Friday, May 16, 2008

So Much to Blog About, So Little Time

First, let me pat myself on the back for making some baby steps in the right direction. Today is day 5 of getting up and doing my workout before starting my day. I ran 2.75 and felt pretty good about it. I not quite on the 5AM schedule, but I do my run or walk before doing anything else.

Next, Listen to your mom's advice when she tells you not to talk to strangers. While I was waiting to cross the street,there was a a woman was getting off the bus. She grabbed her bike from the rack mounted on the front of bus. I simply said....."Oh, that is how they hook on there". That one sentence sparked a 5 minute dissertation why everyone should ride the bus and/or a bike. I faded to black and I heard her mention something about "going green". I am all for being environmentally responsible, but I don't need a lecture. Then she said "By the way....." as she is looking at me up and down......"I went from a size 18 to 14 just riding my bike". Was I supposed to take that as a hint as she is staring at my midsection??? Another tale for the WTF book.

I had a new toy on my run today. For Mother's Day, my kiddos and hubby got me a Garmin 50 Heart Rate Monitor and a foot pod to track my time. I was trying to calibrate the darn thing today but I did it wrong. Time to pull out the directions and actually follow them. I am pretty excited because now I can tell how hard I am truly working out and I can get a time for my splits. Now I feel like a REAL runner. I just hope I don't get mugged while I am out running since I have all my "valuables" with me. I have my HRM, my Ipod, and usually my cell phone (when it is not lost). Who said running was a cheap sport???!!!

On a completely separate topic. My oldest son had is last day of preschool today. I bawled like a baby! I was so excited for this year to be done and now I am sad that it is over. He is starting grade school in the fall and I just think that makes it so real that he is growing up.

It was his teacher's last day as well. She is retiring after 30 some years teaching preschool. She is one of the greatest teachers I have ever met. She was very old school about her approach and let kids be kids. I am sad my other two kiddos will not have her as a teacher. I asked if it was my son that made her retire. She didn't say anything......Hmmmmmm.

I have more blogable thoughts at the moment but I will save them for a rainy day. I am going to go enjoy the sun. Mark it on the calendar, we are having the warmest day in 7 months. It is going to be near 80 today. Woo Hoo!

Happy Friday and good luck to all my blogland friends who are racing this weekend.


Marcy said...

Ooohhh Carly so much to say:

1) ROFLMAO at the son comment HAHAHAHAHAAA! There needs to be more Mom's like you. Sometimes it seem like there are a lot more out there that have Mommy googles on (ie:"OMG my kid is so perfect")

2) WTF is with that chick and the bike?!? Hopefully she was just trying to brag to you about how awesome she was at weight loss?

3) YAY on the Garmin!! Sweetness! ;D ;D

shelley said...

I got a Garmin for Christmas and I love it...but sometimes I feel silly wearing it when I'm at a race, all those people with runner's bodies who look like real runners and I don't, but I obviously think I am with the Garmin. Oh well.

Have fun with it!

RunningNan said...

I retired a lot of teachers in my school career!

I want a garmin as well. Let me know how you like it!

Also, You should check into I'm working on getting myself one soon too.

Viv said...

Whooohoo on the new gadget! That is sad on the teacher retiring that you so much liked. LOL on the silent pause.

WTF on that bike lady. Yea blare the iPod and keep to your self.

Congreats on the 5th staight you making grea1t baby step all the way to that 1/2

Anonymous said...

Great job on sticking with your new morning routine. What a great Mother's Day gift! I am sure you are going to enjoy it. Keep up the hard work.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

HA HA my oldest is the same age! He is actually graduating from pre-school. Good Lord. Do we have to make that big of a deal of it? I'm already a wreck that he is going to school, they have celebrate the fact that he is no longer a baby? Why don't they just rub it in my face?

Congrats on Garmin. I feel like Shelly does. Oh well. I still love it! ENJOY :D