Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Crazy Eights

Heather at Junk Miles Tagged me for Crazy 8's. Since I have nothing constructive about running or weight loss to blog about today, here are my "8's

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
  1. Summer with the kiddos and Chubby Hubby
  2. Grillin' and Chillin' as much as I can while the weather is nice
  3. Going back to work full time (should I feel guilty?)
  4. Being able to run without dry heaves
  5. Running Twin Cities Marathon
  6. Getting to my weightloss goal once and for all and being excited about shopping again
  7. Having my annual garage sale with my girlfriends. People watching, girl gossip, and wine at noon AND I get to declutter my house. Love this time of the year!
  8. Having a normal iron count and having my energy back

8 Things I Did Yesterday (not in this order):

  1. Lost my mind more than once
  2. Went to my final Orthodontist appointment
  3. Worked my retail gig
  4. Picked my son up from school
  5. Edited Photos
  6. Got my Jack Bauer fix by watching Tivo'ed 24
  7. Ignored the Stalker Schwan's Man
  8. Read blogs and Facebooked late last night

8 Things I Wish I Could/Want To Do:

  1. Stay injury free
  2. Clone myself
  3. Run and run faster
  4. Eat anything and not gain weight
  5. Hire a cook and a maid
  6. Travel more
  7. Have an unlimited budget for photo equipment
  8. Have the ability to say No once in awhile

8 Shows I watch (sometimes):

  1. 24
  2. The Office
  3. News
  4. Keeping up with the Kardashians
  5. The Soup
  6. Jon and Kate plus 8
  7. Biggest Loser
  8. Law and Order SVU

8 People I want to know more about:

TAG! You are it!

If you need a good LAUGH today....go here.

OMG...I am literally snorting at my desk because I am laughing so hard at some of these photos. A special thanks to BFF's Hubby for sending me that link. Sadly, I KNOW I could add a few of my own and fit right in with that site.

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Time Management

    Yesterday was Spring cleaning day at my office. It was a big event because my office supplied the desk cleaner and cookies! My desk usually isn't too bad but it has been several years since I have gone through the old paper work and reorganized my area. I was able to pass the buck and get rid of a lot of shit work declutter my workspace and have some breathing room.

    One of the items I found in the depths of my file cabinet was a handout on time management. A few years back, our team attended a workshop devoted to maximizing time and improving workflow. I vaguely remember the class but I couldn't tell you one thing from it. The doodles, notes to other co-workers, and the many games of Hangman all over the materials was a good indication that the A.D.D. kicked in that day.

    I was just about to pitch this info but I decided to take one last look at it. As I skimmed through it I decided that I could probably use a lesson in time management to gain control of everything I have taken on. Especially since I signed up for a marathon. As we all know, there are lots of hours invested into training.

    Some of the things that really stood out to me were:

    "Harnessing your Energy"
    This is assessing your energy level on a typical day. When are you most awake, when do you feel slow? By knowing your up and down times of the day can help schedule and plan activities during the day to maximize productivity. For me, my energy is all in the morning. I hit a slump in the afternoon, then I get another buzz around 8PM.

    "Typical vs. Ideal Day"
    If I were to dream up my ideal day, it would resemble a TV commercial. You know the one, the stylish cute MILF that juggles 4 tasks at once, is raising a litter of kids, has a successful career, has the perfect marriage, and has a perfectly clean house with all the laundry done. In reality, I am constantly in the car, cannot keep up with all my commitments, and I end up screeching like a banshee. Perhaps it is time to define some realistic goals since my ideal and typical days are polar opposites.

    "Time Robbers"
    I have a whole list of time robbers but the "internets" takes the cake for my numero uno time waster.

    Procrastination is a huge problem for me. One of my handouts listed these guidelines for combating the "I'll do it later" syndrome.
    • Set a Deadline
    • Reward yourself
    • Follow up with someone or be accountable
    • Do craptastic stuff first
    • Break it up in to smaller jobs
    • Like Nike says "just do it....now
    (I will work on that later, ha!)

    "Tips on how to say NO"
    This is one page that I am going cut out and carry with me at all times. It is such little word but why is it so hard to say????? I have had trouble saying no and it has gotten me in the schedule fiasco that I am dealing with now. The tip that stood out the most to me was "Excel at just a few things, rather than being just average at many. Don't try to do everything". If you look at my ideal day, I think I secretly hope to become a Stepford wife. Gah! That is one piece of advice that I am going to burn on my brain.

    Source: HR training materials that were put together from many other sources. Does this count as a properly siting my source? Ha! Glaven, maybe you can chime in on this.

    I don't expect to ever master the secrets of time management but I am hoping any sort of improvement! I am hoping to apply it to more than just worklife. Is anyone else a complete failure with managing time?

    Back to running....literally. I will be back to running this weekend. Even if it is raining.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


    Today as I was on my way to work, I heard a clip on the radio from the news last night about Popeye's Chicken and how our local franchise would not honor a national price promotion. This restaurant is privately owned and operated and chose not to participate in this deal. This story made me giggle all the way into work. Peeps freaked out! Seriously.....people almost had a riot over fast food???!!! The cops had to come. Definitely a WTF moment! One guy said he took a cab all the way from Burnsville to get this special price.....Ummmm Burnsville to Minneapolis is at least a $60 cab ride round trip. He did that to save $5 on his order of fried chicken. I have never had Popeyes (that chicken allergy thing has something to do with it), is it really that good????? Riot-gear good?

    Another crazy week is coming to a close. Thank GOD! I have been functioning in survival mode for the last few weeks. Thankfully I think the stress has come to a head and things should start calming down here. Saturday is going to be a major regrouping day to catch up on everything and get planning for this marathon I signed up for.

    I don't have any plans to run today even though I really should.

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Blogging Whilst Drinking

    I am at the computer with the bottle of wine. I truly apologize in advance for any rude, crude, and offensive comments I may have left on your blog. Wine really goes to my head and makes me quite "typeractive". I am not working, I am not editing photos, and I am not doing ANYTHING productive (except helping my heart by drinking red wine and watching COPS).

    Anywhooooooo......now that you are warned.........

    I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon. The full monte. 26.2 miles. The whole sha-bang. I did it yesterday while I was very sober. Today, I am in need of a paper bag because I am hyperventilating. What did I do? Sarge and I are doing it together but it hasn't quite sunk in yet. Based on my last few posts and my mental state during the last few weeks you must me thinking WTF??!! Well.....that is EXACTLY what I am thinking too. I have never been one for logic or common sense. October 4th 2009 I will complete my 3rd marathon.

    I also found out today that I will be going full time at my "real" job. I was really conflicted about spending so much time at the office and doubling my workload. I really could use the extra dinero, however I am sad that I won't have the same quality time with the kiddos (who will duct tape them?????). Thankfully I work with some of the greatest people on Earth and they are being incredibility flexible with my schedule. I truly feel like I get the best of both worlds. The funny thing is, even though I am doubling my office hours, I am 200% sure that it will be less stressful and I will have much more QT with the chubby brats.

    If that news wasn't good enough....I also went to the doctor today for a follow up. She checked my iron levels and laughed. I asked "are they normal?", she laughed again and her response was "Not even close". So now, after all these months I have a very minor surgery scheduled next month that should cure the the problem. *crossing fingers* I am really sick of being exhausted all the time. I am anxious to feel "normal" again. Best of all, it is such minor procedure that I should only be out a couple of days.

    While I was on the table, nekkid in my paper gown, my doctor decided that this was the perfect time to discuss running. I learned that my doc is also a new runner and we are participating in some of the same events. 30 minutes later.....we were still yakking about different races we have done and would like to do. I guess I need to apologize to the woman waiting for the doc in the next room. Now I know why it takes so long to see her...she must runners as patients. Ha! If my doc can be a runner with her insane schedule, I can be a runner one with my crazy life.

    It was a good day today. A very good day. I just hope tomorrow doesn't start with a headache after this wine!

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    Sunday's Mind Dump

    • I just realized that I didn't blog about my almost 4 mile run last Sunday. I haven't been able to run since because of the crazy ass schedule I have had this week.
    • I have been living off of 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I look like shit and have been told I look like shit.
    • I am kicking myself for over committing yet again.
    • I think I should hold a time record for how fast I can inhale a $5 Footlong.
    • Baby Diva's latest talent that she showed off in Target was belting (grunting really) out the intro to "Smoke on the Water". I got some dirty looks.
    • I had a Lia Sophia party and got to see my neighbor's boobs. Yes, she flashed me. Lets say she had a little too much Captain Coke. I wonder if she is shocked at her purchases yet. I think I should write her a thank you note for the hostess benefits I received from her. I am still laughing from that experience....I can honestly say that was the most fun home party I have ever been to.
    • I am still working my retail gig but I cut back my hours significantly. I have decided to keep it until I reach my goal weight. Not only do the pay for half of my WeWa membership, but it is one hell of an incentive for me to get my ass moving so I can be done working 2 jobs.
    • I gained again at WeWa meeting and decided I needed to do something to get re-motivated. See above.
    • T-ball and Baseball season has started for the boys and I am wondering why the hell they need to play and practice more than 1 time a week. They are 6 and 4. Gah!
    • I am waiting on some news from my job whether or not my schedule will be changing or not.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Go Blog Yourself! TiaRT

    Today's topic for the Runner's Lounge Take it and Run Thursday, is about running blogs. The million dollar question is Why? Why do I blog?

    I was inspired and entertained by reading and lurking at a few blogs. I enjoyed reading blogs so much that I started my own. In November 2007, Chubby Chicks Run Too was born. When I started, I was just returning to work after maternity leave and I really wanted to become a runner again. I chose to blog because I wanted to track my journey of weight loss and to be accountable for how many miles my Saucony's could take me.

    Although this is technically a blog about fitness (and I use fitness loosely), many of my posts have nothing to do with running or weight loss. This place has morphed into more of a documentary of my crazy life of trying to balance a family, jobs, and doing something for myself that I love. This is the place where I can dump my random thoughts, vent my frustrations, and celebrate my successes.

    I love reading blogs as much as I like writing posts. I have learned so much from the community of fellow bloggers. I am inspired daily and get tons of laughs. It is fun to be able to share these experiences "friends". Someone sent me a piece of flair on Facebook that says..."I love my computer because my friends live in it". So. True.

    I truly love all the comments. They keep me motivated! Speaking of.....I have some reading to catch up on (451 unread posts????). How long was I out?

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Aren't all Friday's Good?

    Happy (early) Easter! Easter is my favorite candy holiday because of these.....

    If you are interested in the nutritional value of these lovely little things, go here. I just about fell off my chair when I discovered that each one is 4 Weight Watcher points!!!! Is this the place to admit that I ate 4 of them yesterday?

    Our Easter Sunday plans involve going to church* and then going to my inlaws house for dinner. My brother and his galpal along with some dear family friends will be coming over for dinner tomorrow. I am making my first ham. When I told my mother my exciting news that I was no long going to be a "ham virgin", she rolled her eyes and said "all you have to do is heat it up". Hmmmpf. It is still a major step for cooking to me. This is my first traditional holiday meal that I am doing solo.

    *Mom and Dad, are you still upright? Yes, I did say church.

    Today I am finally feeling better. My energy level seems to be fairly normal and my cold/sinus infection seems to be gone *knocking on wood*. Today is going to be in the 50's so I am going to be out running and enjoying the nice weather. I need to catch up because I have not strapped on the Saucony's for almost 2 weeks.

    My weigh-in went well, I am down 1.4. The journal swap was interesting. My leader took my tracker home to make comments. She is going to be in for a shock to see that Wednesday and Thursday's daily allowance was all candy and booze. I might be the topic for the next meeting. Ha! This week will be better as I pulled out my pen and paper and did some real meal planning and my goal is to stay away from the Easter candy. Afterall, I did have my fair share yesterday.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Enjoy! I will be catching up on my reading this weekend.

    I just realized that my proofreading skills suck. My post from a few days ago is titled "Sprink Break".

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    Sprink Break!

    I can't believe that it has been almost a whole week without a blog post. Truthfully, there really hasn't been anything blog worthy to post. Everyone in my house has had some medical drama this past week. Diva has an ear infection. The boys have bad colds which causes my oldest to be hooked up to a nebulizer. Chubby Hubby pulled a muscle by his ribs and my cold turned into a sinus infection. We have been a really fun group to be around. Thankfully everyone is starting to turn the corner and we are all starting to feel better. *knocking on wood*

    Weight Watchers this week showed another gain because I have been eating crappy. Others in my meeting have also fallen off the wagon and are struggling with their weight loss efforts. As a group we decided that we needed another level of accountability to at least get the ball rolling again. We decided that we are going turn in our food journals at our next meeting for review. This is forcing me to journal but it is amazing what I don't eat when I am faced with a little public humiliation. I am looking forward to a loss this week.

    Thank you to everyone who gave there opinion about buying/selling race bibs and bandit race running. I truly was curious about everyone's view on this subject. I know from reading some posts on Runner's World, that this is a hot topic for debate. The poll results were about 50/50 as whether or not people would partake in bib swapping or bandit running.
    I have been on both sides of this issue. I have lost money due to an injury keeping me from an event and I have been frustrated by not getting into several races due to lottery selection.
    I have purchased a bib from a friend in the past to get into a popular mid-distance, lottery selection race. I wanted to run with my girlfriend just for fun, not for a PR or to get my name in the paper. I don't know that I could do it for a full marathon only because I would want the full bragging rights. As a back of the pack runner, I don't see the harm in swapping out a bib as I am just another one in the crowd.

    It is Spring break week here in our house. No trips this year and I am happy that we are staying put. It is time to spring clean this house and I am going to put little hands to work. I am thinking of ways to bribe them to get rid of stuff. I also will be catching up with all of Blogland this week as well as getting back to my little running routine.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    I am Pregnant!

    April Fools!
    (That is the lame joke I play every year)

    Now that I got my stupid joke out of the way and Chubby Hubby has regained consciousness...

    The ethics of running has been on my mind lately, specifically for races. As we all know when we sign up for a race we agree to the terms that the entry is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you sign up and can't run for whatever reason you are screwed out of the money. If you want to run race you don't get in for whatever reason you are screwed out of the experience.

    I have been reading in Blogland about people getting injured and not being able to run a race or people who's running destiny has been decided by the lottery Gods. Race entries fees are skyrocketing and it is a lot of money to be out if you can't run. If you were in one of these situations, Would you buy or sell your race bib?


    Disclaimer: I am not saying I am taking part in this activity, This is a hot debate topic and I am curious about your opinions on this topic.