Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Random Thursday Thoughts in Bullet Points

  • I thank everyone that commented on my previous post. I know I was a negative nelly but I am feeling better today. The encouraging words helped.
  • I went for 2.5 mile walk at lunch today. I love fall!
  • I overslept this morning and caused my whole house to be late.
  • I weigh in tomorrow and I am hoping for a good drop.
  • I have a TON of points left for my post meeting happy hour tonight.
  • I probably won't use those points because I have to weigh in tomorrow.
  • I have my doctor appointment tomorrow and I hope that she can tell me what needs to be done so I can get back up on my feet sooner.
  • I neglected to make 2 phone calls to people today for the preschool Halloween party.
  • I hate being in charge of stuff like preschool parties yet I always seem to offer my services.
  • I have the crappiest wardrobe ever! I need a make over.
  • I am not buying new clothes until I lose more weight and I have money. (that could be never)
  • I want to run Twin Cities Marathon in 2009. Maybe....just maybe a year could be enough time.
  • I need a manicure and pedicure. Thank God for closed toe shoes now!
  • I am cursing all my coworkers that have candy jars. I am *this close* to going on a balls out candy binge.
  • I am tired and I have 5 more hours left of the is 5pm. ugh.
  • I am not feeling sorry for myself because I can't say no to extra bullshit...maybe next time I will learn my lesson.
  • I need to email Viv my digits for the challenge!
  • I am actually going to work my ass off for this challenge and not come in dead last like I did with her other challenge.
  • I have nothing else for today. Not much exciting here to report.


BeachRunner said...

Good luck with the doc appt. Hope you get some good news.

Jess said...

Twin Cities a year from now could be tubular! But FYI, they are very anti-iPod, so if you like to run with tunes, keep that in mind.

MCM Mama said...

Hope you had a nice happy hour and that you get some foot answers soon!

AKA Alice said...

I'm so behind on my blogging this week, so I missed your sad day, or I would have said something encouraging (or at least I would have tried to be funny...and I would have failed miserably...which would have been funny)...

Hang in there girlfriend. You're gonna make an awesome comeback....but STAY AWAY FROM THE CANDY JAR!

And thanks for the reminder about Viv's challenge.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Think of where every one's hands have been who go into the candy jar. Along with eating candy, it is like licking all those hands.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on what the doc says and I am hoping that you'll be back to running soon. What a great goal for 2009, you can totally be ready in a year.

Let me know how you do tonight at your meeting. :-)

Helen said...

So what really sucks this time of year is the incessant candy jars. It starts with the candy corn and never ends until New Year's when everyone can't fit into their jeans anymore. I feel for you! Maybe a good weigh in will give you the oomph you need to keep your hand out of them. Good weigh in combined with good doctor visit, you'll conquer the world (and your weight).

RunningNan said...

I just got the email for the Cleveland Marathon today.. Thinking about doing their half. Hoping I don't fall sick again!

Tammy said...

"-I have the crappiest wardrobe ever! I need a make over.
-I am not buying new clothes until I lose more weight and I have money. (that could be never)"

^^It's like you've been in my closet...

Viv said...

LMAO at tons of pts left for happy hour. I guess I will be jumping back on the pt wagon. I have gained so I get more is the only positive. hehehe!

Oh yea a year form now you can do it! I would so love to follow you to another marathon finish in your belt o running.

Laura N said...

Hope your appt goes/went well & you get some good news.

I'm the same way about volunteering for school stuff or church stuff, and then kicking myself for ever saying yes.

Enjoy the fall weekend with your family. :)

RooBabs said...

About your wardrobe, I could send Stacy and Clinton your way (TLC's What Not to Wear) and they would make you look so good, you wouldn't even have to lose weight. LOL.

Glad you're feeling better- aren't blogging buddies great? And I think it's a fabulous idea to do the marathon next year. Keep thinking about doing it, and you body will subconsciously heal you and make you fabulously fit (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

Good luck at your weigh-in.

Stace said...

I'd post a comment, but I need to go hide that candy jar...