Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday and Not Much to Say

This is probably a first for me, but I don't have to say. My week has been a little on the insane side but I have decided that I enjoy having a full plate. It keeps me out of trouble.

Weight Watchers is going very well. I have my first weigh in tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I will be down at least a little bit. I am clearly in the honeymoon period right now and it seems easy. I will probably be whining in a few days how bad it sucks, but for now it is going well.

I gave blood on Tuesday. It was pretty non-eventful. I didn't pass out or anything....this time. I did however have the freakiest person draining my bodily fluids. Her name was Heather, Heather with a crew cut. Heather with a crew cut was a very angry person. As she was gathering my information she paused her typing and out of the blue, starting in about the government. She was on a tirade about every issue facing the economy. I was about to poop my pants because she was about to stick me with a big big big needle. She just kept talking while she jabbed me. I got an earful and my arm got a bruise. Ouch. My piece of advice to those donating blood would be if the person helping you seems a bit abrasive, wait for someone else. Why do I always get the freaks?

I have still been walking everyday. I am hesitant to start running again because I am having some more pain. I am waiting to get it checked out by the doctor before I work my way up to running for any length of time. I seem to get to a certain level of fitness and then I get sidelined. Am I waiting. It does bum me out though because I am really starting to lose the feeling of being a runner.

That is all I have. I am going through blog withdrawal and I hope to catch up on my reading tonight.


Lily on the Road said...

Take it easy on the running, keep up with your walking and thanks for sharing the previous post.

Keep up the good work with W.W.'s, it will all happen, 'cuz you're going to make it happen!!!


BeachRunner said...

Great job. Dont worry about the (non)running. Just keep walking. You are doing great. What is with people? Why can't the crew cut chick just keep her mouth shut (or say something pleasantly harmless) do her job and draw the blood?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you're out there walking and moving. Don't worry, you're always a runner and once the pain is gone you'll be back!!

OK no more freaks taking your blood. Except that your stories always make me LOL...sorry she almost made you poop your pants.

I cannot wait to hear about your weigh in!!

Anonymous said...

I think I would have been afraid to have my blood drawn. Glad to hear all is going well with WW.

raulgonemobile said...

When I gave blood a couple of months ago, I had someone who I'll call 'Helga'. She was just ramming the needle into my arm and asking me if I was alright.

It felt like she was just pulling it up and down, yanking it every which way. She's then saying that "oh, it's nice that you do this when you have trouble with it."

No, no trouble. It's just that you're the first sadist I went to.

So, rest easy, you're not alone in finding weirdos out there.

Laura N said...

Yay honeymoon on WW! Enjoy & keep up the good work.

You will get back to running, girl. Many people get sidelined, and it comes back. I understand though. When too many days go by, I wonder if I even *can* run. So the feelings are valid. But remind yourself, intelectually, that you were and are and will be again, a runner.

In the mean time, enjoy walking. I'm proud of you for doing something, and not just throwing in the towel.

The blood giving thing sounds very un fun!

chia said...

Dude, I'm flypaper for freaks too! Bummer on the bruising but good on you for giving blood!

Marcy said...

Awwhhhh you're such a sweet person donating blood! It's been years since I have :-X I always get the hippy people LOL

AKA Alice said...

GAH! I have invisible veins, so whenever I even have to do bloodwork, I end up being a human pin-cushion. I always ask for the person who can draw blood from babies or chemo-patients.

I'm catching up with reading and writing tonight too.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

You're doing great. just keep moving. walking is good exercise too.

Pokey said...

KUDOS to you for getting out and moving!! You will be back at it before you know it ;)

Love the skinny pics and the dress story! The things we go through for our girl friends, huh?

Keep up the good work on WW!!!

Jess said...

One more reason to fear giving blood.

RooBabs said...

Enjoy the honeymoon! Try to keep it going as long as possible (and good luck with your weigh in today).

Your blood-donating experience sounds very unpleasant. My husband can't donate, but has to have his blood drawn every 6 months, and he about passes out every time. I feel for the poor little thing. Good thing you are tough (probably tougher than Heather with a crew cut, and much nicer).

Don't worry about not feeling like a runner. You know that you would run if you could, and at least you're doing something. Give yourself some credit, cuz you deserve it!

Viv said...

I hope the WI in went well, I mean you prolly lost 1/2 a pound from the dontating blood j/k. I know it went great this is the most serious I have seen you on here about this stuff. I feel like it is on 4 reals!

mommie2lea said...

YIKES on the blood draw... she sounds like a nightmare for that kind of situation. I hope your WW weigh in went well!

RunningNan said...

don't lose that running feeling. I'm getting excited for it today. First words out of my mouth when I came out of anesthesia was "when can I start running". You can start with me! I'm starting tonight with the dog. She'll stop plenty of times for me!