Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Note from My Shoes

Dear Carly,
We are not sure if you noticed us sitting by your desk quietly for months.  We are  sitting here collecting dust and are definitely a tripping hazard.   We are over six months old and you have yet to take us on a REAL run!!! What happened to you? You were running double digit mileage and now you just sit on your flabby ass typing about how one day you will run again.

We are no longer allowing you to ignore us.

We have come up with wonderful solution for your lack of motivation. We also know that you need a goal in order to get the ball rolling.  How about a small race?

Thats right....we think it is time for you to un-fuse from your chair, quit making lame excuses, and shoot for a 5K race.  We think that you should do the Polar Dash 5K on January 1st, 2010.  This will be a great way for you to start the new year as well as finish 2009 without being a complete failure.   You have a little over a month to train and nobody says you have to run it fast or even the whole thing. 

Please do it for us.  Consider it.  We deserve to be worn once in awhile.  We would also like to add that we are a much more attractive pair then your current fugly friends.

Your Saucony Mighty Pair...
Lefty and Righty

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up....Fun Times as a Single Parent

I was single parenting for a few days this week because Chubby Hubby was traveling for work.  First....let me give props to single parents.  I don't know how the hell you stay sane and do everything you do!

Thursday night was really comedy of errors.  This trip for Chubby Hubby was kind of last minute and I did not do a great job of planning ahead of time.   On my way home from work, I realized that  I was completely out of diapers, milk and pretty much anything that I could throw together to resemble a meal. I of course had to pick up the kids first and do these errands with 3 tired, crabby, hungry kids.  We barely survived the Target trip, however, they all begged for hot dogs for dinner.  Woo Hoo, it didn't get easier than that.

Then my middle son lost a tooth.  I was very excited for him until I realized that the Tooth Fairy didn't have cash on her.  NONE.  Not a dime.   This was a time for me to put on my Super Mom cape and think fast....I shamefully dug into the piggy banks and pulled out a dollar coin.  Yes, I took money from his own piggy bank to put under his pillow.  Don't worry....I put another buck in his bank to replace the one I took the next day.

While I was in the process of stealing borrowing money from my child, I slit my finger open on a picture frame that I broke the previous day (don't ask why it was sitting in my closet instead of the garbage).  I cut it to the bone and blood was gushing EVERYWHERE.  Great.  Then I discovered that there weren't any Bandaids.   I did however find some steri-strips from previous surgery and was able to triage myself.

I went up to complete the transaction and then my other son woke up as I was digging under his pillow.  Luckily he didn't see what I was doing.  I tucked him back in and as I turned to return down stairs, I saw blood.  I had left a trail of blood all the way through their room and leading right to my son's pillow.  Thankfully the story I told them about the Tooth Fairy cracking her head open after tripping over toys in their room worked.  They believed me and they are keeping their room a bit cleaner now too.

I collapsed into bed after that and prayed that Chubby Hubby would get his ass home sooner rather than later.

The next day the fun continued.  I was running a little late....2 hours to be exact.  I called to let the coworkers know I was going to be Tardy for the Party and while I was on the phone, Diva decided that was the moment to start spewing obsenities from the backseat.  BITCH!  Out of the mouth of my sweet little girl.  Sarge, who was on the other end of the phone gasped and said "did she just say what I think she said?".  Yep.  She did.

This is my child that I was convinced would need speech class one day.  Her word for water is "gjalfgjakldfgjkalsdjf".  However, bitch came out clear as a bell.  This time the parenting award goes to Chubby Hubby.   She started repeating it after he said it.  We are oh so proud. 

After dropping off the kiddos to their 3 locations (I am wondering now if I was on crack when I signed them up for 3 different places), I finally made it into the office.  After a couple of hours, I then got a call from the school nurse.  My oldest was not feeling well and was having a hard time with his asthma.  I raced out of work to go get him.  Thankfully my friend was at school and picked him up for me and I met her at her house.

As the night was progressing, my son was getting worse.  I got to the point of having all of the kids put their jackets on because we were in route to the ER.  I called Chubby Hubby tell him to meet us at the ER when his flight landed.  By some divine intervention....he was just pulling into the drive way.  He wanted to surpise me by coming home early and bearing gifts of liquid spirits.  I said hello to him and threw my son into the car and raced off to Urgent Care.

After a few rounds of a neb treatment he was doing better.  He tested positive for Strep. The doc put him on a massive dose of antibiotics since he also had flu like symptoms, he is also being treated with Tamiflu.

The sickness train has arrived.  It is starting to take us out one at a time.   I am sitting here listening to the symphony of coughing in our house.  All three of them have snot noses and a hacking cough.  That is a pretty telltale sign that I will be at home with my tribe of sick kids tomorrow.  Thankfully, we are back to being a two parent household!

Friday, November 20, 2009

So, When Are You Due?

Yesterday at work we had a big meeting that brought the accounting community together.  It is a chance to catch up on grocery lists, hang man, and sleep policy changes, system updates, and a chance to network with other accounting freaks types. 

On one of our breaks, I made my way over to my boss's table to say hello to her and a former coworker of mine.  No sooner did I say hello when I felt my former colleague's finger poking my belly and her asking me WHEN I WAS DUE???!!!!!  My knee jerk reaction was to sit on her and just start slinging insults back while I punch her in the face.  I kept my cool because I was at work and my boss was right there (although my boss gave her the stare down, gasped and screamed OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!).  True to form, I cracked a few jokes and said that I hope she can sleep at night know she caused me to develop eating disorder.

Moral of the story.....I am just fat, not pregnant.  Thank you.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.....off to Weight Watchers I go.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do They Make These at Starbucks?

If so, I am running to get one!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

How is it already Monday?!  The weekend seemed to fly by and I could have used another day to chill.  As far as weekends go in this house, it was rather uneventful.  Chubby Hubby did the outside work of bagging up leaves and hanging Christmas lights while I tended to some projects that have been neglected inside the house like purging stuff out of the closets.  On top of that exciting stuff, we shuffled kids to a playdate and birthday party. We sure know how to whoop it up!

After missing two Saturday Weight Watcher meetings in a row, I finally went back.  To be honest, I was scared to see what my Halloween damage was.  I was up a little, 1.6 lbs to be exact.  Those results were MUCH better than I was thinking they were going to be.  That gain could have been water retention from PMS and the Gyro I had for dinner the night before.  This week I am hanging in there with the journaling and some sort of a daily workout.

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL here.  I was running around in just a long sleeve shirt and no jacket.  I am kicking myself because it would have been the perfect day for a run.  I have been procrastinating starting up again. Yesterday would have been a perfect day to start, I got ready to go and even had my shoes on.  But....I did not go.  I got side tracked with very important things like Facebook and a third cup of coffee.  This week, come Hell or high water, I am starting again.  My goal is a run/walk of 4 days this week.

Happy Monday!  This week is going to fly as fast as the weekend did.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Form of Food Crack That Must be Avoided

I did not need to buy this stuff!  I am not sure why it made it to my cart.  I had a little on my waffle this morning and it was fabulous.  I could totally see me attacking this jar with a single spoon.  I have put it away.  Like they say...outta sight, outta mind.  Right?

I am home with Diva today.  She was cranky and she started coughing so hard she was gagging just as I was pulling up to daycare this morning.  I turned around and went home.  Low and behold when we got  home she was running like a crazy girl and she has not so much as cleared her throat.    Either way, I am glad I stayed home.  It is kind of a mental health day for me.  I hope to get a nice long walk in this afternoon after she wakes up.  It is still in the 50's so I want to get outside before the temps dip below freezing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Candy Fest is OVER!

Every last bit of Halloween Candy is GONE.  I dumped it in the garbage.  As I was throwing away the candy, I noticed a Snickers bar.  I pulled it out of the garbage and I was going to eat it.  Then I stopped myself because the kids were watching me that would be a new all time low.  Pulling candy out of a garbage can is really really bad.  It is a sign that I need a sugar intervention.  The good news is, I did put it back in the trash.  Uneaten.

This is my favorite time of the year and many of my traditions involve high calorie goodness.  From Halloween to the New Year it is not unusual for me to pack on a few (a few=10) pounds in less than two months.  This year is going to be different, I am going to set the bar really high and aim for not gaining ANY weight.  The plan is going to be exercise and Weight Watcher meetings.  If I end up losing a few pounds, I will then be an overachiever. 

In other news, I earned two gold stars this week on my calendar.  We have been walking at lunch.  I guess this global warming is REAL because we are having some sweet 60 degree sunny weather.  

Friday, November 6, 2009

2 Years of Pie Hole Stuffage, Parenting Awards, and a Little Running

Yesterday was my 2 year bloggy birthday.  I can't believe that it has been 2 years since I started my little "running" blog.  A lot has happened over the last 24 months with the exception of becoming a runner and losing weight (ha! the entire purpose of my blog).  It has been fun to go back in history and read my thoughts and grand ideas as I try to manage my crazy life.

Two Years Ago:
  • I had a sweet little newborn
  • I had a two preschoolers
  • I only worked part-time
  • I had a dog
  • I was overweight
  • I did not run but was thinking about starting

  • I have a very spirited toddler that gives new meaning to "Terrible Twos".
  • I have a first grader and one entering Kindergarten
  • I work A LOT
  • I no longer have a dog
  • I still do not run but I am once again thinking about starting
  • I am still overweight (I am exactly the same weight as I was when I started)

The two years haven't been a complete waste of time. I have a list of accomplishments and things that I have learned along the way:

  • I have completed a few 5ks, a 10K, two half marathons
  • I have started doing Pilates and I love it.
  • I learned that I cannot do it all and I am learning the art of saying NO
  • I had a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis and it seems to be much better because of rest and very ugly shoes
  • Jillian Michaels is the devil and you really can puke only doing a 20 minute DVD
  • Running a race under someone else is not rewarding (but if your time is bad, someone else gets the props for that..**evil grin**)
  • Running is a house of cards.  You can go from running double digit mileage back to a Couch to 5K program in a matter of a few short weeks.
Here is a flashback in photos from two years ago

Kids Then:

Kids and Chubby Hubby now:

I really need to hand off the camera once in awhile....I am not in very many photos....unless you count this one.....

It has been a great two years.  Thanks for taking the time to read and cheer me on.  I will be stepping it up this next year so my 3 year blog post will read something about me being at my goal weight.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday's Bullcrap in Bullet Points

  • There is a 4 way tie for my favorite candy bar.....Snickers, Twix, Reese's, and Kit Kat.
  • I have set a world record for biggest pile of candy wrappers (all eaten by me)
  • Chubby Hubby made fun of my pile of wrappers.  I am not sure if he was impressed or horrified.
  • I am officially sick of candy
  • I have worked out every day this week, sometimes twice
  • Those workouts mentioned above probably only burned off one or two candy bars *sigh*
  • The scale is still looking promising even with Candy Fest 2009....as of today, my weight is now below the Weight Watchers starting point (from a year ago)
  • I am really digging Pilates and now that my class is winding down, I am going to re-enroll for the next session.
  • For the first time in months I am getting more than 4 hours of sleep in a night and I feel pretty great.
  • So great, that in fact I might start up running again.
  • Working one job is HEAVEN and overtime will be coming to an end soon.
  • I am wondering if it would be appropriate to start stalking my co-worker that just had a baby and harass her into coming back to work.  The temp the hired to be her for her leave is an asshat (not an asset).
I am so glad that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up-Halloween

Happy November!  I am just coming out of a sugar coma.  I attacked the candy bowl this past weekend with everything I had!  Afterall, what is the point of Halloween if you can't binge on candy?

I didn't feel too guilty as I spent most of Saturday throwing up (sorry TMI) due to a migraine. Due to this same migraine, I missed my Saturday weigh-in.  I am chapped because I felt like it was going to be a good one.  I need a little therapy because I would jump on the scale after puking and then crawl back in to bed.  I like to call that the silver lining of being sick.  With that, I think I am officially under my starting weight.  I have decided to wait to go in next weekend for the official reading.

The weekend ended up being pretty low key considering that Halloween fell on a Saturday.  Friday night we went to our annual Fright Fest.  BFF and I did a couples costume and we were Wilma and Betty from the Flintstones.  They were very cheesy costumes but we got a lot of laughs.  I spend the rest of the weekend in my PJs.  Chubby Hubby took the kidlets trick or treating and I snacked on handed out candy while I watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Sunday, I had major gut rot from all the sugar and forced my butt out the door to at least go for a little walk.

Below are some photos of my little monsters.  They really had a great time.   Now I just need to get rid of this candy!  I think I will send it with Chubby Hubby to work.  Then it is really out of reach.