Friday, June 13, 2008

Freaky Friday

I was in line at the liquor store buying tequila for my beer margaritas when I heard a little voice ask "how do you make jell-o shots?" My ears perked up because that is one culinary act I can perform. When I realized who was asking, I just about peed my pants. The people wanting to know all about gelatinous booze were two blue haired, little old ladies. In fact, one was sportin' a sweatshirt that said "#1 Grandma". Hell Ya, she would be #1 in my book if I got jello shooters instead crappy cookies.

I could not let these adorable ladies down. I stepped up to the plate and did my civic duty and gave them my knowledge. I even told them that I use less booze but they wanted to know if they could beef up my recipe with more vodka. From the size of the bottle of Phillips they were buying, one could only imagine the type of bash they were throwing at the retirement compound. One of the ladies told me that she had them at a party and fell in love with them and she especially loved the whip cream being shot in her mouth. Hmmmmm, I am a bit disturbed thinking about what kind of party they were attending. They thanked me profusely and told me they were making them ASAP. I told them no least I learned something in college. I drove home shaking my head and crying laughing so hard. Another tale from da' hood.

For my cocktailing this evening, I am mixing up beer margaritas. They are so tasty, refreshing, and the perfect end to a long whiny day with the kids.
Recipe for Beer Margaritas-
1 Cup Tequila
4 Beers
1 Can of limeade

Mix and serve cold.

Prior to my boozing, I took my spawn to the park today and we met up with others from the preschool. My self esteem was pumped up a bit when 2 of the moms said that I look like I have dropped a few lbs. It made my day as the scale has not budged...not at all. Even if they are lying, I am taking the compliment and running....literally.

Today's workout:

3 Mile run-no clue about the time


The Young Family said...

I so want to do that when I am in the retirement home! I will be the lush! OK, I guess I have to start drinking more to be a lush, but the ladies sound like they are having the time of their lives! Who says you can't do jello shooters when you are not in college. Why did we stop doing them?? oh yeah. The hang over!


Lily on the Road said...

What you didn't know is that they were wearing thongs!! LMAO,

thanks for the recipe, the Wooo Hooo Girls are getting together today and I think I might have to make a few!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

paige said...

Loved your Granny story C.C !!

Stace said...

Way to respect your elders! Thanks for the recipe - I can't wait to try it. We had these at the fair last year, and I had never heard of them! Hilarious story, and LMAO at Lily's thong comment!

D10 said...

Too funny. I guess they can party all they want; no kids to wake them up and take care of, and no job to go to....sounds like college life all over again!

chia said...

Apparently you have encountered the sheer epitome of what the "#1 Grandma" really should translate into.

Nothin' like lime flavoured horse hooves and some vodka to get the bingo bootie shakin'!

Delane said...

LMAO at the boozing grannies

AKA Alice said...

Yet another reason to look forward to retirement!

Al's CL Reviews said...


Viv said...

Great on the three! all i will say is i only know how to make jello with booze ;-)

thebets said...

Oh my...that's hilarious! If you see them again, you should ask them if you can be invited to their next bash!