Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday's Catch All

I am home with a sick child today.   The poor kid has some sort of stomach bug and has been puking all morning.  He is crashed out on the couch and thankfully the other children are at their respective places today. The week before Christmas  every year, our entire family gets this bug and it usually lasts through the holiday.  Every year we assume we won't get it, but now we just plan on it taking us all out.  We have a streak of 8 straight years going.  In fact, last year we spread the wealth and gave it to everyone that came to our house for Christmas.  

While he is resting, I am taking advantage of an unplanned day off.  I am almost caught up on the laundry, I made some caramels (I should get Activity Points for 1.5 hours of stirring), and cleaning cleaning CLEANING.  When or if I do get this bug, I want to be organized and ready to roll when we all feel better.  Argh...I was hoping that this was one tradition that we could skip this year.

I must brag for a moment.  I spent the majority of today making and wrapping caramels.  I have to say, they turned out AMAZING!  Even more amazing is that I didn't ditch out on them after I realized that it was going to take a lot of putz time  (I really have no patience).  My mother usually makes these for Christmas and she announced that she will not make them this year.  Hmmmm, I wonder if it was the 1.5 hours of stirring or the multiple hours of cutting and wrapping these little suckers.  The photo shows only about half the batch.  Making these suckers was a workout.  I have a sore arm from all the stirring and cutting.

This week I had another first....I tried a Zumba class.  That was interesting as I am very rhythmically challenged.   Think Elaine from Seinfeld....yeah, I am That bad.  In case you need a reminder of the episode, see below.

I didn't know what Zumba was but was interested because our gym was offering free classes.  I love free so I was willing to try it.  But first I had to Google it.   I think my reaction was OH MY GOD, I AM SCREWED!  They shimmy, they shake, and the hips don't lie baby!  I am the not a dancer by any stretch of the imagination.  I agreed to go with another co-worker so I felt like I at least had to give it a shot.

Much to my surprise, I loved it!  Yes, I sucked.  No, I am not a Shakira.  It was fun.  I got a great core workout because I was laughing so hard.  This is something that I think I could do to break up the winter.  The gym gets boring and my motivation get really low as the temps dip.  This might be a great mood lifter.

Anyway....I am back to disinfecting my house and continue to pray that the rest of us do not get sick.


Jess said...

I love that episode of Seinfeld!

Sorry to ear the kiddo is barfy. Keep in a plastic quarantine to keep the rest of the family from getting it.

Tamzin said...

lol I was listening to Shakira while watching the clip. Brilliant and goes with "she wolf" :)

Can't wait to read more.


Sarah said...

Your caramels look great...I can't imagine how long it must have taken to individually wrap them!

Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

MCM Mama said...

Hope the kiddo feels better soon and that no one else gets it!

Glad you enjoyed the zumba class.

lifestudent said...

Around here they have a lot of baby & me zumba classes, but I actually didnt even know you could do it WITHOUT a baby ;) That sounds like much more fun!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

LMAO... i am so uncoordinated and can't dance, so it would scare the crap out of me too!! Hope the little one feels better soon! Well done on the caramels! You're much more patient than I am!

TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL, I loved the Zumba class I attended. I was the only guy and it was like being in the club.

lindsay said...

ooh i am so intimidated by the zumba class at my gym. i see them in there and they look like they are backup dancers for beyonce's next music video! i'm sooo not a dancer. i'll just stand over here by the wall thanks :)

Aka Alice said...

LOL at the Elaine dance...classic.

My kid's home sick today too. No barfing, just a nose running all over the place, and I figure missing the last day of school before break means that no meaningful learning is going to take place.

Good luck with the disinfecting!

Anonymous said...

Hope noone else gets the bug. The caramels looks great. Nice job. Fun about ZUMBA, I would need to be in the back of the class and out of sight.

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

I am Zumba challenged too, caramels look awesome!!

Megsie said...

How are y'all feeling today? I hope it is just a one kid wonder this year. I am now scared. I wasn't thinking stomach flu at all.

Ahh, well at least you had a domestically productive day :)


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Too funny-I love Elaine's dance. I'm sure people have a story to tell about my dancing too. I think it's hilarious that your core workout came from laughing-maybe you could make a cd and market it. Call it
"Laughercise" You'll make millions!