Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a Pound

That is all I am up from my 3 day date night with my man. Phew...the Culver's , Beer, and Pepperoni Rolls didn't do as much damage as I thought it was going to do. Too bad that we weren't more creative while the kids were gone. Maybe we could have done something exercise related rather than eat. Next time.

I am trying to stay fairly on track. It is going to be EXTREMELY difficult this month. It is officially birthday month in our house. My three kiddos have their birthdays within 2 weeks of each other (hey, it is cold in November!) We always have cake and lots of it. After birthdays, comes the Minnesota State Fair. I am drooling just thinking about all the artery clogging goodness on a stick! I am more excited about the treats and food events that August brings than the stuff at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

On a completely opposite note, Staci lent me her "One Day Detox" book and I am looking into doing September of course. I am looking at doing the detox not to lose weight but to see if it helps with some of my ailments. I have horrible allergies, I am completely a slave to caffeine, and I am a sugar junkie. I am hoping that I can break my addictions and see how it effects my allergies. Don't let the title fool is really 11 days of doing the program.

Speaking of books, my mom sent a book home with the kids for me to read. Skinny Bitch written by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. The book is really funny but a bit over the top. I have not read the whole book yet, but they promote being a Vegan. Being a complete Vegan is something that doesn't interest me and the lifestyle would never fly with my farm boy, meat and taters husband. But they do present some good cases for cleaning up the diet. I think I will take some good ideas away from the book but I don't want to be a "Skinny Bitch" that bad to give up a burger or steak now and then.

With the new month brings new goals. Below is what I hope to accomplish this month.

August Goals:
Walk 5 days a week
Drink 64oz water a day
Lower caffeine in take by 50%

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They are Back!

"Mommmm he's (insert annoyance here) me!"
"He hit me!"

Ahhhh it is good to have my little buggers home. Before noon I broke up two fights, pulled out the hot sauce for a sassy mouth, threatened to take 2 upcoming birthday parties away, and made an impromptu doctor visit for an ear infection. I am glad life is back to normal around here. I am counting the minutes until my better half gets home and then I am braving the heat and humidity for a walk. Sanity. It is crazy that I actually miss this when I do not have it.

I know it is the end of July, but I upset that everything is out for back to school. For crying out loud we go back after Labor Day. What is even more upsetting is that I actually had to buy stuff today because Tar-jay was already getting picked over in their supplies. They are probably trying to move shit so they can have Halloween crap out by August 15th. Ridiculous. Even though I hate this ominous sign that summer is ending, I love me some school supplies.

One of my exciting school supply finds is a day planner that I am using for a diet journal. Every time I recommit, I buy a new notebook to get a fresh start. It is kind of funny because I have tons of little note books laying around and I am still fat. I am hoping my journal experience will be better this time. This planner is the perfect size and has enough space to record all of my pie hole stuffage for each day. The best part is that it is an academic year calendar so the dates started this week. I think I will be better about journaling doing it calendar based as I hate seeing empty spaces. I am weird like that. It is sad that I am motivated to journal by filling calendar squares rather than seeing the scale move.

I will be walking tonight and I will update the workout later.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thumbs Up!

I got the green light to start running again. I am not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I LOVE my Chiropractor (aka the Miracle Worker). She fixed me up real nice and the injuries are healing beautifully. I am going to start back up the correct way this time and not sign up for a marathon when I can only run a mile. In fact, I am focusing on walking at the moment and building a base from there. Imagine that...starting from the ground up!!!

Staci and I walked at lunch today. That girl is relentless! I think I normally run slower than we walked today. She is a speed demon even as a walker. Ugh...I may get into shape yet if I stick with her. I had to jog at times just to keep up . Someone bounced back to her normal self quicker than I expected. Maybe it is time that I kick her in the knee to knock her down to my level. *evil grin*

The distance and pace per mile is up for debate. We started our respective running gadgets at the same time and we got very different results. Her read out on the Nike+ was 2.5(ish)miles and around a 14/minute mile pace. Mine said 2.21 miles with an average pace of 16.18 MPH. I calibrated mine on a track while running. I don't know if is a difference because I walked. It seemed accurate for yesterday's power walk around the hood. I actually pulled out the instructions but I couldn't find an answer to my issue. Oh well, I liked Staci's number's better anyway.

My kiddos are back. I can't believe how much I missed them....especially for as crazy as they make me. I am happy that everyone is home. My parents spoiled them rotten and now I have to whip them back into shape. Scrubbing walls seems like a great welcome home project. I enjoyed my break, but I was WAY busier than I thought. I did do my date nights with the my man but no much else.

I am tired and going to hit they hay. I just did a graze through the kitchen and starting stuffing my face when I realized that I am not even hungry....just exhausted.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Four Days!!!

They are packed up and headed north!! The kiddos are spending the next 4 days with my parents. Daycare is closed next week so I asked my parents if they could spare a day or two to be my free childcare....thankfully they said yes.

*Taking phone off the hook and heading back to bed*

Actually no sleeping here. We have a busy four days planned and most of it is work. Hubby took off with the kids to meet my parents and after the good-byes I raced in the house to start OCD cleaning. I stopped after doing the dishes and said OH HELL NO!!!! I have no kids this weekend and nobody is coming over. I am done with this shit. I am not wasting my precious time cleaning up this hell hole. I will do that if time permits. So what am I going to do in my limited down time? WHATEVER I WANT! Although...I did have a brief moment where I thought about putting my HRM on to clean to see the calorie burn. It think it would be up there. HA!

This is my plan when I am not working:
3 dates with the mister
read a magazine cover to cover
continue to resist the urge clean
run on my favorite paths throughout Minneapolis
Go for a bike ride

Tomorrow we have to go to the in-laws for a family get together. Frankly I don't want to go for many reasons that are too long to list, but the number one reason is that we have no kids. I fought tooth and nail not to go and damn near divorced over the issue. I lost that battle and we are going. We are going on my terms though....2 hours tops and we are dining and dashing. If my husband thinks he is going to golf after pulling this crap on me....he can think again. He just pulled landscaping duty....*giggle*

I will update my workout later, but right now I am too giddy to work out!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Super Woman Wanna Be

Yesterday was a crazy day. It was one of those days where the to-do list is so long that you need another sheet of paper. I started it right when I woke up and finished most of it by 6pm.

Meals cooked: 3 (I even made dinner)
Loads of Laundry: Lost count after 6
Time at park with kiddos: 1.5 hours
Phone calls made: 6
Errands run: 4
Photo shoots scheduled: 2
Birthday parties planned: 2 out of 3
Rooms cleaned: 4 (although at 6pm the house was trashed again)

It is hard being Superwoman. I guess that is why I am normally a slacker. I am attempting to be an organized efficient person. It is kind of like fitting a square peg into a round hole but I am trying. School is starting in month and if I don't have my stuff together I will be in the loony bin!

For all my hard work, I thought I would relax during the evening even though my list was not completely finished. My friend and old neighbor came to visit the old 'hood and we had dinner. She just had a baby so I got to meet the new addition. Her sister was also in town from Canada visiting her boy toy. We three gals sat down to a box'o wine and chatted the night away as we had lots to catch up on.

Strangely, my glass was never empty and seemed to keep refilling itself. When it was time to say good night....I was more than a little tipsy. wine. It always kills me. The worst part about it, is that it was a work night!!!! Needless to say, I am a bit hungover today. The way I am feeling today sucks, but the night was sooooo fun to catch up with my gal pals.

I have still been taking it easy on the running front. Staci has me walking with her at work and I enjoy it. Although I am on her shit list today because I bailed. I am not able to be upright for more than a few minutes at a time. Lesson Learned. I also stepped on the scale for the first time in a month and I am happy to say I am down 2.4! Not much...but it is a start.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well Duh!

Today I had not one but two light bulbs go off in my head. Most people know about the stuff that I am just now learning.....but I am SLOW!

I discovered the library today. I do KNOW what they are but I never realized what a great resource they were. (DUH!) I always equated library with school and haven't stepped foot into one since college. Even when I was a student, I only used the library once as I was frantically writing my senior thesis the night before it was due (got an A as well). Since college I forgot about this resource and never gave it a second thought even though I have one less than a 1/4 mile from my house.

I have been struggling with some Photoshop techniques and I was going go buy a reference manual. I didn't really like the idea of spending $30 on a book that may or may not help me, so I thought I would go to the library. Not only did I find what I wanted, I discovered the health and fitness section. There were books on cross-training, running techniques, and best off all nutrition. I will never spend another dime on a book that I may only skim through.

My other discovery was the calories burned read out on my Garmin. For the first time I saw that my workout was no match for my sub sandwich I had for lunch. I would have had to do the same workout at least 3 times to burn off the sub that I ate. Ugh...guestimating can really bite you in the ass when trying to lose weight. It was an eye opener.

About the workout......I did a 2.5 mile run/walk today. I thought today would be a good test for the leg and foot. I only allowed myself a one mile run. It was slow but I felt no pain. For that I am grateful and I truly hope that this means I am on the mend. I am not pushing it because being injured sucks!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

On Tuesday Staci came back to work! When I saw her I was so excited that I ran over to her cube and squealed with excitement. The first words out of her mouth were "did you bring your running shoes?" I just laughed. Seriously? She is six weeks out of surgery and she is spewing this kind of nonsense!!!??? Instead of her lunchtime workout we went out to lunch. I am an evil corrupter.

This girl means business because she made me promise that I would bring the shoes for Thursday (today). I know she can kick my ass, so I brought them. When lunch time rolled around the rain started. I thought there is no way she would make me walk. Wrong. This girl took me on an underground tour of Minneapolis. There were tunnels and steps and parking ramps all hooked together so we would not have to endure one drop of rain. Ugh. I should have known she would have an inclement weather backup plan. The sad part of our walk was that I had to huff and puff to keep up with this girl who only 6 weeks ago had 1/2 her liver taken. Wow.

I am so happy she is back. I have missed her!!! To be able to keep up with her is my motivation for today.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Heat is On

Finally our real summer has arrived. We have had 2 days in a row in the mid 90's. It is sticky and humid. I love summer and I am happy that it is here because before you know it I will be bitching about another 6 month Minnesota winter.

Today I packed up the kids and took them to the country club (aka municipal pool). We were all going stir crazy because it got too hot to run in the backyard so we were cooped up in the A/C all day. When we got to the pool my boys jumped into the water like a couple of hoodlums. They were running and splashing and having a grand time. It didn't take them long to make a friend. The mother of their friend was standing nearby holding a baby which I later found out was 6 months old. We chit chatted and watched our kids splash in the pool. THEN whilst we were mid sentence she whips out the teat and starts feeding the munchkin. Right. In. The. Pool.

Now before people get La Leche League to jump all over me, I am an advocate of feeding from the tap. I even did it with a couple of my own kiddos. I don't even mind peeps that do it in public...if they can do it, more power to them. I personally prefer to be more discrete. But in the pool? Really? What is wrong with with the shady chair under the umbrella? I am hercking at the thought of breast milk in the water along with all the urine. *shudder*

My middle child came up to us and thought it would be funny to splash us. Unfortunately my breast feeding buddy had leave the pool to dry off her hungry baby. She did finish her feeding in a chair under that shady umbrella. I don't know what is wrong with him, it must be because he was formula fed.

Speaking of the pool.....I had to put on my bathing suit. One word.....MOTIVATION! Holy moly do I need to stay focused on this program. I was just waiting for one of the teenagers to shout "That's a huge bitch"(Thank you Duece Bigalow, Male Gigolo). Between today swim suit and yesterday's "camel toe" workout shorts, I am not likely to do a faceplant into a bag of chips. I refuse to buy new stuff.....this stuff is stretchy for crying out loud. I will deal with it until I get thin.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100th Post!!!

*Cue balloon drop and confetti*

Woweee! Times flies while having fun blogging. Eight months and 100 posts I am still going least on the blogging front. For my 100th post I don't have anything earth-shattering to blog about. I am still fat and still injured. I am trying my darnedest to make healthier choices and shut off the voice of the fat girl in me.
Someone from the Wise World of Weight Watchers, once said "being the the program is really hard, but being fat is harder". This statement just recently clicked with me. It is so true! I had a flashback to the summer of 2006. I had shed a few pounds, was pretty fit, and actually started to get comfortable in my own skin. I made a list of the benefits I enjoyed when I was living "clean".

--I could shop at "normal" stores and wear "normal" sizes
--My ass did not bounce in the opposite direction while running
--I had hot legs (Even though I still had to shed a few legs were smokin '
--I had collar bones,cheek bones, and only one chin
--It was nice to hear how GREAT I looked
--I ran better
--I had more energy
--I wasn't as crabby
--I didn't feel like the fattest one in the room
--I didn't hate myself in photos
--I was not ashamed to be in a bathing suit
--People didn't have the look of shock on their face when I told them I was a runner

This list is just a few of things that enhanced my life two years ago. I can't blame my pregnancy for the weight gain, it is that old habits die hard. I fell backwards in a major way and I should have never allowed that hoochie mama Little Debbie into my home. There are so many things I hate about carrying this extra weight that making healthy choices should be easy. This list of positives will serve as good motivation for me to stay focused......(this list and a GINORMOUS bin of clothing that I cannot squeeze into). Ha!

In my next 100 posts, I hope to achieve at least a little movement on the weight loss
ticker. I have already proved that I can run. I want to get back to 100% and get fit.

My Goals this Week:
64 Oz of water (I have a hard time with this one)

This is unrealated to weightloss, but I feel the need to get on my soapbox.
I would like to offer up a public service announcement to anyone working in an office....
When pooping in public (work). Make sure your ID badge is not laying on the
floor, overlapping in the stall next door (like mine). Otherwise people
will know it was you that caused the anal holocaust in the bathroom.
Furthermore people like me will point and laugh when they see you, as
you will forever be know as the office ass blaster. Out of courtesy to
other users...please flush 2 times and use Lysol. Thanks in advance.

(UGH....seriously I work with a bunch of pigs)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Am I Dreaming???

After only 2 chiropractic adjustments my foot feels pretty good. I still have some tender spots but I am not having excruciating pain that makes me walk like a gimp. Maybe it is my imagination but I swear I am feeling better. I am trying not to jinx anything so I am being the ideal patient but not doing much activity, icing, and doing my exercises. Toe tapping and tracing the alphabet with my feet have become second nature. I was supposed to have another appointment today but I had to cancel.

I had to cancel my appointment with the miracle worker today because I was in HELL!!!!! I volunteered to work the financial system support line. I work for an extremely large organization and our financial platform just converted to a new one. Everything that you could dream of going wrong, did go wrong. Peeps were calling the line hyperventilating and flipping out! My job was to log the calls and email while bitching under my breath about crazy people. More than once I had a spontaneous outburst saying "IT IS JUST NUMBERS PEOPLE....NUMBERS! NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE!! CHILL THE EFF OUT!!!!!!" The poor people that normally work in that department are overworked, under trained, and just do not get paid enough to put up with that BS. Although I have no real power, I helped my new peeps out by putting assholes to the bottom of the cue. *evil grin* It is so crazy that when I left for the day today, there were 400+ calls that needed to be assigned to the proper channels. Ouch. my job isn't that bad.


In my effort to recomit to this weight loss, I stepped on the scale for the first time in week. I can't even bring myself to post the digits. I will just say that my little bought of food poisoning did NOTHING for the weightloss. DAMNITALLTOHELL! So in the mean time I am doing my PT exercise and googling Weight Watchers Core recipes (LOL at the idea of me cooking).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday's Health Epiphany

I think I am in love! I love my new chiropractor. I got another adjustment today and I feel great. Today I after I was adjusted she did some muscle work on my strained calf. was the WORST pain I have ever had in my life!!!! I think I actually blacked out. She said that I have a pretty bad muscle strain and that was causing the shin pain....not shin splints. OK, I admit I am not always right on WebMD. I am going in again for some more muscle work and then with a little more rest I should (hope) I will be back in line to start exercising.

Did you notice I said "exercising" as opposed to running and training? I am starting from the ground up. I am trying something new called building a base and getting fit. I hear it works!! ha! I have nothing to prove by going out an running a long distance race with very little training. I *know* I can do it it and I have done it several times, but it is really really dumb. It takes me a few times (OK a hundred times) to make stupid mistakes before I learn. This whole sitting on the sidelines injured crap really sucks. So when I get the green light to start "exercising", I will be doing a garden variety of activities cardio, stretching, and strength. A regular running routine is my goal. For now, I dusted of the balance ball and I am doing my PT exercises.

I am taking the same approach to my diet. I am working on cleaning it up. I am not focusing on how much weight I want to lose, I just need to eat better. Hopefully the weight loss will be an added benefit. After this bought of food poisoning, I am seriously thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I know that will never happen because I am a carnivore to the core, but I am at least going to be more picky about what I eat. *shudder* I never ever want this crud again! I have never seen my husband so green in my entire life. Thankfully we are getting back to normal.

I am fully aware that my so called epiphany is common sense to most people. I am living the definition of insanity as I keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I am injured (again) and my traineo ticker has not moved in months. Hmmm, why do I even question why I am not making progress. I am not allowing myself to sign up for anything longer than a 5k for a few months and I am cutting down on the processed garbage that I eat. Now that I am not nauseous every time I see food, I am coming up with my meal plan and I am getting thy ass to the grocery store tonight if it kills me!

Did this new chiropractor crack some sense into me?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Food Poisoning, Crocs, and the Chiropractor

My weight loss journey started out with a bang today. Both my husband and I got some sort of food borne funk. It started in the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully the symphony of toilet flushing did not wake the kiddos. We are pretty sure that it was the burgers we made last night. They were in the fridge too long. I thought they would be OK as the sell by date was today. Nope. Lesson learned. When in doubt, throw it out.

I will say that it sucks being home as a family when both responsible parties are down and out. My boys have been firmly planted in front of the TV and Baby Diva is in her crib with toys. We called them up for meals and that is the only interaction we had with them all day. Even my son who loves TV said he is sick of watching the tube today. Ughhhhh.....I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

I VOWED I would never ever own a pair. I complained about how ridiculous they are and wondered why any adult would waste their hard earned money on them. I am eating my words. If Crocs are wrong, I don't wanna be right. These fugly shoes are sooooo comfy!! I bought them because I was searching for a good "house shoe". My feet kill without shoes on and my usual flip flops are no longer a sensible shoe for me to wear. Best part about it....I only paid $3.03 for them!!! Now that is a bargain.

The Chiropractor
I probably should have gone to the doctor for my food poisoning but instead I got a same day appointment with a chiropractor to look at my foot. A girl has her priorities! It was a small office by my house. I have been there before but not for 5 years. When I walked in....they remembered all of my info (or they did a good job of taking notes). The doctor did a bunch of muscle tests and then adjusted me......adjusted everything that could be adjusted. At first I felt great but now I am sore! I don't know what she did but my foot does feel looser. I am going back on Wednesday for more treatment. I have been instructed not to run. She said if all goes well, I can start running in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Fest (Feast) Recap

Another 4th of July has come and gone. I am sitting here like a pile working off my hangover from food, drink, and lack of sleep. We had a blast and there were a lot of crazy moments that will make for funny memories for many years. Here is our weekend recap in reverse.

Crazy Carnies

As part of the 4th of July celebration, our city puts on a "kiddie" carnival. It is the creepiest most disgusting thing I have ever seen. The rides are nasty and well past their prime. The Carnies cackle and you never want to make eye contact with them or you end up being harassed. The smell of mini donuts and people watching lure us in every year. This year it was my mother and I that took the boys. It was everything I expected and more....mullets, tats, and a serious lack of teeth.

My mom thought it was a great idea to take the rugrats on the scrambler. I couldn't let her be cooler than me so I jumped on board and agreed to ride along. I paid $3 for one single ride ticket and I was annoyed......especially for shizzy rides like these. We got on and we rode for at least 10 effing minutes! I am usually ready to puke after 30 seconds. We rode, and rode, and RODE until crazy-eyed carnie guy finished his conversation with crazy-legged carnie guy. When the ride finally stopped, I climbed out only to flash innocent bystanders with my "whale-tale". My mother was mortified and dying of laughter. When I was finally able to compose myself we got the hell out of that place.

We have a great fireworks display that we go to every year. They are shot off about 3/4 of a mile from my house so every year we walk to the park to see them. They were beautiful we did our OOOOHHHs and AWWWWWWWs and were on our way. During the walk home there was a group of teenage kiddos lighting fireworks in a crowd and sparks and flames were almost landing on our kids in the stroller. I was polite enough by telling them to knock it off....they responded like most teenagers these days ......the basically told me to bite it. So I chucked my beer at them. Why? I don't know why. It was immature but I was hoping that these kids would get in trouble (yeah right) for smelling like beer. It was my white trash Springer moment. They didn't do anything to us, but they got into a fight with the lady behind us. Phew, we escaped getting shanked on the way home.

Party in the backyard

Beautiful day+ long holiday weekend= P.A.R.T.Y. We had our friends and family over to celebrate, eat, drink, and watch the local parade. Did I mention we ate and drank???? It was a blast and I am very grateful that I have such a great group of people in my life.

We pulled out the ladder ball for some backyard fun. Someone thought it was a great idea to throw the balls up in the air and unfortunately they got stuck in the tree. I was very amused for the next 4 hours watching these OCD guys try to get these balls out. During their attempt to get these down, a football and baseball bat also got stuck. It wasn't until my friend threw a golf club up there that the sporting equipment came down. The last ditch effort was when my husband pulled out the pressure washer and tried shooting it down. No go....the balls are still in the tree. I think they are up there for good.

This year our community parade had to be re-routed because of some major construction projects. Lucky for us, the route was literally out in our yard. When we heard the news we invited all our friends over, got a keg, and planted our asses to heckle the people marching in the parade. It was a blast! I could run in my own house, grab my cocktail, and use my own bathroom. It was heaven.
The only problem was everyone else loved my yard as well. I had peeps all over my property. It kind of annoyed me because people got very comfortable going so far as setting up camp. People set their lawn chairs up in the middle of our grass, they walked through some new sod area, and left some garbage. Some people even had the balls to come up to me to ask to use our bathroom. NO WAY. I know I am mean, but my house is not a public restroom. So we just taunted them as well and threatened to pull out the garden hose.
There was no exercise this weekend. While in my past life it would have been a perfect weekend, I feel like crap. That is a good thing....I need my exercise fix. I am still resting the injury and I am going to get into the doc this week. Today I am making my plan.
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Limpin' Around on a Thursday


Did I really do that out loud? Yes, yes I did. My coworkers were peeking their heads into my cube to make sure I wasn't doing anything "inappropriate". Although I wasn't doing THAT technique, I was doing the golf ball trick that Staci told me to do. Get your mind out of the gutter, I know what you are thinking! The golf ball is helping me stretch out my foot as I am doing more self prescribed therapy to work through this foot issue. As John Melloncamp would say...."It hurts so good". It seems to be a good short-term solution but I still need to make an appointment with the old doctor.

Since I am on my self-imposed running ban, I am focusing my attention on weight loss. I have lost count at how many times I have attempted to lose weight and just when I think I have hit another "rock bottom", I gain another 5lbs. Why do I keep up this self-destructive cycle?

I had some time to think about why I am fighting a healthy lifestyle so much. One word....laziness. I hate meal planning, I hate grocery shopping, and I hate cooking. These are all things one must do in order to maintain a certain level of healthy eating. I am not lazy when it comes to exercise and even though I love my tater-tots, I also have no problem eating healthy. I just simply boils down to my organizational skills. I keep thinking that I need to go back to a Weight Watchers meeting but as I went through my stuff I realized even a meeting won't help me. I was on WW for 2 years and I did lose weight.....but only when I planned.

As I mentioned before, I can no longer make changed on a grand scale. I have to do them in baby steps. Coming up with a plan that I can stick to is hard but I am going to try a bare bones plan for a week or two to see if I can get back some sort of control back. This is my planning plan:
  • Cook 3 nights/week
  • Oatmeal for Breakfast, Salad of some sort for Lunch everyday (I rarely get sick of this combo)
  • Plan for said 3 night of cooking and get my butt to the store and get over my hatred of grocery stores.
On top of my plan, I am forcing myself to write down my intake in a food journal. My plan has lot of room expand but I need to start someplace.

I of course am not starting this plan until July 5th. The meal plan is in place for my 4th fest (feast) and unfortunately I am not willing to forgo my brother's famous cucumber dip or coney's.

Have a great holiday weekend and good luck to any racers out there!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am grumpy and pissy! This foot and leg thing really has put a damper on things. I think my mood is being affected because I am not getting a good dose of an endorphin high. I am calling today to get in to see a real doctor. My husband thinks that self diagnosing things on WebMD is not the way to work through an injury. Hmmmmpf!

I walked 2.75 miles this morning. At least it something, right? I am still looking for yoga and spinning classes. My gym offers both but they will have a lot more options when the students return for fall semester. They will be offering "101" classes that get the basics down before you jump into a full blown class. Bummer I have to wait until Fall. That is ok, until then I will continue to walk and add some swimming in the the mix. Must make use of the pool while we have the weather.

I bombed out on the IDWLC. I did not shed one pound. Truthfully, I didn't even try to clean up the diet. Even though I am more active in the summer, I am swayed by chips and dip and yummy burgers hot off the grill.

I didn't really care that I was eating like crap....that is until I saw this picture of me running my half marathon. O M G!!!!! I really didn't know that is what my behind looked like. And yes, I am completely aware that the fashion police probably have me on some offender list because I have no business wearing shorts like that! There is a reason that I only have mirrors that only reflect from the shoulders up. Ha! I should kick my husband in the nads for taking an ass shot, but really I need to thank him for finding my give-a-damn.

My cousin once called me a Clydesdale. I was kind of offended but he said he meant it as a compliment because I am a bigger gal that can run. We have gotten a few good laughs out of that comment over the years. Even though, he doesn't have a way with words, I see what he means and I do take it as a compliment. I am not bashing myself or whining about the pudge. I just think this will be motivation for me to shed a few lbs and reshape that ass of mine. Ahhhh ........the power of a picture.