Sunday, June 28, 2009

Relaxation is Nice!

It is 9PM and I am outside with a cold beer and my laptop. The kids are tucked into bed, Chubby Hubby went to a movie, and I quit working for the day. Summer is almost 1/3 over and I can't say that I have enjoyed one peaceful evening of just sitting around like this. I could get used to this. I should be doing (fill in the blank), but I am not.

This past weekend was so much fun and TONS of work. We headed North to attend a family friend's wedding. I was not only a guest but the photographer. Although I was working, I still found time to have some fun. It was one of those weddings that you get to see people you haven't seen since high school, dance until your feet hurt, and when the wedding is go close down a local watering hole.

We did all of the above and more. Plus I got called the "hot photo chick" and totally hit on. That makes me laugh out loud but whatever....the guy was drunk and creepy but I will take it as I don't hear the word "hot" being thrown my way often.

Unfortunaltely, Chubby Hubby had to stay home because the children all got some sort of funk this week and I made the executive decision that they all needed the rest. He was fine with it because he got to get some stuff done around the house and didn't have to chase three children at a wedding. I missed him and the kids but sans family, I teamed up with my brother to make the road trip. There is never a dull moment when we get together.

The only problem with all that fun and all the long run. Again. I had 5 miles on the schedule for today and I simply didn't do it. I fully intended to do it and brought all my gear but didn't go. At least it was a shorter long run and not too much harm should come out of missing it. But that is it...there are no more IOUs for this training program. I will not be struggling to finish this marathon due to lack of training.

As I sit here and look over my summer schedule, I see nothing but blank squares. We have no more major stuff to do! It should not be hard to get these training runs done and I will have plenty more time just to sit outside and enjoy the quiet.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Week Down

Time sure flies when you are having fun....or when you are up to your neck in work. I have had a lot of things that I have wanted to blog about but just have not found the words. Here is the end of the week mind dump in bullets:
  • I recovered nicely from my half marathon. I was only sore for a few days and then resumed workouts on Tuesday.
  • The secret is out....I have to confess, it was really me that ran and not Marley. ha!
  • I made it to the gym 2 times this week for a lunch hour workout. I only did 20
    minutes on theelliptical machine and I was dripping with sweat.

  • They serve grilled burgers and brats outside the gym's entrance. Talk about temptation!!!
  • I turned down the following favorite treats:Chipotle (twice), DQ (twice), McDonald's
    (twice), Drinks (once), and candy. A little post-it by my desk that reads "Florida 9/2/09!" keeps me a little bit in check.

  • Noweight loss again this week. At least I didn't gain. I am frustrated but I am not working the program as designed. I am on a mission to record every bite of food thisweek.
  • It has been in the 90's and humid. I am never happy with the weather in Minnesota.
  • I am jumping for joy that the baseball and t-ball season is OVER! It is not that I didn't love watching my kids play, it was the running 3 nights a week and having to divide and onquer to get the boys to their games whichwere sometimes at the same time.
  • Work has been crazy. I have so much on my desk that if I put in 80 hour weeks I would still be buried .
  • Michael Jackson. Anyone else sick of the constant media coverage? I am never happy when someone dies and I would never wish it on anyone but I don't give two shits thatMJ is gone. I had the Thriller album when I was a kid, but I was never a huge fan. He gotreally really weird and I tuned out.

I am heading out of town again this weekend for wedding. My plan includes a little running, a little photography, and a little hanging with old friends. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Good luck to everyone racing!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rest of the Story--A Fictional Race Report

It was race day and "Marley" and her friend Sarge Captain woke up bright and early at the crack o'dawn. Nobody got much sleep that night because Marley's unruly children decided to be little vampires and keep the entire house up. Captain's hubby, woke up at 3AM to the sounds of two little boys jammin' to the music of Kidz Bop. Needless to say the day started off with bleary eyes.

Marley was uncharacteristically calm as they set out to get to the race start. During the drive she joked and laughed. She knew she could get to the finish and that is all that mattered. She even joked about the fact that she didn't do most of her OCD pre-race rituals. Even that didn't freak her out. Life was still good and in a couple of hours it would all be over.

As they girls were dropped off at the start, they were informed that the start was 1.2 miles up the road. Somehow, the were a few minutes behind schedule and they would have to run to get to the starting line on time. About a half mile into running for the start, Marley stopped and said...eff this. I am not running a mile before a half marathon. Eventually they pulled up to the starting area. It wasn't 5 minutes later that the crowd started moving. They were literally in the back back back of the pack. The gun had gone off about 7 minutes prior to them starting to move.

Mile 1 was pretty uneventful and Marley and Captain ran close together. Knowing that she did not train at all appropriately for such an event, Marley slowed the pace down a bit. Captain took off and Marley plugged into her iPod. Music was going to be the medicine to get her to the finish. At mile 2 the walk breaks started. Mile 3 she was already hurting. This was unexpected because 3 miles is a nice distance for her. The problem was her whole body cramped up and it was difficult for her to keep moving.

She continued with her run/walk routine through most of the race. At one point she could not remember how she got from mile 3 to mile was a blur. She could not even estimate the ratio of running and walking. By mile 11, she was toast. She ran for a few blocks then walked. Marley borrowed an awesome mantra from Cyndi that helped her through a good portion of the race. Push the mind the body will follow. What a great line, however as the race got tougher and the course got much hotter, the mantra changed to WHO GIVES A SHIT??!! Afterall, she didn't exist as far as this race was concerned and risking an injury was not worth it.

One of the major factors was the heat. All the weather reports claimed that race day would have a cooler racing conditions. That was not the fact it got so hot during the full marathon that officials were contemplating canceling the race. The heat and humidity sucked. Funny because the night before was so cold we all needed jackets.

Long story short.....she finished. Just under the time limit at that....a hair under 3 hours. Eh...not too shabby for an out of shape runner that didn't train.

What did Marley learn from this experience?
  • Training is absolutely necessary for half marathons
  • She learned about muscle groups she never knew she had....oh the soreness
  • Running a major race requires more than a few hours of sleep
  • Running in heat really really sucks
  • Running under your own name is much better (although Marley did earn a cool new nickname)
  • She is one stubborn chick to finish that race all things considered

~~~~The End~~~~

Back to reality....

I would like to wish all the current and future dads out there a Happy Father's Day! Chubby Hubby you are one fine baby daddy!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Fictional Story-Part 1

Once upon a time there was a girl we will call "Marley" and she loved to run. One of her favorite things to do was running races. She loved them....especially a certain one in her home town of errrr Wisconsin. One day she got a bright idea to enter a half marathon and sucker her buddy into running it with her. She was on comeback from an injury and was ready to start fresh and had lofty goals. They would run it together in perfect harmony and life would be grand.

But the race lottery gods had another plan for her. Marley's name was not chosen to participate in the race. She was very sad that her name was not drawn but her friend did get into race. She moped around and felt sorry for herself a for a few days and then let it go. Her plan included drinking copious amounts of alcohol whilst her friend had to exert all sorts of energy to complete 13.1 miles on foot. She was going to be all about having fun that weekend.


Several weeks later she recieved a phone call asking if she was still interested in running the very same race that denied her. A friend of a friend had an unfortunate accident that later required knee surgery. That meant no race for this woman and a bib was going to be unused. After hmmm and haaaaaing for about 30 seconds, she decided to do it even though she was already way behind in training (she is kind of stupid like that). She felt it was her duty to step up to the plate and make sure that the woman who gave her knee to the sport was fairly represented. Marley has a grand way of justifying ANYTHING.

So today is the day before the big race. Marley is set and ready to go.....just not all that trained for the race.
Stay tuned for part deux, the race report. Will she or will she not make it across the finish line???

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They Sent the Welcome Wagon for Me!

Just as I was approaching the Rec Center, a big over sized rodent accosted me Goldy Gopher himself made an appearance to welcome me back to the gym. I would have stayed for the parade also honoring my return, however, I only get an hour for lunch and I had some work to do. Ha!

Truthfully, I am not sure why Goldy was out during the noon hour. It is not normal to run into random mascots on the street.

Long story short, I went to the gym at lunch. Thankfully there is now a group of people in my office that make the trek next door to workout. I call them the Sweatin ' to the Oldies Crew and I think I may just become a member of their posse. It is so much easier to workout when there is a group to push you along. I am going to shoot for lunch time workouts T/W/Th.

I didn't do too much as I wanted to get reacquainted with this place. I did 20 minutes on the recumbent bike. I was kind of surprised at the workout it gave me. I think I am going to feel it in my buns tomorrow. Next time, I will bring some music and hit the elliptical machine. I can't do it without it.

So that was the good news. Day 2 of training to get my ass out of bed torun did not go so well. Diva woke up at 2:30 in the morning and I ended up passing out in her room. My alarm (I did get my own) went off and Chubby Hubby shut it off and fell fast asleep. Oh well, my plan also needs to be flexible, it can't be all or nothing. There is always tomorrow. It does however suck because I have to run tonight after orking all day, but I have to get it done before I go to bed.

Other randomness....I turned down going out to lunch yesterday. It was a huge non-scale victory. The peeps were going the Wienery. This place has the most amazing hot dogs and they were featured on Food Network's Diners,Drive-ins, and Dives. I had to stick to my plan I created. It was hard to turn down, but I was happy I did.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Hope This Gets Easier

Today is a rest day, however, I am training myself to be up and at it with the birds. I am usually up by 5:30 but even an extra half an hour really makes a difference. OMG....I am I slow moving this morning *rubbing eyes*.

Now that I am officially in training, I have set up a few guidelines for myself so I don't gain the marathon 15. I swear, I am the only one who can train for an endurance event and GAIN weight. Both of the marathons I have run in the past came with a pretty hefty gain. I really really want to avoid that at all costs and maybe even drop a couple.

I am armed with a plan this time. The following list might seem like ridiculous common sense but I often fall prey to the running entitlement trap. What I mean by running entitlement is that I justify treats based on my running. I say things to myself like "I can have (fill in the blank) because I just ran (x number) of miles." That theory was tried and tested 2 times with the end result of a fatter ass in the end. Here are my rules guidelines:

  • Up at the crack o' dawn to do my weekly training runs. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is really the only time I have to do it.
  • Invest in my OWN alarm clock. The alarm is currently on Chubby Hubby's side of the bed and he has alarm ESP....I swear he shuts that thing off before it goes off. I have the same problem so I need a loud one that goes off across the room.
  • No Chipotle until October 5th. Being back at work full time means the crew always wants to go out to lunch and we have a Chipotle right across the street. I can't leave there without chips and I can't afford those calories.
  • French Fries. Just say no.
  • Coke. I have developed a nasty habit...not the snorting kind, the cola kind. There is nothing better than an ice cold Coke over ice. This might have to be an after run treat.
  • Incorporating more cross training. I have access to a HUGE gym next door to my building. I want to make it over there at least 2-3 times a week over lunch to so some sort of activity that isn't running. I think this might be my most helpful as I always feel my body "gets used" to running. Does that even make sense?
  • Limit my alcohol consumption. I am not that dedicated to give it up completely but I am going to (try) limit my indulgence to one night during the weekend and keep it at 1 or 2.
This is kind of a big lifestyle change for me all at once. I am realistic that I might not always be a rule follower to the letter, however, this list gives me some guidance. I just hope it all gets easier!

Today's plan is a bag lunch from home and a trip to the gym for some light cross training.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am OK....

After Tuesday's freak out,I have settled down and accepted the challenge I laid out for myself. I
just had a moment. I wanted to become a runner again and by God, come hell or high water I will do so. Even if it means going from zero to 26.2 miles. I am in the process of turning my anxiety into determination.

There is a list of things that I must start doing immediately. The first is, well, running. With my recent move to a full time schedule I am finding myself mentally drained after work. It is hard for me to say my name let alone think about running in the evening. That means I must do my training runs before work. No choice and no excuses...I just need to get up and do them. I have my training run marked on the calendar so it is mapped out to the day.

The other thing I must start doing immediately is eating better. I need to eat like an athlete, not eat like it is a sport. I really want to drop this weight that has been accumulating. Myweight loss ticker has not moved in months. It is time to start paying attention to that again. I am going to transition to eating whole foods and cut out the processed shit. I think that in itself will be a major improvement.

One thing to keep up the weight loss mojo is this:

I booked myself a mini va-cay to West Palm Beach Florida in September. I am looking forward to a few days of relaxation. I am going with a few girls to do nothing but veg out. Only problem is
I need to get my fat ass into a swim suit. Even worse I am going with women who have no clue whatcellulite is and think muffin tops are something you eat. So unless I want to be mistaken for Shamu's sister, I better get cracking. I have 12 weeks until the beach!

Chubby Hubby agreed to let me go but I had to give him that is. I have to let the man golf this summer. It is worth it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When the Dust Settles....

Reality sets in.

OH. MY. GOD. I SIGNED UP TO DO A FULL MARATHON!!!!!!!!!! All of the sudden I just realized what that means. Training. Lots and lots of training. In fact my summer is going to be devoted to October 4th, 2009. In seventeen weeks I will be be running 26.2 miles. Shit. It is one thing to say you are going to do a marathon, and it is completely different preparing for one. WTF was I thinking!?!?!?!?

Too late to back out now....or I should say, I am too cheap to back out.

It may not have been the smartest move to sign up for a major race while I have living in what seems to be a constant state of chaos. I do think that signing my life away to this race might actually be a good thing. Since I will be living in running shorts all summer, I won't be able to over commit to anything. ha!

I think I need a paper bag! *deep breaths*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pink Eye, Parties, and EVERYTHING in Between

This exceptionally crazy week has kept me away from my blog and out of blogland so I am extremely behind. I have lots of catching up to do as my reader is keeping track AND lots to write about.

I did come out of hiding briefly to catch Ms. Marcy's final blog post. I know all good things must come to an end, but I am going to miss her snarky little self. Her blog was one of the first ones I followed and I always ended up laughing my ass off and calling others over to see some of the stuff she came up with. Marcy, if you are reading this....Best of luck to you! If you get bored and miss blogging, you could always start one about raising children. Your philosophy works wonders with my kiddos. (kidding)

As I mentioned last week, this past Monday was my first day back to work on a full time schedule. I feel a slight (notice only a slight) pang of guilt for enjoying it so much. I am on a better schedule and I feel like things are running smoothly now. Don't get me wrong, working part-time was great, however with the schedule that I had, I never felt connected to the job and I never felt connected at home. I always felt I needed to be where I wasn't. I worried about work when I was at home and vice-versa. Now I am there everyday, my work doesn't stress me out and I refuse to bring it home. It is funny that I have to work more to find a little sanity.

One of the challenges that comes with being at the office more is all the FOOD! This past week we had a retirement potluck, Friday bagels, and a buffet of donuts for National Donut Day. Ay yi yi....I need to nip this in the bud because I can feel the chub creeping up just from this past week.

Of course my transition back into the workforce could not go without some good old fashion kid drama. Last Monday, my middle child got a raging ear infection and Pink Eye. Luckily Chubby Hubby was able to rearrange his work schedule to stay home for a couple of days. Anyone who has had pink eye knows how fast that shit spreads.....Diva got it then I of course got it. I ended up missing work on Thursday because of it. Thankfully, this isn't a brand new job and my bosses know me.

Yesterday we had a party for my dad's 60th birthday at our house. We threw a lamb on an open fire spit in our backyard and had an AMAZING spread of food......4 meats, lots of salads, and a whole table of desserts. We Serbs know how to throw together a party!!!!!

I spent the better part of my evenings this past week prepping for the big event. I have gotten to a point where these parties are second nature and I can plan them in my sleep. I did get a little stressed when the weather didn't cooperate. I had a wonderful backyard party planned. We have been DESPERATE for rain. Our prayers were answered on the day of the party.....*sigh*. A little (OK, a lot) of rain didn't ruin the day. We all piled into my teeny tiny house. It was like a frat party but no one cared. The food was awesome and the booze was flowing and that is all that mattered.

Here are a few pics of the lamb roasting on the spit. Sorry PETA.....

The prep work. You can only imagine the dirty jokes that came about from this shot.

Round and round on the open fire. We did burn a perfectly grassy spot in our yard.

We had to rig a tarp to protect it from the rain

The only really bummer about the day was that I was left with 3/4 of a keg of beer. Boo. Nobody was excited to drink cold beer on a cold and rainy day. Anyone want to come over and help us fry the keg?
On a separate note...marathon training started this week. I have followed the program except for today. Today is Sunday and I am couch surfing all. day. long. I am exhausted from this week and Diva sneezed on me, graciously sharing her cold. I feel like ass and I am not moving today. I am rescheduling my long run for tomorrow morning. I have 6 miles on the books before work tomorrow....we'll see how that goes. ha!
Believe it or not, this is the condensed version of my week. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am off to tackle my Google Reader since I am not getting out of my sweats today.