Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I LOVE Target!

Who doesn't love a trip to Target. I am a self proclaimed junkie that is in need a a 12 step program.
They have everything a person could want.....literally.

On my most recent visit to Target, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this and this. I did take photos with my camera phone but they are a little blurry. I had to stop when an older couple and an employee walked by.....I didn't want to out myself as a total pervert. In true Carly fashion, I giggled and and laughed the whole time. What is even funnier is that I had to pull the information up online on Target's site and there are reviews for these products!!! really has a wide variety of *ahem* personal massagers. The REALLY have everything!

This is damn good reason to get a Red Card and start accumulating those points!


BeachRunner said...

LOL. They have everything. Are you going give us your product review?

Pokey said...

Who knew???? That is too funny.

Would have LOVED to have caught you taking a picture in the Target aisle.....LOL!

Marcy said...

OMG!!! They have the vibrating ring there?!? WHAT THA?!!? I am SO going to be on the lookout next time I go. You know what's funny is that when I got to Target I always have the kids so you can only imagine what kind of delinquent I look like trying to scope out those puppies while the 2 chicken mcnuggets are in the cart :P

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Can't say that I've ever stumbled across those are the local Target, but I wasn't exactly looking either.

I usually hang out in the athletic clothes area.

Anonymous said...

They have that at my local CVS and I do giggle. I would probably have to wear a disguise in order to actually buy it. LOL

RunningNan said...

hell.. 12 steps wouldn't help me. I was in target right after my stent was removed. Infact, I almost collapsed in pain right infront of the ice cream freezer!