Thursday, December 11, 2008

2009 Here I Come!

I am enjoying an unexpected day off from work today because my kids' daycare provider is sick today. I am not doing much of anything today and chalking this up to a much needed mental health day. I am not working, cleaning, or going anyplace. The half decorated Christmas tree is lit and I am enjoying a hot cup of tea while the kids are napping. Life is good!

I have been thinking a lot about my 2009 goals. I got out a piece of paper and started writing my never ending self improvement list. I ended up throwing it away because I only have one goal that I want to accomplish this next year. Running.

I am going to Run. Not just run, I will be a runner again. I hate that I can't call myself a runner right now. I miss it terribly and I realized I need to do it.

2008 was a disappointing year for me. I had such high expectations of myself, crazy goals, and no plan to carry them out. I hate to admit this , but I had a hard time adjusting to having 3 kids. I underestimated how much work just one more child brings and I forgot how little sleep you get with an infant. The injury and lack of weight loss added to the disapointment. It is hard to look at last years list and know that not one thing has been accomplished. All was not lost, I did learn a lot this past year from all of my mistakes.

2009 is going to be different. I am declaring it my official "do over" year. I am scratching everything off the list except running. My running goals for next year are just about the same as last year. I looked at how and why I failed this year and now I am armed with a plan to get in the game next year.

I am adding races to my calendar as motivation to keep moving to the next level. I love running for fun, but if there isn't an event to train for it kind of kills the mojo. I know I said I wasn't going to race until I was ready but I think I am ready for a comeback. Below are the list of races that I hope to complete in 2009. This is more of a wish list rather than a must do. If I feel like I am not ready, injured, or getting burnt out, I will back off training and regroup. For now I think it is a good way to get me back in the running scene.

December-Modified C25K
January-No races just a modified C25k
February-Valentines Day 5K
March-Irish for a Day 5k
April-Get in Gear 10K
May-Bolder Boulder 10K (if I can afford the trip)
June-Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon (If I get in and I am trained)
August-Urban Wildland Half Marathon
October- Twin Cities Marathon
November-Turkey Trot 5K
December- Reindeer Run 5k

There it is, my goal for 2009. I have high hopes but realistic expectations this time around.


MizFit said...

First I am in total awe that you didnt lament the fact that you had to stay home yada yada yada.

complain that your day was thrown for a loop.

I strive to be you.

and love your goals, and that you can look back and say your year was 'disappointing' and NOT beat yourself up over it as we women do often do.

Im still mulling my goals. if Ill set any or if Ill just revise my fitness mission statement.

need to get to deciding.

AKA Alice said...

I like the idea of a wish list - one race a month (or so) is a good thing to aim for.

Three kids and one's a baby? Take it easy on yourself kiddo. My "baby" was 7 when I finally felt like I had some time to start thinking of myself (my issue not his)...I have two kids. I remember when I had the second thinking how much EXPONENTIALLY MORE WORK two kids were than one...I can't even imagine three. You are a rock-star for all you do and I mean that!

your brother said...

Mark down in September the James Page Blubber run... yeah not an offical 5K but will be fun none the less... I will even wear the buddy the elf costume (me running in spandex- yummy)

Marcy said...

I CANNOT even imagine trying to wrangle 3. Especially when the youngest is still a baby. Seriously Carly you need to cut yourself A LOT of slack. You're the bomb. yo! ;-)

Once she gets a bit older it will probably be a lot easier. Hell, I didn't pick up running until Cam was well over 1 and easier to deal with.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Running is a good goal! And that looks like a reasonable, but challenging schedule.

Go make it happen!

D10 said...

I think setting realistic goals that you can hit is so important. Plus, reaching your goals keeps you going.

You are going to have a great "do over year"

Jess said...

Those are great goals for 2009, but don't be too hard on yourself for '08 -- raising 3 children and working full time is A LOT!!

Running Through Time said...

I know it is difficult to have three children as well. I also have three and it was a challenge to get a routine in place.

I know you will succeed at your goal of running! Keep your head up, you are doing an amazing job!

Mendy said...

I could have wrote most of your post. I had a disappointing year as well, and I want a do-over as well. I slacked in the weightloss dept, and my runs were not what I had hoped for.

It looks like you have some great goals for the year and I feel ya pain on the "wanting to run". I do too. Hopefully, we both can achieve our goals next year. Good luck!!! I know you can do it.

MCM Mama said...

Those are some great goals! I only have two and they are four years apart (and the y0unger is three) and I can barely keep my head above water some days. You've done a great job this year, even if running had to take a bit of a back seat.

Cyndi said...

I'm right there with ya on the three kids, working full time etc. My youngest is 9 now, and it was just this year that I finally felt 'comfortable' taking this time for my own 'self-improvement'!

I've only been running about 5 months...but one thing I've learned ~ if I run according to my plan, everything else in my life seems to fall nicely into place. It's all more manageable...I'm happier, more relaxed, feeling good. EVen on the days I feel like I can't/shouldn't run...I make myself do it, and that's always been the right choice!

Run Mommy said...

Kudo's to you for having three...and still working outside the home. I have 2 and I am exhausted! As for your goals, they seem very achievable and you are probaby doing the right thing having only one. You might find the others just sort of happen on their own anyway. As for calling yourself a are a runner. Anyone who runs - is a runner. :)

Catholic Runner said...

With 3 kids, I don't know how you get dressed some mornings. I declare 2009 the Year of "Chubby Chicks Run Too".

Marlene said...

Looks like a great plan to get you (and keep you) back in the swing of it!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds like a great plan!

Blooming Orchid said...

You have goals and aspirations. I love the idea of the race/run wish lists. Those are all great starts.

Me thinks you're a tad bit too hard on yourself. Having an infant plus two additional children is four jobs in one (two full time and two part time jobs).

From what I've read, you're one awesome, rockin' chick.

Keep on keepin' on.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Isn't three a crowd? I love having a plan for the upcoming year. It can help dramatically in you training efforts. Good luck in 2009.

N.D. said...

It is great to look ahead with all those goals. Great job!

BeachRunner said...

Great job. Go Carly!!

RooBabs said...

Gotta love the mental health days. I usually end up cleaning on mine. But really, who needs therapy when you can have a clean house?

About running, that's a fabulous goal. And how wise of you to narrow your focus, and make it realistic. But like others have said, I don't think you give yourself enough credit for being a mom of 3 and working full time, plus you were dealing with an injury for a lot of the year. How many times did you walk on your lunch, when you could have done nothing?

2009 is going to be awesome for you. I love your list. I would make one, too, but I'm living in the short term until I get pregnant or not. Don't want to make too many long term plans since things are still up in the air. The Bolder Boulder sounds fun, though, and since my brother lives in Denver, maybe I could make a road trip... we'll see what May brings.