50 Heart Rate Monitor and a foot pod to track my time. I was trying to calibrate the darn thing today but I did it wrong. Time to pull out the directions and actually follow them. I am pretty excited because now I can tell how hard I am truly working out and I can get a time for my splits. Now I feel like a REAL runner. I just hope I don't get mugged while I am out running since I have all my "valuables" with me. I have my HRM, my Ipod, and usually my cell phone (when it is not lost). Who said running was a cheap sport???!!!

On a completely separate topic. My oldest son had is last day of preschool today. I bawled like a baby! I was so excited for this year to be done and now I am sad that it is over. He is starting grade school in the fall and I just think that makes it so real that he is growing up.

It was his teacher's last day as well. She is retiring after 30 some years teaching preschool. She is one of the greatest teachers I have ever met. She was very old school about her approach and let kids be kids. I am sad my other two kiddos will not have her as a teacher. I asked if it was my son that made her retire. She didn't say anything......Hmmmmmm.

I have more blogable thoughts at the moment but I will save them for a rainy day. I am going to go enjoy the sun. Mark it on the calendar, we are having the warmest day in 7 months. It is going to be near 80 today. Woo Hoo!

Happy Friday and good luck to all my blogland friends who are racing this weekend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Progress not Perfection"

That is a quote from the Body for Life for Women book.* It sort of struck a chord with me because I do shoot for perfection. If I don't do something perfect, I either fixate on it or say screw it and give up. I am changing that right now, I am focusing on mini steps and doing things well *most* of time.

Today is day 3 of getting up and working out before I start my day. I got a bit lazy when my alarm went off at 5AM, I fell asleep for another half hour. I finally got my arse out of bed did my run at 6:15AM. Not bad but I was crunched for time because I needed to be home so my husband could go to work. Even though I didn't stick to my original plan of getting up at 5AM, I still went out and did 2.75 miles this morning (I ran the whole way too). This is progress in my book. Normally I would just chalk it up to sleeping in and not do it.

Thanks again for all the cyber kicks in the pants. It helps me climb back up on the wagon. You all are right, I am going to focus on one change at a time. I think I have always set myself up to fail because I try to change everything all at once. When I screw up by missing a workout or eat something that is not healthy I throw in the towel. It is bad cycle that I have been stuck in for most of my adult life. So, 5AM workouts are my new focus. At least I will keep Caribou Coffee in business because I will require the caffeine.

*Since I was a sucker for Rodale's marketing team, I am going to make sure I read every page and share my knowledge.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Chubby Chick got Chubbier

Confession time.

I am back to square one. My pants are tight, the scale has really awful numbers on it, and I huff and puff going up the steps. I am just a couple of pounds from where I started my weight loss journey. Also, I have not run since the 10k that was over 2 weeks ago.

My moment of truth came when my 3 year old called me fat. I offered to break his other leg if he didn't zip it, but he was right. I *AM* fat and I am not doing anything about it except making pathetic excuses. Little stresses sent me into a horrible downward spiral and now I have to start over.

I know I have blogged about how I am going to lose weight and get serious. I told my husband that this time I REALLY mean it and he just rolled his eyes. In order to start making these changes, I pulled out the book I got sucker punched into buying and I am starting to actually use it. The two things that I have got out of it so far is that I must make time to work out and that life happens so have a back-up plan.

My plan is to get up before the birds to get my workout in. I am going to set my alarm for 5AM every morning and just do it. After 21 days it should be a habit, right? My better half is not going to be happy while I develop this routine because the alarm is on his side of the bed (evil grin). Not only will it be great to have that part of my day crossed off the list, but the endorphins from my runner's high should keep me slightly more sane when my kiddos drive me nuts. If my plan fails, my back up is to get it done before I get to go to bed.

It is too bad that I had to gain all my weight back to learn that life happens. If I got this stressed out from being busy, annoyed with crazy PTA moms, and EFK's bone breaking antics, I am screwed if something real comes about. I plan to regroup before face planting into a bag of chips.

Now the real challenge comes with running. My half marathon is about 5 weeks away. I need to get serious and focus on training. I ran a whole .5 miles yesterday before I died and had to walk home. I have pulled out miracle mileage before and I will do it again but I have a lot of work to do.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just Click the Clicker

My parents belong to a health club and they have health insurance. Their insurance reimburses them for going the the club a certain amount every month. Leave it to them to be cleaver enough to get around the system. They will drive out of the way, scan their cards at the club, and leave. Today my mom drove up to the door, dropped me off, and made me "click the clicker" so they could get credit for being at the gym. Yes, they made me do their dirty work.

My parents should write a book on all of their clever ideas. My dad has mastered the Wii whilst sitting in a recliner. He totally kicked my ass playing skee ball all and did not move from his Lazy Boy. My mom taught me how to save money on cards. She and my dad were shopping one day and it happened to be their anniversary. Rather than caring enough to send the very best, she brought dad to the card section and picked out her favorite one and read it to him in the store. He in turn did the same thing. A romantic money saver!

My parents crack me up! They are the best. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!! (she is an avid reader of my little blog)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Introducing EFK

This is Evel-F***ing-Kenevel otherwise known as EFK.
EFK with his best "Evil" look

This name was originally given to my dare-devil brother but we have passed it on to the next generation.

Today was finally a beautiful day in Minnesota and the boys were outside all day. That is until EFK decided it was a fantastic idea to jump off the slide platform. When I heard the cry, I knew he was hurt. Like every good mother, I chewed him out for this action, cleaned him up, and put him down for a nap.

He woke up from his nap crying and that was indicator that he needed to go to the ER. My hubby came home and took him to Children's. Three hours later, we found he*JUST* has a sprain.

Icing the foot. It is going to be a long summer!

I read someplace that boys take 7 years off of a mother's life. I believe it 100% and I am in big trouble with this child. This is not his first incident. In December, the paramedics had to be called because he fell down the steps and knocked himself out (while my parents were babysitting). Last July he broke his leg while jumping on the bed. The summer before that he got stitches in is eye because he caught the back swing of his brother's golf club. Did I mention he is only 3 years old?

I think the ER should have VIP treatment for frequent visitors like us. Instead I pray that we are not being flagged for a visit from Social Services. This kid's college fun is going to either fund his hospital bills or my stint at Betty Ford.

This isn't exactly what I wanted to blog about today. I have no workout to report today or for the past week. I have been in recovery mode from my 10k (yeah that is it) and I am taking some time to regroup and get organized.