Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Random Thoughts

  • I am enjoying the warm Spring weather.  Both yesterday and today I took off for a stroll around campus.  Today's journey was approximately 2.5367 miles (info courtesy of my OCD friend)

  • I ran my 2.25 mile route last night and it didn't completely suck.  I actually enjoyed it.

  • I had to run at 7PM again last night.  It looks like that is going to be the time I am going to have to get this done.  It is not ideal, but it works.

  • I am going to shoot for going farther tonight.

  • Any exercise I did yesterday was canceled out by Chubby Hubby's popcorn.  He made a vat of it last night.  It is popped in oil and there is an undisclosed and classified amount of butter on it.  It is soooo bad, but sooo good!

  • The calories in that damn popcorn alone put me way over my daily allowance.  

  • I am thankful that today is one of my short days at the office.  I have a ton of work to do at home.

  • Did I mention that it is in the 70's??? I am so excited and I am going to start pulling out the short sleeves. 

  • I will leave you with this photo taken on the walk today.  I am baffled by this model's boobs?  One is pointing South and one is pointing North.  I do think this is odd...but then again, I am no fashionista.

    • Monday, March 29, 2010

      Weekend-Wrap Up

      Gone are my lazy weekends that I have grown to love.  I have been blessed with several consecutive weekends where all I did was relax.

      Thursday and Friday night, my oldest son had his first grade music performance and school play.  He is amazing because he feels right at home on stage.  I wish I had the confidence this kid has.  Just the thought of giving a speech in front of my peers is enough make me vomit.

      I thought I got to the school early enough for primo seating by getting there both nights half an hour early.  Oh, how I was wrong!  I walked into a full lunchroom/gym/auditorium and found a seat in the way back.  Those parents with the good seats must have camped out the night before.

      Next to us, was the lady running the schools video camera recording the show.  Lucky her, she had my family sitting next to her picking up all the commentary from my kids.  I am sure she has recorded Diva standing up and yelling "I HAVE TO POOP" and my son saying "What kind of stupid thing is this?".  Because I had photography duty myself, Chubby Hubby had to remove the children and watch from the hallway.

      Saturday was OCD cleaning day at our house.  Our yard is raked, deck is scrubbed, and we have bags upon bags of stuff for donation.  I did make time for a short run that was only about a mile and a half.  Truthfully the run kind of sucked.  I actually wrote a really whiney post about it but promptly deleted it because whiney isn't going to get me anywhere.  Then my day was made....Sarge sent me a message!  She is currently serving active duty and I don't get to hear from her that often.  For those of you that do not know, Sarge is my running partner and the person that kicks my ass and keeps me honest.  I miss her and just hearing from her put a smile on my face.

      Sunday was the day of insanity.  I got up and I ran 2.25 miles without stopping.  I know it is not a distance to write home about but it is a good milestone for me.  I was very happy to cross the 2 mile threshold.  After the run, it was all about running errands....Target, a newborn photoshoot, birthday party pick up, back to Target, and a night of photo editing.  I was exhausted but it felt awesome to be so productive.

      This week, I can am shooting to hit 3 miles by Sunday.  I am not sure if I will make it, but I am going to try very very hard.  I am also going to try and catch up on my blog reading/commenting. 

      Happy Monday!

      Thursday, March 25, 2010

      Three Things Thursday

      How I Met Your Mother
      I sure have been tired these past few days.  I wish I could say it was from a hard 10 miler or an ass kicking cardio class.  Nope, it is from sitting on my rear watching episode after episode of "How I Met Your Mother".  Chubby Hubby's co-worker lent us her DVDs of seasons 1-4.  I kept hearing about how funny this show was and I have never seen an episode.  It is really funny and now we can't get enough.  We have been staying up way too late and neglecting our housework because after the kids are in bed we have a date with this show.

      Weight Loss
      Some how I lost 6lbs.  Yay me.  I am not complaining.

      The Ball is Back
      Last year for almost 7 months, my chair at work was a big stability ball.  When I made the transition to being at my desk full time, I gave up the ball and got cozy in my swivel chair.  Today, I pumped that bad boy back up and I am once again replacing my chair with this ball.  My co-workers are snickering and placing bets when I am either pop this thing or wipe out.  Do you like my support system I have here?   I decided to pull it out again because my chiropractor said she could tell I was a "desk jockey".  From what I could gather, sitting at a desk all day is bad news for the bod.  So if I have to sit, I may as well work on my core muscles.

      So glad tomorrow is Friday again!  TGIF Baby!

      Wednesday, March 24, 2010

      Mid-Week Mind Dump

      Thank you all so much for the great make ahead recipes.  I am FAR from being organized but I am getting there.  My ultimate goal is to have a detailed menu with an equally detailed grocery list ready to go by Sunday.  Just knowing what to make for dinner and having the stuff to make it will significantly reduce the evening stress in our house.

      Last night, I was fiddle farting around the house when I got home from work.  I ate scarfed my dinner down, lectured the boys why it is not OK to talk during quiet time at school (they got my gift of gab), played on Facebook for a few minutes....basically did everything to put off going for my run.  I was tired and it was already 7PM and I really considered bailing.  I went, but only because I bribed myself with wine.  Wine provides really good motivation. 

      So I did it, 1.5 miles. That was enough in my mind to deserve wine.  It was not a long run but it was longer than I went the day before.  I am doing my own version of the Couch to 5K (er...marathon).  My method is where I run until I can't run anymore and then the next time I lace up the shoes, I run farther than I did before.  I know it a kind of backwards and but it works for me.  I can usually work up to the 3 mile mark pretty quickly.

      I received a response from Garmin and I am blown away by their customer service.  My expectation was just an email response stating they appreciated my feedback and perhaps an offer to repair my current device.  They went above and beyond that.  They have offered to replace my 2 year old Forerunner 50 with the newer FR60 model.  It is the same type of set up with the foot pod, HRM, and watch device that all sync with a wireless connection.  I am going to take the opportunity to make the exchange and hope that the new model keeps its promises.  Even though I have had a couple of dud items, Garmin really stands by their product and does a great job of keep their customers happy. 

      I am anxious to get home today to go for a little run (maybe 1.75 miles today, ha!).  The weather is beautiful and PERFECT running weather. 

      Sunday, March 21, 2010

      Weekend Wrap-Up--Grrrrr to Garmin

      After yesterday's excitement on finding my long lost Garmin, I was anxious to fire it up and go for a run. I  really like the idea of having data to track my progress.  The device was still ticking and looked ready to go; that was until I tried to sync the foot pod.  Nothing.  Then I changed the batteries.   Nothing.  Then I remembered why I didn't use this thing.  It is a piece of shit.

      I must be in a foul mood, because I just sent Garmin an email stating how disappointed and frustrated I am with my Garmin Forerunner 50.  This little device never worked properly.  I have been on the phone with technical support several times, read my manual cover to cover, and even searched online for more trouble shooting options.  Upon recommendation of the technical support, my device was replaced.  Even after getting a new one, it didn't work as package indicated.  The foot pod and heart rate monitor would rarely sync up to the device without fiddling with it and the automatic wireless upload NEVER worked.  On the occasion that the foot pod would pick up, it would drop off half way through my workout and mess up the data.  At this point I have an expensive stop watch.  I am sure the customer service representative will read my email, roll their eyes, and send a canned response.  I am not expecting any resolution to my problem but I feel better for venting.

      Even if the problems are "operator error" the technical people I spoke to insisted that there are no tricks and this device is "idiot proof".  Hmmm....maybe I am just that one person has problems.   Or am I?  Anyone else have similar issues? I shouldn't be so hard on Garmin, their customer service is beyond amazing and from what others say they have an exceptional product.  I am clearly in the minority with the problems I am having.

      Nevertheless, I took my over-priced stopwatch on a little run today.  I stress LITTLE run (1.5 miles).  I haven't done much of anything for well over a week and I am a little weak in my shoes.  Oh well, by the end of the week I am hoping to be caught up and back to following my training program. 

      Now I am in the midst of meal planning for the week (another fun task).  I have come to terms that I need to pretty much have a list of our meals for the week by Sunday evening and have the ingedients ready to go by the time I leave the house in the morning.  Too many times, I have come home from work too frazzled and tired to think "what should I make for dinner".  I need a well thought out plan, with little prep time and that is today's project.  I have a crock pot that I love, but I am looking for more ideas of make ahead easy, healthy, family friendly meals.  Anyone care to share an idea or two?

      Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  It is another cool day here but I am enjoying the Spring sunshine!

      Saturday, March 20, 2010

      Spring Cleaning

      It is a COLD and sunny Spring day. It is deceiving looking outside; it appears that the temps are warmer than they are. In reality, it is only about 35 degrees. The chilly temps and the diagnosis from the doctor (double ear infection along with a sinus infection) kept me indoors today. Instead of running I am cleaning out closets.

      I usually pretty good about purging and getting rid of stuff by my bedroom closet has gotten a bit out of control.  It is kind of the last room in the house that gets attention.  Today was the day to attack this full on.

      I found a stack of diet/nutrition books.  Hmmm, maybe if I read them instead of storing them in my closet, I would be SKINNY by now.

      Then I finally found my Garmin.  It has been hiding for a long time and I finally found it under my bed (?).  How it got there I may never know.  If I can get this piece of crap running the way it is supposed to, I will have a good way to help me track my time for training.  I am not too confident that it will work the way it is designed because I have gotten it to work only ONE time.  I am kicking myself for going with the lowest model available.  I guess it got what I paid for.
      Then I came across this little book.  It is titled"Women's Wit and Wisdom" it is a book of inspriational quotes and sayings.  I got it for my High School graduation from one of my track coaches.  She wrote a sweet note on the inside that ended with "Keep your goals on track".  It was nice to find this and it definitely put a smile on my face.  I can't believe I found this after all these years and all of my many moves I have made since leaving home.  I will have to keep this is a handy place.

      My hope is that tomorrow I am feeling a bit better with an added day of rest. If so, I am easing back into my training by hitting the lakes for a change of scenery.

      Friday, March 19, 2010

      Loving Life Today!

      The weather is gone back to being cold and gray.  I still have a headache and I am completely and totally wiped out.  So why do I love today so much?  Today is a "Floating Holiday" which means I have the day off!  What makes this day off even better is that Chubby Hubby is at work and the kids are at school/daycare.  Was I wrong for not mentioning the fact that I have today off to anybody?  Nah...I am enjoying every second because the minute anyone catches wind that I am home, someone needs me.

      I started the morning off right with a visit to the coffee shop for breakfast.  I had a quick meeting at 9AM so I decided to go early to read and enjoy a scone.
      Then I went to meander around Target by myself.  It is such a treat to be able to walk around Target without having kids in tow.  I am lame, I know.

      Also, today I saw a new Chiropractor.  I have been on the hunt for a new one since my old one is not covered by my current insurance.  The Chiropractor I saw today has been treating my son for his Asthma and the results have been REMARKABLE!!!  So, what is good for him, is good for me.  I wanted to be seen to be proactive with keep running injuries at bay during my training.  I am not in pain now, but my knee and hip have been "clicking" which from experience is a precursor to being benched.  Also I have noticed a decrease in strength on my right side during my Pilates class so she will be helping me with that issue as well.  I will need a little work to get my alignment back but she said she will get the body in marathon finishing condition.

      Now the only thing left on the "have to" list today is going to get treatment for a sinus infection that has been brewing all week.  Feeling like crap all week is a good reminder that I need to use that damn Neti Pot more. 

      The rest of the day is mine all mine.  I am not cleaning (unless I want to), I am not cooking, but I am going to take a nap and catch up on blogs.  Woo Hoo!  I love days like this.

      Tuesday, March 16, 2010

      Week in Review

      This past week is one that I would like to lay to rest.  It was not a good week here at the Casa de Chubby.  There wasn't anything extremely earth shattering but it was enough to throw the whole family off their game.
      • My middle son got a horrible double ear infection that had him screaming in pain.
      • The ENTIRE family got the stomach flu that spanned the entire week.
      • I have headache that I can get rid of and it is going on 4 days (sinus crap, I think).
      • Chubby Hubby stepped on a metal object Friday night and it punctured his foot.  He is OK, but in a lot of pain and can barely walk.
      • My van decided to be quirky and the check engine light came on.  It decided it was time for a $600 visit to the shop. 
      • The time change has thrown my sleep pattern off and I am exhausted!
      • Because of the list above, there were NO workouts (Although, I did take Diva on a 3 mile walk yesterday).
      I guess when it rains it pours.  With the week that I had, I began to wonder if training for a marathon would be a sound decision.  After all, I would be planning my schedule around 4 other people.  Then I went back and re-read my last post and all of the great comments.  It was enough to pull me out of my gutter and got me excited to face this challenge. Thanks!

      Another pick me up and source of inspiration came in the form of a book:
      This newly released book was written by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea.  I loved this book on so many levels.  First, whether you are a brand new runner or a seasoned marathoner, you will benefit and enjoy this book.  I really liked how candid they were with their stories and felt I could relate to a lot of their experiences (except for running a sub 4 hour marathon).  My favorite thing they illustrate is that just because you have the job title "Mom" doesn't mean you have to stop doing what you love.  If you would like to read more and find out more about the book, their blog can be found here

      Speaking of do I have a lot of catching up to do!

      Sunday, March 7, 2010

      Persistent or Insane?

      We all know the saying by Thomas H. Palmer:( I love Google!):

      "If at first you don't succeed, try try again..."

      We all also have heard the saying,

      "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" (thank you Einstein!)

      I have decided to throw my name into the Twin Cities Marathon on October 3rd, 2010.  Again.  When I didn't get chosen for the lottery for the half marathon I wanted to run, I needed a plan B.  I called Chubby Hubby into the room and we had the following conversation:

      Me:  What would you say if....
      CH:  (cutting me off) Hmmmm lemme guess, you are going to sign up for the full.
      Me:  No, not exactly.  Not Grandma's Full, Twin Cities
      CH:  (eye roll)
      Me:  Bad idea?
      CH:  Will it involve me running?
      Me:  No.
      CH:  Great.  Go for it!  (another eye roll and a sarcastic laugh)

      So, I am gonna go for it.  I know those of you who have been following this blog for a bit are probably rolling your eyes right along with Chubby Hubby because you have read about my grand plans only to have me cope out.  Last year, in the EXACT same circumstances, I signed up for this same race only to drop out of training,ditching the race, and losing the expensive race fee.  This year is different! (stop it, I can hear the groans)

      I don't need to justify anything but I am going to do it because I WANT to do it.  I didn't make this decision lightly.  I actually wrote out a pro / con list and took the time to ponder each thing I scribbled down.  The "pros" won and I made my decision.  Last year I dropped out of the race because I had too many things going on in my life.  Since then, I have pulled out of a lot unimportant activities that were sucking the life out of me. Now I am finding that I need to add something back in for me to do.  The key word is "ME".  I need an activity that doesn't involve my paycheck or shuffling kids to activities   Selfish.  I know (and I am totally OK with it).

      I am making my grand statement now because as of tomorrow, I have 30 weeks until the race.  Funny, I also found a 30 week training program that fits nicely with my current crazy schedule.    Let the training begin!

       I seem to sign up for this race every year and something always happens where I can't run it.  I keep coming back for me.  I am due to run this race or I am just a glutton for punishment.  I have 2 fails (2006 and 2009) under my belt and I need to redeem myself.    Both times I have run a "Grandmas" race prior to this race.  Taking that element out of the equations should mean I am going finally get to the finish line this time.  Third time is a charm, right? 

      Am I persistent or just plain old crazy?  Either way....October 3rd, HERE I COME!

      Friday, March 5, 2010

      Over It

      I am past Wednesday's rejection.  I am not sad at all that I will not be participating in the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon.  My hope is that I will still be up there cheering on the runners and possibly doing the William Irvin 5K.  Perhaps I will volunteer.  In fact, my cousin has scored a spot as a finish line volunteer that gets to hand out medals to finishers.  Maybe I see if I can weasel my way into helping with that job.  It is such a fun weekend, that I would still like to participate even though I am not running.  Afterall, it is my hometown.

      It wasn't the race itself that I was disappointed about not getting into, it was having that event to look forward to doing.  I NEED something to work for.  I have a few events that I am contemplating.  I am in the process of weighing the pros and cons as well as if the dates will even be feasible.  I know you will be sitting on the edge of you seat just waiting to hear about my next move. ha!

      Woooo Weeee I have been neglecting your blogs....I have 700 posts in my reader!!!!

      Wednesday, March 3, 2010


      I have really done something to piss off the Lottery Gods because once again my name has not come up to be in this race.  I am a wee bit disappointed but it certainly is not the end of the world.  Meh...I am not even in shape for it anyway.  I wonder if I am flagged to never get in races that have a lottery entry system because I NEVER get in (lie, I did ONE time).    I guess The Secret didn't work for me this time....ha!!!  I do think this was a good outcome and it happened for a reason. is time for me to explore other races. I will probably still be up there and possibly see if I can volunteer for the day.

      Congrats to Julie she is confirmed to run!  Still waiting to hear if Heather got it.  I am excited for them and can't wait to read about their experience.

      I am off to Pilates now.  It is a perfect end to a crazy day.

      Tuesday, March 2, 2010

      Sugar Free Day Kick Off

      I am happy to report that nobody was hurt during yesterday's no sugar stunt.  I had three times during the day where I found myself sniffing out the candy bowl.  Good news is that I resisted and stayed away. Instead, I enjoyed some blueberries.  They made me happy, afterall, they are nature's candy.

      But then my resolve was tested when I got this email titled "Girl Scout Cookies".  Dammit again!!!!!
      I forgot I purchased 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  Yes, I said 6 boxes.  The girl that was selling them is the daughter of one of my co-workers.  Most of the time I can ignore my colleagues requests to support their children's fund raising but this time I couldn't resist.  This girl was a marketing GENIUS.  She wrote the most adorable letter and included a photo of herself.  To top it off, she was going to be making a personal delivery.  I bought it hook, line, and sinker.  It was too cute to pass up.  I wasn't the only one that got suckered in.  My friend and cube neighbor Leah, also ordered a truck load.

      I am sure that I will not have any problems convincing the family that it will be their job to take care of these cookies.  This will be the first year I refuse to sit down and eat a whole sleeve (sleeve = box) of these things.  I am staying far far away.  I just feel good knowing that I helped a Girl Scout (not really, I am pouting a bit).

      In other news....
      My OCD is at a Code Red level today.  Registration closed for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon yesterday at 8:00 AM.  I have been obsessively checking my credit card account for pending charges and checking my email.  I do realize that they said March 4th.....but I am convinced in my own crazy head that it will be sooner.  I just want to know already!!!  Anyone else get any news yet????  HeatherJulie?