Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a Pound

That is all I am up from my 3 day date night with my man. Phew...the Culver's , Beer, and Pepperoni Rolls didn't do as much damage as I thought it was going to do. Too bad that we weren't more creative while the kids were gone. Maybe we could have done something exercise related rather than eat. Next time.

I am trying to stay fairly on track. It is going to be EXTREMELY difficult this month. It is officially birthday month in our house. My three kiddos have their birthdays within 2 weeks of each other (hey, it is cold in November!) We always have cake and lots of it. After birthdays, comes the Minnesota State Fair. I am drooling just thinking about all the artery clogging goodness on a stick! I am more excited about the treats and food events that August brings than the stuff at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

On a completely opposite note, Staci lent me her "One Day Detox" book and I am looking into doing September of course. I am looking at doing the detox not to lose weight but to see if it helps with some of my ailments. I have horrible allergies, I am completely a slave to caffeine, and I am a sugar junkie. I am hoping that I can break my addictions and see how it effects my allergies. Don't let the title fool is really 11 days of doing the program.

Speaking of books, my mom sent a book home with the kids for me to read. Skinny Bitch written by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. The book is really funny but a bit over the top. I have not read the whole book yet, but they promote being a Vegan. Being a complete Vegan is something that doesn't interest me and the lifestyle would never fly with my farm boy, meat and taters husband. But they do present some good cases for cleaning up the diet. I think I will take some good ideas away from the book but I don't want to be a "Skinny Bitch" that bad to give up a burger or steak now and then.

With the new month brings new goals. Below is what I hope to accomplish this month.

August Goals:
Walk 5 days a week
Drink 64oz water a day
Lower caffeine in take by 50%

Have a great weekend everyone!


RooBabs said...

Sounds like a great month- we have a ton of family birthdays in Oct/Nov, so apparently here it's "hibernation" (i.e. mating) season in Jan/Feb- ha ha.

Enjoy the cake, and the detox, too I guess. And the state fair, well, I could write a novel on how much I love that. Have a churro or a funnel cake for me.

BTW, I love your goals- good luck and let us know how it goes.

Marcy said...

Yes, I think our husbands are one and the same! Meat and Taters, baby! There is NO way I could ever be a vegan in this house. No way. Not that I would want to be (and not saying there is anything wrong with it. Just not fo me)

As far as the pound goes . . .its probably just from all the sodium, you'll be back down tomorrow ;-)

Viv said...

A pound is a huge score...Take it and be thankful. LOL! I am glad you were not on that bridge either.

Make sure you tell us about that book I have heard a lot about it but I love me some animal fat what can I say?!

Jade Lady said...

Good luck on the goals! I have a similar problem w/ caffeinne, but not ready to commit to lowering my intake; but you're making me think about it!

As for birthdays - it must be tough with so many going on this month. I'm always in the cake- thank goodness, August is a sparse month for birthdays around here!

annamade said...

Hey, just happened on your blog and I love it. Good luck with those goals! I'm sure writing about your progress will help you keep on track. Wish I could cut out caffeine entirely but I rely on it to slow my brain down to a halfway normal level. I'm sure soon science will decide it's beneficial--at least that's what I'm hoping!