Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wet Walk Thursday

The last two weeks of work I have started developing a bad habit; I have been working through my lunch.  I grab my bag lunch and eat while I work.  While I feel in my own little mind that I am accomplishing SO much, I am cheating myself out of my workout time.  I have only been to the gym with the Crew 4 times this month.  Not only did I cheat myself out of a workout, but I cheated myself out of $20 because I did not meet the eight visit threshold.  My workout calendar is very sad for October, only 4 gold stars and a bunch of "x" marks (I am very much like a preschooler, I need my gold stars).
Sarge came over today and asked if I wanted to walk the tunnels since it was raining.  We have a wonderful underground way to move around campus to avoid the elements.   I told her I wanted to go out in the rain.  I needed fresh air and a little rain wasn't going to make me melt.  What I didn't know is that it was really coming down.   It was pouring.   That didn't stop us, we walked in the pelting rain for 40 minutes.  I feel really good that I got out of the office even though I look like a drowned rat.
Long story short, I will not work through another lunch.

Random thought:
As I was eating today, I noticed that I color coordinated my sweater with my fruit and veggies.  I must be in the Halloween spirit.


Heather said...

I'm getting so sick of all this rain! Dare I say that I would actually prefer snow???

Marlene said...

Good job getting some exercise over lunch. Doesn't it just refresh you for the afternoon?

Let's see some more gym days in November. :)

teacherwoman said...

I need my gold stars too. In fact, if you saw my calendar, you would laugh. I keep track of everything!

I need 12 visits to the gym in order to get my $20 back... our health care plan just added that this month! Bout freakin' time!

Diana said...

Rain, rain, rain....UGH. What a crappy fall season this year!
Making time for workout will enhance the rest of your day-make the time, every time! You CAN'T go wrong!

Lisa said...

I love the idea of tracking with gold stars. Now you just need to take action to earn them. :-)

Jess said...

Yeah, workout, not work!

I'm interested to see what other clothing matches fruit and veggies!