Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carly's Thursday Mindless Babble

My mind is not functioning in complete sentences today so I am bullet blogging today.
  • I switched my work hours on Thursdays to accommodate my Weight Watchers evening meeting. I love my original leader so much that her meeting is worth getting up at the crack ass of dawn to get into work early.
  • Because of my new early start I am drinking rocket fuel (aka a large Americano) to get me going today.
  • I am not excited about weigh in today, but at least now I am armed with a plan going forward.
  • I remembered to pack my lunch today.
  • Because I am not busy enough, I decided to get a PT job for a little extra holiday cash and a discount.
  • I can't believe I had to go through4 assessments, a rather challenging math test (I am a math reject), 3 interviews, and a drug test for said PT retail job. (I passed all of the above and got the job)
  • I don't want to say this out loud but my Plantar Fasciitis feels like it is doing a little better. Stretch, ice, ball rolling, decent shoes....repeat. *knocking on wood and crossing fingers that I didn't just jinx myself*
  • I have 2 meetings after work and I will not get home until after 10PM so my hubby is a single father today.
  • Sarge brought in the book "My Life on the Run" by Bart Yasso. I am excited to read it even though it might take me a decade to finish it.
  • Gingerbread is back at Caribou Coffee.....Lawd help me....I need to just bite the bullet and get it right away and eat zero point soup for the rest of the day.
  • Running has taken a backseat to sick Baby Diva. That is an excuse...a valid one, but still an excuse.
  • Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away! Let the good times roll and the vodka flow....Ha!
That really is all that is on my mind today. Hope everyone has a good day!


Marcy said...

You know what's jacked about PT jobs? SOOOOO many peeps want one that only 1 in 45 get hired (at least around here, according to the paper) and more qualified applicants (people who already have full time jobs) are applying so it makes it that much harder. Ohhh the times we're living in :-/

Go get that Grey Goose baby! I know my butt will be drinking it like Kool Aid :-X

BeachRunner said...

Congrats on the PT job and foot feeling better. Bring on the Thanksgiving!

RunningNan said...

Did I hear Grey Goose?

Lucky for me, Thanksgiving will be spent with me and my favorite boy. Oh, the dog will be there as well! No families, no running around. Nothing but me, him and hopefully a new wii!

I hope the new PT job goes well!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you were able to move stuff around to get to your WW meeting. The leader makes all the difference I am firm believer in that.

WOW all the for a PT holiday job?? Good to know you passed all the little tests? No jumping through hoops of fire??

I hope Baby Diva starts to feel better soon and you can get back to C25K. :-)

Tammy said...

Congrats on the PT job.
And, making the WW meeting a priority.

Grey Goose! Woot!

Jess said...

I think many people are looking for PT jobs right now, but the economy is in such a crunch that competition for those measly jobs is at an all time high. You must be especially brainy to have scored one!

RooBabs said...

LOL at the rocket fuel and the zero point soup!!

Math reject? I thought you worked in accounting... hmmmm. But great job on scoring a PT job. I bet it was your wit and sarcasm that did the trick- hey, I'd hire you!

Hope the Baby Diva feels better soon. = )

Al's CL Reviews said...

Are you busy enough?

Good for you for being armed with a plan and the WW meeting! Congrats on the job.

tfh said...

Hope you can stay awake through the rest of the day/evening...sounds like it's going to be a long one!

And congrats on the PT job. Seriously, that sounds like it was harder to land than my FT position. I think I'm too intimidated now to even try for a seasonal position!

MCM Mama said...

Wow, you are a busy girl! All I do all day is keep one three year old from jumping off the roof... LOL

Can't wait for T'day myself, but mostly for the pie LOL.

Viv said...

I don't know about that Gingerbread coffee but it sounds like something i would be all over. I am counting down the days to peppermint mocha around here....So a part time job wann spread the wealth of a discount to your blooging buds.

I think i am going to bite the bullet Carly and join WeWa that I have to see a face to face person and weigh in. I will just join the masses after the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Thanksgiving. Mainly because I love all the food and I don't have to feel bad for stuffing my face! Hope the little Diva feels better. I had when the kids are sick. Hope it doesn't get passed on to you.

Lesley said...

Good luck with the PT job, and with going back to WW.

I need to weigh in at WW soon, myself. My weight has been a little squirrely since running the half marathon, as I'm not back up to my pre-race mileage, and it's been hard to curtail the food to match. Thanks for the inspiration.

X-Country2 said...

Who know a PT retail job required more red tape than joining the CIA? Bring on Thanksgiving!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Rearranging your schedule for you WW meeting is probably a very good thing. Yayy!

Marci said...

Drug test? Is that normal? This is a sign of the times I guess. Congratulations on a scoring the job, and for committing to WW!

Run Mommy said...

Hi there, found you on Ramblings..I look forward to reading more!

Shoe Running said...

I've got my fingers crossed for your plantar fasciitis! And for Baby Diva to get better so you can get back to your 5K goals :) Way to get serious about WW :)

Jami said...

I loved the Bart Yasso book. Great stories!!

Julianne said...

I find that packing my lunch helps so much with "watching" my weight! At least I get to control my portions... because I don't have a choice! ;-)

AKA Alice said...

Is there enough vodka to get us through t-day?

A PT job? You are nuts!

Cyndi said...

I always SAY I'm going to get that PT holiday job, but soon realize that would just put me over the cliff. I barely get through the season on two feet as it is!

Hope Baby Diva is better soon!

akshaye said...

Vodka.. nah thanksgiving is beer and football for me :)

That's probably the best excuse for not running. Hope the kiddo is feeling better.