Monday, December 15, 2008

My Day in Bullets....

Why I am in pissy mood today:

  • 3 kids with coughs and snotty noses
  • I had to call Santa before 9AM, he has one less stop on his route this year.
  • Below zero weather, windchill is -20 (I guess global warming doesn't effect Minnesota)
  • 1 child informed me he could not find his backpack and he lost his hat and mittens as we are ready to walk out the door.
  • My van doors are frozen shut (even after running to warm up and being out and about all day....still freakin' stuck.)
  • I had to load 3 kids through the front driver's side front door. Not an easy task with 3 in car seats.
  • Frozen doors do not make for easy school drop offs and pickups.
  • I am out of pretty much everything food related at my house.
  • Grocery store is out because I am not willing load kids and groceries through one working door.
  • My bank got a new system and now all my electronic bills are going to be late. I am not happy because their "glitch" is going to cost me money in the form of late fees.
  • Baby Diva is tearing apart my house faster than I can keep up with cleaning so I am not doing any more today.

My husband's "honey do" list just included one more stop tonight....the liquor store. Mama needs a glass of wine!

I had better go pack my gym bag for tomorrow. Sarge is going to make me walk at lunch no matter what the temp.


Anonymous said...

Rough day! Hope things turn around tomorrow and hope ethe kids feel better.

Marci said...

Yuck! Sounds like a busy Monday. Hope tomorrow is less busy!

Diana said...

Wisconsin is kind of getting me down too with this weather! Right away after working these last 7 days in a row for 10 hours each, I try to get some laundry done-yeah right, pipes to machine are frozen! Shit, off to the laundromat with hampers full of clothes out in the below zero wind chills! I took my stress out in my workout! Slammed some balls, swung some kettlebells, rode the recumbent, then ended it all in the pool with a mindless back and forth motion for some distance! Hang in there, 90 degree weather is right around the corner! :-)

MCM Mama said...

Brr! I've had days like yours, minus the weather issues. I hope hubs brought you some wine!

Brandi said...

"Below zero weather, windchill is -20 (I guess global warming doesn't effect Minnesota)"

You have just declaired that I am NOT going back to work in January. MINNESOTA Sucks!@#$!#@$

Brandi : )

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Mondays suck. Sounds like yours sucked worse than usual.

Here's to Tuesday being better!

Marlene said...

I was going to suggest a glass of wine before I read that part!

Anonymous said...

UGH we've got lots of rain here but I have had frozen doors before what a PITA.

I hope that your day is better today. Hopefully you'll be able to call Santa back and tell him to come by your house before next Wednesday ;-)

BeachRunner said...

Good luck thawing out.

MizFit said...


was kinda a bad one here as well and I was PROUD that it was *one* glass of wine :)

here's hoping your honey did his honey do...

Pokey said...

Just a big HUG Carly!!!! Man, what a day.

Julianne said...

Hope you got to "recover" with a glass of wine last night! Or maybe a bottle???

SuperDave said...

life of a momma!!
I can understand - I am Mr. mom

RooBabs said...

Boo on frozen doors and below zero!! Boo on sick kids and no food!! Boo on bank-caused late fees!! Boo on kids making messes!!

But hope your frozen walk was a good time. Hopefully you don't get icicles in your lungs! I don't think I could survive your Minnesota cold- I can barely make it here in Utah.

AKA Alice said...

I know I'm two days late here...but the call to Santa before 9:30...SO MADE ME LAUGH.

Unfortunately, my kids are too old now for that trick...damn!