Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Memorial weekend is almost over. We have been busy all weekend, but I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. My husband took the kiddos to his parents house on Saturday so I could get stuff done. I spent most of the day Photo shopping pictures of a wedding I did over 2 months ago....argh....lets just say it is not my best work. I pray that the bride and groom love them.

Aside from being fused to my computer, I did manage to go for my "long" run. I went about 5.5 miles in less than an hour Saturday morning. I was thrilled with my run and I could not be happier about the time. I know it is not ideal to build mileage as I am doing, but I just need to try to get in a 10 miler before June 21st. If I can do that, I should be just fine for my half marathon. I am certainly not going to stress about it. If I do horrible, there is always next year.

Today I visited my friend in the hospital. She looks FANTASTIC. She was sitting up in bed as if nothing had happened. Unbelievable. During my visit, her friend's mother (the recipient) popped in to say hello. She was just cruisin' the floor. My jaw dropped because I cannot believe how "perky" (I really hate that word) both of these woman are after having major surgery! They are both doing so well that I hope the can resume normal life soon. My friend told me she only has to wait 6 weeks before she can start doing some light running....again unbelievable.


Viv said...

It seems like you got tons of stuff done. Worked on the pictures, visited you friend at the hospital and a whopper 5.5 under in a hour?!

Umm I would wrap it up as a super duper productive weekend!

shelley said...

So you have 4 weeks to get to a 10 miler - you can totally do it.

Your friend is amazing - and already planning her running! Wow.

Marcy said...

Ohhhh Carly that is GREAT!! Both the run and you friend :-) I'm sure you'll be fine for your HM

RunningNan said...

Can you pass some of those miles to me? my run got rained out yesterday morning, then it was too muggy to do later

Anonymous said...

First, glad to hear your friend is doing so well after surgery. It is truly a wonderful story.

You will definitely be able to get a 10 mile run in by June 21st, no problem. Keep up the great running!

Laura N said...

Dang girl, that's a great 5.5 miles! Nice job. Glad your friend & the mom are doing well. That's so inspiring.

Tammy said...

Good news about your friend healing so nicely!

And congrats on that run. You'll get up to 10 miles by the 21st no prob!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow, that's great news.

I, too, do not always ramp up mileage in the correct way. :D You'll be fine.

Did you figure out that the Wii Fit board is not telling you that you are fat when you step on? We figured out that it has to do with how hard you step on. My hubs who has a BMI is obese range just gets an "oh", so I think it is about the board and not you. Although he did mention that in Asia, they are much more blunt about weight.

On his last business trip, someone said, "Hi, Looks like you've gained weight." Just like, hey, it's a nice day. Weird!

I would die to do 5.5 in under an hour, by the way!!

Stace said...

Awesome job on the run Carly. You have plenty of time to fit a 10-miler in, no problem! I just know you are going to do great on the HM.

Pokey said...

Unlike Nancy, I would KILL to do 5.5 in under an hour!! Apparently it's a difference in perspective, LOL!!! ;)

NICE RUN are going to ROCK your race :)

The Young Family said...

That is terrific, 5.5 miles in an hour! Super girl!