Friday, September 12, 2008

Bad Food Choices and Even Worse Preschool Choice

Yesterday I made some of the worst food choices. They are so bad I have to share them. After reviewing my food log, I can conclude that I have a bit of a carbohydrate addiction.

Breakfast 1
Kashi granola bar

Breakfast 2
A piece of orgasm cake* the size of my head
(*orgasm cake=chocolate Costco sheet cake with cream cheese mousse filling and chocolate frosting....I am easy)

Panera Asiago Roast Beef Sammy (half)
Creamy Tomato Soup (15 grams of fat!!!!!)

Snickers (it said on the package it was a substantial snack)

Mini bacon cheeseburgers
2 beers (lite beer)

Yesterday was my insane day. I left the house at 6:15 and did not return until 11pm. I have a few days like this every month and if I do not plan ahead a little bit, I will packing on the weight. Lesson learned, I will pack some food the night before. The worst part was I didn't get my walk in with "Sarge the speed demon" at lunch. The only exercise I got was walking up the flights of stairs a couple of times. It is a new little routine we are doing to get off our butts and procrastinate working for a few minutes.

School Corner
Today is the first day of the parent involvement day at my son's preschool. For the first hour we do projects with our kids and then the parents split off and go to a parent education group. I have been in the class now for 2 years. The first 2 years was because I loved the teacher and this year I didn't get off my ass and register for normal drop 'em and leave 'em preschool. So now I am stuck with the following parent types:

1. The possessive mom. She refers to her child as "My (insert child's name)". example...."My Charlie plays soccer" "My Charlie loves school"

2. The overprotective mom. She doesn't let her child watch TV, eat junk food, she follows her child on the playground, and picks and chooses their friends. (thankfully this type stays far away from my kiddos)

3. The drama mama. Nothin' but drama in their life. Someone always has an issue.

4. The slutty mom. This is the mom that comes to preschool in short skirts and boobie shirts. FYI....preschool boys really do notice boobies.

5. The mom the won't shut up. Zip it. I don't want or need your unsolicited advice.

6. The annoying mother. I couldn't think of a better title for this one. She is whiny, and repeats questions to her kids in a whiny tone. "Lily, do you want your coat honey", "Lily, what sound does a dog make", "Lily, what is that over there". STFU lady!!

And finally....
7. The slacker mom. **adjusting my crown** I simply send my kids to preschool to get out of my hair for 2 hours and so they can play with their friends. Kindergarten prep? who cares! Parent ed? who cares (especially being as perfect as I am). Ha!

It is going to be a long long year. At least I will have lots to blog about. I am catty like that.

Have a good weekend. No workouts today unless obsessive cleaning counts for something.


Al's CL Reviews said...


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Yep, you're in for a loooooong year.

Marcy said...

OMFG CARLY! HAHAHAHHAHAA Your kiddo doesn't happen to go to my kiddo's preschool also? HAHAHAHAHHAAA. I'm the same way. "Uhhhh what? We're supposed to have the field trip permission slip in?"

Tammy said...


Oh, Carly... I hate to break it to you, but none of these parents will ever change.

I'm still the slacker mom, and my 15 year old daughter still has a friend with an overprotective mom that won't even let her go to the movies.

AKA Alice said...

HAHAHAHAHA...LOVE that you labeled the parent types...HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm a slacker-mom too. meals this week have mostly included leftover pizza, chips & queso from DramaGirl's slumber party...

I'm with ya girl...Gotta start packing better lunches.

Anonymous said...

People bug me too!

Laura N said...

Too funny. Love the "lite" beer--like diet coke.

Anyone with a schedule like that is bound to eat a piece of cake the size of her head. Naturally.

The mom's descriptions are classic. You nailed 'em.

Is there a "concerned mom who doesn't have enough brain cells or energy to function at a high enough level to appear to be concerned"? That would be me.

BeachRunner said...

LOL. Funny stuff.

chia said...

Wow. I may need to home school ;-).

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Carly I can never be eating or drinking when I read your kill me!!! I love that you're a slacker mom, your kids will thank you for it.

Good idea on the planning. It is so easy to mindlessly eat it's almost scary.

MCM Mama said...

Yesterday I started my day with donut holes from Krisy Kreme and ended it with marshmallows straight from the bag (with a ton of junk in the middle). I called it carbo loading for my 20 miler today LOL.

I'll join you in the slacker mom category. This summer when Beer Geek was traveling a lot, my only requirement for my babysitter when I went out running was to keep them alive LOL.

N.D. said...

Oh as a teacher I can add to that parent column! haha. Your food choices sound like what I want on a bad day. Haha. Yum yum then back on track. Hehe.

Lily on the Road said...

Poor little girl Lily! LMAO!!! If I'd had a mom like that I'd still be serving time for murder ONE!

So wear your slacker mom crown proudly and now, go slack off!!!

RooBabs said...

ROFL- dang woman, you crack me up! I am with you on the carb addiction. That cake sounds divine.

Too funny about the parent types. I'll probably be the anal retentive mom who makes her kids carry a 20-pound pack of "supplies" to be prepared for any situation (first aid kit? check; flashlight? check; orgasm cake? check- oh wait, that's just for moms, not kids!)

Stace said...

LOL - at your blog, and the comments!
I'm glad you have more material for your blog, crazy for you, funny for us : )