Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Now What?

My big race is over and I have nothing on deck. At first I was kind of freaking out because there are no races on the schedule but now I am ok with it. Next week the lottery opens up for the Twin Cities 10 miler and I am going to try to get in. If I do not get picked, no biggie. Right now I am going to run because I WANT to not because I HAVE to. I need to focus on shedding some weight....I had Fritos and beer for dinner. Enough said.

I finally have my new and improved Garmin and it is working beautiful! I had the chance to get to the track and calibrate it. I sooooooo love this thing, I think it a new favorite toy. I need to give props to their customer service department. They were awesome! They exchanged my Garmin 50 with no hassle and they helped me with some of questions for set up. I do get excited with good service because these days it doesn't happen often.

I set out to do my run tonight and it ended up being a lame run/walk. I have been ignoring some foot pain for quite some time and now it is getting hard to walk. I fear it is the dreaded plantar fasciitis. At least that is today's diagnosis from WebMD. Also my shin splits have reared their ugly head. I need to incorporate some cross training and stretching. *sigh* Damn injuries, they are like kids....they get worse if you ignore them.

Congratulations to my Brother-in Law and Sister-in-Law, they welcomed baby number 4 and this time it is a girl!!!!! Our tribe of wild things keeps getting bigger! I am so happy that Baby Diva will have a girl cousin to grow up with (not that I have much hope of either one of them being very ladylike). I am so excited to meet her and shower her with girly stuff. Now that she is born, I pray that my Sister-in-Law can keep her legs closed so I don't have to be drunk at family events alone. Ha! Only kidding....sorta.


Running Knitter said...

Running because you want to, and not because you "have to", is the best kind of running, IMO. :)

RunningNan said...

That last line is the best! ha ha ha!

chia said...

Wow, and I was feeling guilty for my wine and broccoli dinner last night :-D. happy Friday!

Marcy said...

LMAO Carly isn't' that the truth with the kids!!

I've also heard the same thing about Garmin CS, it's fantastic! Luckily I haven't had to use it yet but it's always good to know if there is a prob they're cool :-)

Viv said...

Congrats to the bro&sis in-laws with adding to the tribe! LOL! You have such a way with words. The fritos and beer classic Viv dinner except chili, cheese and onions where were they?!

Enjoy the running when you want plan for a while/

paige said...

Congrates on the new addition AND the new running toy!

So you have one of those too?! LOL My 3 year old girl puts my 11 year old boy to SHAME with her antics!

Anonymous said...

Fritos & beer. What's wrong with that???


Jen said...

Mmmm, Fritos & beer. Dinner of champions, yes?

Gah, why did I sign up for the Roughrider half? I think the TC 10 miler sounds more fun.

*pondering my ability to recover in time*

Jade Lady said...

Congrats on your new garmin!

Me, myself, I always need a plan, or I slack off! So, when I can't find a race, or don't want to do what's in town, I do my own race. I put it on my schedule to look official and all, and then I train for it...Just food for thought.

On the plantar fac stuff..did I mention before to you that I had the same problem, and turned to chi running? It saved me!