Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am in pain!!! This foot issue has gotten a lot worse in the past week and is now really causing some problems with my shin. I set out for a run this morning with my friend Erin and instead of running we did a 4 mile walk. I couldn't even try to run through the pain. My goal is to work through this injury and get back on track as fast as possible.

Per Erin's suggestion, I froze a water bottle and I have been rolling and icing my foot. It seems to help. I also have been stretching it. This week I will set out to find a new chiropractor to see if they can work some magic. My chiropractor that I LOVE is no longer covered by my insurance *crying*. He kept me in tip top shape a few years ago. I hope to find someone that is just as great to get snap me back in line.

On the topic of I need to do more of it. I am stiff and sore. I am not shocked that I am having issues now because I never stretch. I am thinking of doing some Yoga. I have done it in the past but it was not a great class. I want to find a real instructor that really knows what they are doing. I think it will make all the difference.

I am also exploring some things to do for cross training. Spinning is one of them. I am scared to death to try it, but everyone swears that it is fun and truly addictive. Here are my fears:
1. The bikes are too close
2. I won't be able to keep up
3. I am afraid I will fall off the stationary bike.....Yes I am that klutzy
4. What if I puke because of the intensity of the workout

I guess there is a first time for everything, but this workout scares the bejeesus out of me.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Andrew is getting fit said...

Yikes, hope the foot gets sorted soon.

Spinning is something I haven't ever tried but everyone who has swears by it.

chia said...

There is no "keeping up" in spinning really. You are in control of your own tension. Conquer that fear and go get yourself one hell of a fun workout :-)!

Marcy said...

I have another one: Farting :P Seriously if those bikes are so close together what happens if you fart? What happens if the person in front of you farts :-X I'm just sayin . . . . :P

MaryFran said...

I love to bike, but I'm also a chicken about taking a spin class! I've heard good things about it though!

Viv said...

I had issues with sumfin after the 1/2 as well. Maybe it just takes the body a couple weeks to get back too good. After a deep tissue massage it felt much betta. It was like the best strech ever. Look into it. Spinning or indoor cycling your the boss. You know I so wish to pop you spin cherry..hehehhe

Viv said...

LOL@ Marcy....some lady farted right in Shanes face in class the other day he said he thought he was going to puke! Serves him right, payback stinks LOL!

paige said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon CC!

I too have been thinking about spin classes but they are limited in my area. Too bad we don't live closer together. We could hold each other's hand and worry about farting together LOL

Jen said...

So sorry about the injury! I hope it gets better for you soon.

Try spinning, it's fun! When the instructor says turn up the tension a quarter turn, you CAN just pretend, if you already feel like death.

I'm way more afraid of farting during yoga than during spinning. The music is loud in spinning, so nobody would hear, but yoga, it's quiet with the ass all up in the air. YIKES.

Jade Lady said...

Sorry to hear your foot is not doing well. Spinning is a lot of fun - I'm no expert. I suggest that you get to class a bit early and talk with the spin teacher to help get you adjusted on your bike. And, you don't need to go all out trying to keep up with the class - take your first time easy! As you gain more confidence, and you can push yourself more. Happy training!

And, yes..farts and outside of spin classes...natural part of life...

Al's CL Reviews said...

Finally catching up! WTG on your half, Carly!

And LOLing at why you are afraid of spinning. I have similar fears!

RunningNan said...

I wanna try spinning..

I hope your foot feels better soon

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Spinning totally scares me too. I'm sure I could never make it through.

I'm so sorry you are hurting, I hope things are improving.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carly, I hope your foot gets better! I used to roll golf balls under my feet and pick them up with my toes for my planter fasciitis. Worked really well, and the golf balls may still be in my bottom drawer, on the side below the Barbies. Help yourself! Can't wait to see you soon, hope you are recovered by then, but if not, you will still be outrunning/walking me!