Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Earworm

How do you not giggle when he gets to Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love (around 2:20 in the video)???!!! I heard this on the way to work this morning and now I got the King on the brain.

I am very easily amused and there is nothing like crazy Elvis song to make you laugh out loud.


tfh said...

Thank you for this! It did make me laugh out loud, and I also was in an Elvis kind of mood this morning!

Jess said...

Everybody needs a little Elvis in their life!

RunningNan said...

They just did a story on the news about how he is still alive.. You know it's a slow news day!

Marcy said...

AAhhhhhhh Elvis LMAO!

This is kind of off topic but WHY oh WHY did I instantly think of you when I saw this You Tube vid? Not that you need it or anything (like I would know such things. LMAO)


BeachRunner said...

Ahhh. The King. Thanks for the great Video.

akshaye said...

Haha..yeah he's the best!

Greg said...

in his fishin' vest and his silver cape
i'll bet he's really looking great
you can pretty much tell that he's lost weight
from the depth of his footprint
it's said he croons when the moon's above
singing tenderly, "hunk a burnin' love"
it's nice to know he's still got his stuff hasn't
lost the accent

oh, oh, come again outdoor elvis
be our friend, save us outdoor elvis
we have sinned, forgive us outdoor elvis

Marlene said...

Dang, no sound at work!

Anonymous said...

One or two Elvis songs is fine with me. However, I had a whole spin class of Elvis and that was awful!

MCM Mama said...

Gotta love some Elvis! Beer Geek and I had an Elvis renewal of our vows for our 11th anniversary in Las Vegas. It was awesome!

Shoe Running said...

Ha haaa!!! Thanks for the laugh :)