Friday, September 5, 2008

Fabulous Friday!


What a crazy week it has been at the Casa de Chubby! I am ready for the weekend....even though it is a busy one hauling my kids around to their respective sporting events. This week of school starting has been surreal for me. I need a couple of more weeks before I have this routine down. I think I need to give my van a funky name as I feel like I am living in it these days with all the pick up and drop offs.

It has been a productive day for me. I ran, I went to the dentist, took #2 to his preschool fall meet and greet with his teacher, delivered wedding photos, and had lunch with co-workers. Not a bad list for it only being 2:30 in the afternoon. I earned my bottle of wine I am planning on having tonight!

I am so ready for #2 to start school. Man that kid is something and I have a feeling this kid will either be president or raising money for his bail. His teacher has her hands full. Ay yi yi. He marched into the classroom today and started lecturing her how he didn't like the room set up and that she needed to change it back like they had it last year. Thankfully she has a sense of humor, lord knows she will need it with him.

I got up this morning and did a run/walk around the hood. I ran for a good mile or so and then I walked it in. I happy that I can go a mile without stopping, but I ran today slow. I need to recalibrate G-man because I think it is almost .25 off. Total mileage today was 2.25 according to GMaps Pedometer.

I was out early again to do a neighborhood freak hunt. No freaks today, but I did see a horrible accident. I am not an accident stalker, but I saw a kid laying on the ground and it appeared that he was hit by a car while he was on his bike. There was a woman just weeping at the scene and there were 2 ambulances and a ton of cops. I don't know if it was the child's mother or if the woman crying was the one driving the vehicle. It was a horrible thing to see this morning and I hope the little guy is going to be OK. I switched up my route a bit to nonchalantly walk by the scene to see if I could get more info, but everyone had gone. I was a bit shaken by that scene today.

I am off to pick up #1 from kindergarten and then I am counting the minutes until my happy hour begins! TGIF!


Marcy said...

Am I last person on earth to have her kid start school? Mine doesn't start til next week. Damn it!

Looks like you were on a roll today Carly. Good stuff!

N.D. said...

sounds a bit nuts! I could really go for a happy hour right now!

BeachRunner said...

I dont know how you got it all done and maintained your sanity. Great job on the run/walk. Keep on rocking with that, but dont forget the rest days and remember the old 10% rule. Enjoy that wine!

Anonymous said...

I hate seeing accidents like that. Hope all involved are ok.

Great job getting some exercise in. How funny is your #2 telling the teacher about the classroom.

chia said...

Your #2 is so me 20-some years ago. Rock the hecks on!

Have a great weekend!

Caitlin said...

hahaha "an accident stalker!" i must admit, i stalk accidents as well.

good run!!

Stace said...

Great job today! Way to earn that happy hour : )
#2 cracks me up - way to take charge!
BTW - what's the 10% rule?

Anonymous said...

Soooooo how was your Happy Hour?? Was the bartender cute LOL

How do you find all of these accidents??? Change up your route to avoid being disturbed that early in the morning.

GOOD FOR YOU on the run/walk!! Running a mile is an accomplishment. Keep it up!

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Yikes girl, last time I checked in on you "ya got nothin", then I check just now and you've gone bloggiddy blog nuts....I can't keep up! LMAO.

Sorry you had to see the accident, that is never nice...

& #2 is just like me too! Good luck with that one! LOL

The Young Family said...

Great ob on the run/walk!

I had to re- add my August totals myself, I couldn't believe I have run that many miles! Throw in 10 mile runs in the middle of the week, with long runs on the weekend and holy cow it adds up quick! I checked and re-checked then about passed out that I ran that far!

My miles will be going down though, I hit my longest run this weekend (21) and I begin to taper, I was sad I couldn't add the 21 to Aug totals... that would have really jacked it up.


AKA Alice said...

My kids started school two weeks ago...I'm STILL not used to the new schedule.

Good job on the run/walk...hope the kid was OK

Jess said...

Good job getting the run in, despite being so busy carting the kidlets around! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!