Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Love List

Jenn from Be.So.Happy tagged me with the I love your Blog Award.  Ahhhh, I am honored...and blushing!  Thank you.  This was timely as I don't have much to write about running wise because I have been single parenting this week while Chubby Hubby is traveling for work (Guess who is NOT golfing this weekend?).

Here are 10 things that I love:

1.  My family and friends(they get their noses outta joint if I don't mention them first).   I love that I have 3 little people and one big one to boss around and do all the work I don't want to do that bring me such joy and give me purpose in life.

2.  Good coffee with good friends.  Starbucks on the weekdays with my work buddies, Caribou with my BFF during  the weekend.
3.  Pebble ice.  I have an annoying ice addiction and I love crunchy pebble ice.

4.  My camera.  I love taking photos.  I usually have a camera on me at all times.

5.  Running.  Really a love/hate relationship.....still a love.

6.  Chubby Hubby's Heart Stopping Popcorn.  I am currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

7.  My Baba's Afghans.  These blankets are crocheted by hand and weigh about forty pounds.  I can't sleep without them.  I have had the one on my bed for over 30 years and it still looks new.  I call her my "old lady sweat shop" because I keep making her make them for my kids.  ha!

8.  My Crackberry.  I am OCD about checking my email and I love that I can get it anywhere (email that is).

9.  My job.  Well the job is just a job...I neither love it nor hate it but certainly appreciate that I have it. I love my coworkers and I love the flexibility it offers. Plus the benefits aren't half bad.

10.  Everything about Summer.  Warm weather, the pool, the smell of suntan lotion, the kids' baseball games, Brats, Burgers, a cold Leinie's Summer Shandy.  Speaking of is time to get outside!

So I would like to pass out the award to:

I am supposed to do 10 people but I am feeling a little lazy.  Plus, it is hard to choose only 10!!!  Happy Hump Day!


celmore said...

Heart stopping popcorn!!! What's the deal with that??? Special recipe?

Staci Dombroski said...

I love that kind of ice too :)

Heather said...

Great list!

Lindsay said...

Love your list!!!s

Jamoosh said...

Popcorn sounds good about now - but we are strong!

Erica said...

I love peeble Ice too! My habit drives my entire family crazy...ohhh well if they want t dinner they will have to put up with it I say.....cruch, crunch, crunch

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I love, love lists. In fact it's just the uplifting kind of post I needed to read!

Tish said...

I love your blog, too. You help me know it's possible. Yes, you've gotta put family first. And isn't it just so lovely when the little guys learn to do chores! LOL

Tricia said...

yep, going to need more about that popcorn :)

Delane said...

I love pebble ice!!!!!!!

Diana said...

Thanks Carly for the award...I think it's my first.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

mmmmm, coffee. great list! :)

lindsay said...

i love #2. good coffee and good friends. one of my favorites!