Saturday, July 26, 2008

Four Days!!!

They are packed up and headed north!! The kiddos are spending the next 4 days with my parents. Daycare is closed next week so I asked my parents if they could spare a day or two to be my free childcare....thankfully they said yes.

*Taking phone off the hook and heading back to bed*

Actually no sleeping here. We have a busy four days planned and most of it is work. Hubby took off with the kids to meet my parents and after the good-byes I raced in the house to start OCD cleaning. I stopped after doing the dishes and said OH HELL NO!!!! I have no kids this weekend and nobody is coming over. I am done with this shit. I am not wasting my precious time cleaning up this hell hole. I will do that if time permits. So what am I going to do in my limited down time? WHATEVER I WANT! Although...I did have a brief moment where I thought about putting my HRM on to clean to see the calorie burn. It think it would be up there. HA!

This is my plan when I am not working:
3 dates with the mister
read a magazine cover to cover
continue to resist the urge clean
run on my favorite paths throughout Minneapolis
Go for a bike ride

Tomorrow we have to go to the in-laws for a family get together. Frankly I don't want to go for many reasons that are too long to list, but the number one reason is that we have no kids. I fought tooth and nail not to go and damn near divorced over the issue. I lost that battle and we are going. We are going on my terms though....2 hours tops and we are dining and dashing. If my husband thinks he is going to golf after pulling this crap on me....he can think again. He just pulled landscaping duty....*giggle*

I will update my workout later, but right now I am too giddy to work out!


paige said...

Have fun CC! Don't you DARE clean! That would !

paige said...

be sacrilege^

Lily on the Road said...

OMG, enjoy!!! Stick to your guns....yardwork!! LMAO....

have fun without the kiddlets....

Andrew is getting fit said...

Oh...I'd love 4 days without my kiddie!

Enjoy! :)

The Young Family said...

4 days that is great!

I don't think I have told many people this but when we went on the cruise a couple of years ago, Derrick and I slept pretty much all day everyday when we weren't in port! It was our first time with out kids in 3 years!! We would get up and eat, buffet, then go take a nap, lay by the pool, eat, buffet, then go take a nap, then dinner, quick nap, and then out for the eveining... it was FANTASTIC!! What ever you do in these precious 4 days - enjoy it!

The dishes and house cleaning are always waiting, so forget that!


Marcy said...

Oh my gawd I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Dayum I want my kids to be gone LOL Have fun chica!

Jen said...

I am green with envy! Enjoy your four glorious days.

AKA Alice said...

So jealous...we were sans kids at the end of June (they went camping with some friends)... We went to HAPPY HOUR! Both of the same the same BAR... It was heaven (I guess in my heaven there will be a bar and endless happy hours!)

Whatever you do, have fun, and stick to your plan w/the in-law thing!!!