Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time to Clean the Garage

I am not going to clean the garage in the literal sense.....that is a man's work in my house. Only half kidding, my husband won't let me near his things which are mostly kept in the garage. I think he is afraid that I will dump is precious golf clubs. What I am talking about is the post Laura wrote about how cleaning the garage was like weight loss. To loosely sum up her post, her messy garage bugged her for several years and finally she had enough so she cleaned it. She compared that to her own weight loss and how one day she finally decided it was time to clean herself up. She made the point that a few hours in the garage cleaned up a few years worth of mess and it was the same with the weight. In a few months she transformed herself into fit diva (my words not hers). It really struck a chord with me as I have been overweight my entire adult life and I am just now getting bugged enough to clean my own mess up.

Another post that made me go "Oh yeah!" was from Mizfit. Her Facetime Monday post about "Musterbastion" (giggle) really made sense. Everyday I make INSANE to do lists. I HAVE to do this, I NEED to do that, I Must, and I SHOULD be......you get the pictures. All of the haves, needs, and shoulds have caused me to rebel against myself. I hate feeling like I have no choice on how I spend my time so usually I do say "F" it even if I am only hurting myself. I am going to try to use the word WANT for things like working out and eating better. We will see how it works.

I have been frustrated because I am heavier than I was a year ago. That is when I got out of the hospital after giving birth. Heavier!!!??? I know I have not been a fitness saint as I have confessed all my food sins in my journal. However, I am way more active and eat a lot less than I did while being pregnant. What is the deal? Well....as I look back on each of my pregnancies, I see a pattern. I got heavier after being home a few months than I was at delivery with all 3 kids (even being active) and I did not start losing the weight until after their first birthday. It was interesting to see that, I am not sure if my theory holds a candle. But if it is true, that means on Friday when Baby Diva turns 1, I should start melting. Am I a freak of nature or do other women hold on to "baby" weight this long? Does this mean I can still use the excuse that my fat is still baby weight? Ha!

Here I am looking really slim (haha) on the way to the hospital

OK, enough of self help BS.....I am off to find something really blog worthy to post about such as counting butt cracks of construction workers that are working outside my door.


chia said...

I hope your logic is true :-) melt away mis amiga!

RooBabs said...

Countdown until Melting Friday. T-minus 10, 9, 8...

Ha ha- I'm sure you're not the only one to hold onto baby weight like that. Good luck with "cleaning your garage" and halting the "musterbation".

BTW, your picture is totally cute! Awww, the BabyMama glow.

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog. It's an interesting way at looking at this weight loss journey.

Your pregger pic is so cute! It will start to come off, you're dedicated to a healthier life and for that your body will reward you.

MizFit said...

thanks for the love and sharing that pregnancy pic of you.

so cute.

and yes. the weight will come off. because you WANT it to and you're working your way there.

P.O.M. said...

I'm with MizFit. YOu want it - it will happen. Now is the time :)

BeachRunner said...

I agree with MizFit and POM. Just keep working at it and it will happen.

Who cleans their garage?

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