Friday, July 31, 2009

Office Email

Somedays at work I just shake my head. I received the email below this afternoon from our Admin Assistant:

Hi Everyone, I want to apologize for the shrimp and garlic smell. I thought I was going to have a great lunch (not) I never want to see shrimp with it's head and eyes and legs again. :-D The garlic sauce was well you may have just given me head of garlic. Oh well you live and learn. :-) Happy Friday All!

Wow, just wow. I could start a blog just about life in my office. There never is a dull moment. Today's episode literally sent people dry heaving from the smell.

Blogable Mind Dump:

Today is day one of my wearing my pedometer for the research study I signed up for. I have already walked almost 2 miles and the day is still young! Seven more days of recording and then an inperson interview will wrap up the first of four sessions.

Tomorrow is birthday mania! Lord help me!!!!!!!!! Is it appropriate to make jello shots for a kid party? kidding. sort of.

By the looking at my weekend schedule, I most likely will not be getting 12 miles done. *sigh*

Is it sad that I am more excited to have the bounce house delivered than the kids are?

Speaking of kids, I would like to thank my nephews for keeping my kids entertained. Who would have thought that having 5 kids would be easier than having just my three.

I have to bake tonight. I am not going to lie...I am slightly scared. I don't bake.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sarah said...

Have Fun! Be careful with your bounce house...I was bouncing in one at my son's party and fell out...and I hadn't even had a drink yet! Enjoy your weekend!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

good luck, and enjoy the weekend. :) having other kids around to entertain yours is usually a huge help!

RunningLaur said...

I'm so with you jn the whole separate blog for work horror stories. I've been at this new job a week and I could fill pages...

2 miles is pretty darn impressive, and god luck with the birthday bashes!

Carolina John said...

oh those crazy office people. have fun at the party!

Tammy said...

OMG! I thought it was going to be a horrible, typo-laden e-mail. That is worse!

Good luck with the birthday party. When my kids were little, my neices/nephews were always fun to have around for a day or two, then it got to be too much.

Missy said...

Rock out with the bounce house - I better see pictures of you inside that bitch!!!

Jess said...

I would be totally stoked about the bounce house; the whole reason I got pregnant was to have a kid that would one day have a b-day party that I could get a bounce house for!

Have fun!

X-Country2 said...

Pedometers are so cool. I've heard great things about wearing them. Have a great weekend!

lindsay said...

at least she was conscious of the effects her lunch had on everyone else!

jello shots would have been totally acceptable. did you end up making some? ;) lol.

Heather said...

Ha! Your admin assistant must work part time in my office. Although I'm not sure what is stinkier - the foods she cooks or the smells coming out of her after she eats it!