Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Decade of Breeding in a Nutshell

I completely ripped this blog post idea from Jess. Thanks Jess, I was having a writer's block moment.

I have named this the Decade of Breeding because I spent a good chunk of time having babies (not to mention changing diapers for 7.5 years!!!!!)  Here is a look at the last 10 years.....

  • Celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary
  • Became a college graduate
  • Bought our first home...we jumped from St. Paul to Minneapolis
  • Adopted Riley, our Dog
  • Started new a new job that had nothing to do with my degree.  Accounting.  Did I mention I am not good at math?
  • Got braces to straighten out my teeth
  • Went to Vegas for the first time
  • Went to Mexico for the first time
  • Ran my first full marathon....Twin Cities Marathon
  • Became Pregnant a month later
  • Gave birth to my first son
  • Traded my very cute Toyota Corolla for a Sensible Momma Mini Van
  • Started to dabble more with my photography and bought my first pro camera
  • Quit my job to become a stay at home mom
  • Did the Flying Pig Marathon Relay.  Dodged a stray bullet at the restaurant the night before....someone else wasn't so lucky
  • Ran the Twin Cities 10 Miler
  • Became pregnant with #2 a month later
  • Ran Rock and Roll Arizona Half Marathon at 10 weeks pregnant
  • Found out baby #2 had first son's due date
  • Had baby #2, 3 days before my son turned 2
  • Was Matron of Honor in BFF's wedding 6 weeks after giving birth (I gave new meaning to fat bridesmaid)
  • Photography started becoming more than a hobby. Got hired to be a photographer's assistant.
  • Did my first solo wedding gig.
  • Decided to go back to work part-time. I went back to the job I quit in 2003 as a temp to cover a maternity leave.
  • Quit smoking for good December 1st.  (I quit when I was pregnant and was a closet smoker)
  • Got to the lowest weight of my adult years and had a little taste of what being thin felt like.
  • Spent a lot of my summer taking photos
  • Accepted a permanent part-time position with my employer
  • Went to Florida with the family and I ran "Women Run the World 15K"
  • Ran Grandma's Marathon
  • Signed up for Twin Cities Marathon but couldn't run because of a knee issue.  Volunteered at the finish line.
  • Became pregnant a month later (are you seeing a pattern here?  There is something about Twin Cites Marathon)
  • Had surgery while 16 weeks pregnant and spent a week in the hospital
  • Did a bunch of wedding photography
  • Went to Florida with the family and did Disney for the first time.
  • Had Baby Diva in August....just days after her brothers' birthdays (sigh)
  • Started Chubby Chicks Run too...
  • My kids started school....Kindergarten and Preschool
  • Ran Get in Gear 10K
  • Ran Grandma's Half Marathon
  • Put down our dog Riley because she was sick
  • Started Weight Watchers again
  • Battled Plantar Faasciitis
  • Signed up but didn't run Twin Cities Marathon
  • Ran Grandma's Half Marathon with little training under an alias.  Not a smart move.
  • Went back to work full time...only to work two part-time jobs in one department.
  •  Spent most of my free time shuffling kids to and from school and activities.  Three kiddos are a ton of work but I would not change it for the world!
I am having a hard time believing that 2009 has come to an end.  It is true, the years seem to fly by faster the older I get.  I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be a great year and a great start to a new decade in my life.


    Missy said...

    I am so totally ready for 2010, bring it on. A decade of breeding, wow, you deserve an award. Fo sho!

    Happy New Year.

    Lily on the Road said...

    that is quite a journey and a word of advice, stay away from Twin Cities Marathon, next time it could be twins!

    Happy New Year, may 2010 bring you and your family much health, happiness and laughter!

    Carolina John said...

    i can already hear the chants of "no more babies in 2010!" you're decade of breeding concept is hilarious. at least all of the kids birthdays are close together. my kids are too.

    have a great new year Carly!

    Oz Runner said...

    decade of breeding..ha...great look back, you fit a lot of running in there for all that was going on in your life...have a happy new year..

    MCM Mama said...

    I totally snorted my coffee when I saw your title LOL.

    And stay away from the Twin Cities marathon or you'll be dealing with even more kiddos. ;o)

    Lisa said...

    Happy New Year!

    teacherwoman said...

    Wow! Sounds like a busy 10 years! Yay for 2010!

    Heather said...

    What a busy decade for you! I got preggo right after Twin Cities '06 and I have been scared to go back. :)

    WannabeRunner said...

    Happy new year! Your entries always make me smile/laugh. :)

    RunToTheFinish said...

    whew your decade looks way more exhausting than mine would... gradaute high school, party it up, get job...avoid children...get :)

    Diana said...

    A decade of breeding....that cracked me up! Thank God this is over, let's bring on the next decade already!
    I love this post, I wish I had enough memory to do one like this. Maybe if I actually sit and just think about it, some exciting things may come to mind!
    Happy New Year!

    Aka Alice said...

    LMAO at the "Decade of Breeding..." I'm just impressed by you women who run and have babies at the same time (well, not literally, but you know what I mean). I waited until my kids were older to start running.

    I'm also impressed that you can recall all those details. The last 10 years seems like a blur to me.

    Happy New Year Carly!

    Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

    What a journey!!! Loved reading it, Happy New Year, here's to a great 2010!!

    RunningLaur said...

    You've had a pretty fantastic and interesting last 10 years! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for you - and I'm hoping it's only the best :)

    Jess said...

    Wow, that's quite a decade!

    Megsie said...

    What a decade! I love this! There were things I never knew...The Twin Cities Marathon. Huh. Somehow, I did not know that was an aphrodisiac. This might be the reason that gets me to run a race. Hell, it is a new year, right? Happy New Year Carly!

    Al's CL Reviews said...

    Lots of breeding in there. And running!

    lindsay said...

    i had a crazy time recapping my decade too - lots happens in 10 years, and it's flown so fast! happy new year to you!

    Mel-2nd Chances said...

    haha, decade of breeding, that's funny! Congrats on quitting smoking, pleased to say I did it too within the same decade! Happy New Year, all the best!

    X-Country2 said...

    Wow, what a great decade!

    runningBarefoot said...

    I did this in my personal journal It is really amazing when you write it out all the change over 10 years! Very cool!

    TNTcoach Ken said...

    Wow, I can't remember last month! Good times..........