Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wet Walk Thursday

The last two weeks of work I have started developing a bad habit; I have been working through my lunch.  I grab my bag lunch and eat while I work.  While I feel in my own little mind that I am accomplishing SO much, I am cheating myself out of my workout time.  I have only been to the gym with the Crew 4 times this month.  Not only did I cheat myself out of a workout, but I cheated myself out of $20 because I did not meet the eight visit threshold.  My workout calendar is very sad for October, only 4 gold stars and a bunch of "x" marks (I am very much like a preschooler, I need my gold stars).
Sarge came over today and asked if I wanted to walk the tunnels since it was raining.  We have a wonderful underground way to move around campus to avoid the elements.   I told her I wanted to go out in the rain.  I needed fresh air and a little rain wasn't going to make me melt.  What I didn't know is that it was really coming down.   It was pouring.   That didn't stop us, we walked in the pelting rain for 40 minutes.  I feel really good that I got out of the office even though I look like a drowned rat.
Long story short, I will not work through another lunch.

Random thought:
As I was eating today, I noticed that I color coordinated my sweater with my fruit and veggies.  I must be in the Halloween spirit.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

POM Wonderful Review

Several weeks ago, the very nice people at POM Wonderful sent me a case of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice to try.

My package contained a case of cute little 8oz bottles of POM Wonderful and a sheet outlining the benefits of consuming pomegranate products.  Pomegranate juice is packed with good stuff and it is really good for the old ticker. One of the benefits that really stuck out was how good it was in helping Erectile Dysfunction. *giggle*  Well, you know me and my 12 year old maturity level....

I drank the first one and as I expected I liked it. It was tart with just enough sweet for my taste. I drank another the next day and my opinion didn't change. I wanted to shake things up a bit. I wanted to use it in other ways since I don't typically drink a lot of juice. MCM Mama planted the seed that it mixes well with booze. That it does!! We made Screw Drivers with a splash of POM Wonderful.  I also tried it in some smoothies, I mixed it with yogurt, frozen blueberries, and skim milk. That also was pretty tasty.

I had to go and see how much it cost at the store. I don't like falling in love with something and then not being able to afford to buy it. As I expected, it was expensive but not completely and totally outrageous.  For an 8oz bottle, it was $2.29 at Super Target.  For me, that would last for 2 to 3 servings if I am mixing it with something.

I do not think I would continue to buy POM Wonderful just to have on hand to drink.  I am not much of a juice drinker mainly because juice typically is high in points for what it is.  In this case, an 8oz serving is 3 points (160 Calories). For me that is a lot to use on a drink.  HOWEVER, I do think this item will be a staple on my grocery list because I really like using it in the cocktails smoothies.  I also like using it to spice up my plain old boring water.  I mix about 1/3 of a bottle with ice water just to give it some flavor.

Thank you again to POM Wonderful.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try and review this product.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This morning is HEAVEN! I woke up reading "7" as the first digit on the clock, I am drinking coffee, and catching up with all of my blog friends. I could do this all day because for the first time in a long long time, I have NOTHING to do today (unless you count house projects of course). Getting sleep and having time to relax a bit really changes my attitude. I am really going to enjoy today.

Yesterday's weigh in went OK. I am down .4 lbs. It is not much in the grand scheme of things but it was a loss nevertheless. I learned that I am going to have to get to my Saturday meeting a lot earlier because there are a lot of people that attend this one. I happen to really like the leader of this meeting. I like her because she is young and has young children, but I also like her no nonsense/no excuses approach. It is a good sign of a good leader when the meeting has standing room only.

This weekend we also had our last flag football game. Here is a photo of my oldest little guy running with the ball. It was a proud mama moment even though I almost missed it because I was too busy gabbing with people.  He is dressed like a snowman, because it was freakin' cold!

Yesterday, my middle little guy lost his first tooth. This child broke his leg TWO TIMES and did not shed a tear. When his tooth got really wiggly, the screams of horror shook the neighborhood.  You would think that a limb was going to be amputated.  Last evening somehow he worked up the strength to yank it himself.  I think it was the pending visit from the Tooth Fairy that got him to pull it.

I must get back to doing nothing. I might even dust off the shoes and do some sort of an outside workout today.....or I might not get out of my PJs today.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Catchall Post

I have been MIA because I have been held hostage in my cubical and drowning in a sea of spreadsheets. I have had so much to blog about this past week but the days have kind of melted together. I could have blogged about the quirks of the people I have been spending most of my time with. They are otherwise known as my coworkers. I will have to devote a future post bout the "know it all newbie" and the "booger picking front desk dude"; along with the other things that I have seen in my office.  Until then, I will just blog about my very exciting life.

Weight Watchers
I seem to have at least one foot back on the wagon.  I am down 3.8 from my last weight and happy to say only one pound away from where I STARTED.  (I am not kidding when I say I strapped on the feed bag).  My co-workers are an amazing support system.  They are not the "it is OK, start fresh tomorrow" kind of people; they are the "get off your fat ass and get to the gym and if you even think about eating that" type of people.  There are so many of us on a quest to change our bad habits that when one of us has a bad day, there is someone there to bitch slap us back into Weight Watcher submission.

Shift in Priorities
If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you will know that I am chronically over-scheduled (my own fault).  I always think I can do it all and I want to be part of everything.  I am not sure why reality took so long to set in but I had to revamp my priorities.
  • I quit my part-time job.
  • I quit volunteering at my son's FORMER school (I was still involved with the ECFE program at a place that I do not have children ??!!!)
  • I have cut back on the amount of photo jobs I will take on.
  • I decided to put running on the backburner (GASP!!!)  This was a biggie.  I miss it like crazy, but I want to continue taking baby steps to get back into it.  After the new year I will start easing back into it. 
  • I switched my WeWa meeting time to Saturday mornings.  I am still trying to find the best time.  I found a younger leader that I can relate to.  
As I read what I quit, I am just now realizing how crazy my schedule is was.  I can now appreciate having a family and working full-time is about as much craziness as I can handle. I am looking forward to having some free time and some more sleep.  I am not quite sure what that is like anymore.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Dear Mother Nature,
You suck. Thanks for giving us one of the coldest Summers ever and then dumping snow on us when we are supposed to be enjoying our Fall.  I would like to bring it to your attention that we have only been without snow for about 5 months, your timing is way off! According to the news, the planet is suffering from Global Warming. Where?  Let me know where I should be moving.

Thankfully that by the end of the week, this stuff should be gone. Pardon the negativity but I am so not ready for the bitterness of winter yet. On a lighter note, I am sure my kids are going to get some crazy looks from their teachers. I sent them to school with their brand new snow pants and boots, but their jackets were from last year (and they are WAY too small). I guess I will be doing phase two of Operation Winter shopping a little earlier that expected.

My lack of blogging is because I have been lacking in all areas of my life except in the work arena. It is major crunch time and I have been putting in some long days. Unfortunately, the long days and stress are starting to make the scale make a move in an upward direction. Many of my coworkers are in the same position and we have decided to team up before we need a real intervention.  Many of us are following paying for Weight Watchers and we have made the steps to recommit and hold each other accountable.  We are swapping out our journals and setting mini goals.  Chances are if I have to actually show someone that I devoured a bag of Halloween candy, I will be less likely to do it (again).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up and the Marathon That Did Not Happen

I can pretty much sum up my weekend with one word.  NOTHING.  I take that as being both good and bad.  It was good because it was a fairly lazy weekend.  I didn't have to be anyplace but home.  It was bad because I did not do one bit of physical activity.  It was a cold, wet, dreary weekend that made it perfect to stay inside.

Yesterday was Twin Cities Marathon.  I was supposed to be a participant but dropped out of the race in late July.  It was the best decision to make because truthfully I cannot even imagine training for it with the schedule I have been trying to maintain.  Yet, there is still a part of me that regrets dropping out.  I had the full spectrum of emotions yesterday from jealousy, feeling like a failure, and then ultimately relief.  My logical brain tells me it was the right thing to do, but the other half tells me ... well, that other half is what gets me into those situations in the first place.  There will be other races; it is just not my time to run them.'

I just read Steve in a Speedo's blog, and saw this video.  I laughed out loud.  That would have been worth getting out there to run the race just to see that.  I am sure the runners loved it. 

Now I just need to find my running mojo.  I really haven't run since I decided to call it quits on the marathon.  I took a few weeks off and they turned into a couple of months.  I started and stopped twice to rebuild my base but lost momentum.  I am not sure what my problem is but I do know that I miss running.  I miss it a lot.  I think I just need to pop the shoes on, stop talking about missing running, and just do it already.

Happy Monday!  I am off to search for some coffee to fuel me to get this long week started.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Introducing Goldy's Foto Friday

I always look forward to Fridays in my office because I always wonder what that crazy Goldy Gopher is going to do.   Fridays bring out the maroon and gold spirit and our little blow up Goldy is decorated with a new theme each week.  Today he is the referee for the big upcoming Vikings/Packers game .   This game will need a strong referee because we have once, twice, ok who is counting retired QB.  Anyone else weirded out that Favre is now wearing purple?

Funny...I didn't get any Viking stuff in the picture.   Ooops, I hope that isn't a bad sign.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have to admit that I always thought of Pilates as a workout that rich housewives did on their daily to do list; fitting it in after getting their morning lattes and before their afternoon manicures. It always seemed like a fluff workout that was a cross between stretching and sit-ups.  I never wanted to do them because I would be "wasting" a workout.  That really was my opinion...until I actually completed a class. My idea of Pilates could not have been more wrong.

My first thought this morning upon waking was panic as I was sure I was hit by a bus. Then I was the Pilates class last night. It has not even been 12 hours since my class ended and already every muscle in my body is sore. I never knew I had muscles in my baby toes because even they are sore today.  I am dreading the late onset muscle soreness that day #2 brings!!!

To the Pilates Gods....I apologize for my judgmental view.  You showed me that this is not a workout for the faint of heart. 

My BFF and I are taking it together and thankfully we are about at the same level.....unflexible.  We made it through the hour without dying.  Although, we did shoot each other a few painful looks and grunted in pain a few times.  We decided that after all the hard work, we needed to cleanse our auras...... 

We went out for a beer. 

(Ha!  Nothing like defeating the purpose of a hard workout)