Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Something Shiney................

Tonight I am having extreme ADD.  I am working on editing photos.  Laundry.  Cleaning.  I quit those things and started a blog post.  I got bored with the topic I was writing about and started writing another one.  Then Facebook grabbed me.  Then the phone.  And then... I can't seem to finish one project let alone one thought.  This is typical when I have too many thing going on at one time.  I start to lose my mind.

Instead of doing something productive, I will blog about my run.

I just felt like I had to pat myself on the back for my run today.  I was scheduled to run 5 miles but due to time constraints I ran almost 3 miles.  But I ran them fast (relatively speaking of course).  I even had a WHOLE mile where my pace was in the 9 (and then some) minute range.  It was hard because this is a way faster pace than I am used to and at 3PM the weather hot for running.  I know I pushed myself hard because I almost threw up after a the workout.  In my opinion, it was a sign of a job well done.

There were several times I wanted to quit but refused.  I was at Lake Nokomis and I had plenty of things to keep my mind off of running pain.  There is no shortage of entertainment at this lake!!  Here are just a few of the things that I encountered:
  • The Unibomber's twin brother
  • A dog taking a dump in the lake (EWWWWW that kind of kills the desire for an open water swim)
  • Girls biking in bikinis
  • Girls biking in bikinis with a body parts that should be covered hanging out
  • Girls biking in bikinis that should take an honest girlfriend shopping.  An honest girlfriend would not let them buy that swim suit!!!!!
  • More swimwear that people should not have been wearing
  • A couple getting it on (fully clothed at the point I saw them).....out in the wide open
I was happy that I was able to sneak in a run before picking up the kids.  Going to the lake today was nice because it was a change of scenery.  Even though it was a short run, It was a great workout. 

Speaking change of scenery....I had better get back to work and hope my focus returns.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday evening, I got dressed to run and waited for Chubby Hubby to get home from work.  I noticed that the clouds were getting darker and darker but hoped that I could sneak in a  3 miler before the storm.  He strutted through the door at about 5:30 and the sky became pitch black seconds later.  The wind picked up and the tornado sirens went off.  My run plan for the night was dead and we immediately jumped into our emergency action plan:
  • Movie
  • Pizza
  • Beer
  • Basement
The bad part of the storm passed rather quickly but we had a fabulous lightning show for the remainder of the night.  I love storms (as long as I am indoors).  Thankfully we did not have any damage.  We just had a few branches down and some streets that temporarily flooded.

Saturday morning I chose to go out with my BFF to our weekly coffee date prior to running.  Note to self:  run then coffeeI figured the caffeine jolt would be good as a pre-run fuel.  It did help, however, by the time I headed out it was almost 10AM and it was humid and hot!!!!  I did OK until I hit the 7 mile mark.  After that, bonked and I bonked hard.  I totally hit the wall.  I had to resort to run a couple of minutes, then walk a bunch of minutes.  Somehow, I made it home.  If I would have had a cell phone or cab fare I would have phoned it in and called it a day.  It was miserable.  My time sucked but I got it done.  Week 4 of training is in the books and 9 miles got done by the grace of God.

The rest of the weekend was hanging out with friends and chilaxing (read: drinking a lot of beer).  Sunday night I got to have my very first blogger meet up.  I got to meet Diana as she was in town for a very special reason.  We had a great time and it was nice to finally meet her in person.

This week's challenge is going to be getting all my workouts in while juggling the last week of baseball, end of the year work stuff, and planning the annual Independence Rocks party (we love the 4th of July in the Casa de Chubby!) 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Confessions Thursday

My long run training runs are going really well.  My daily training runs are not going well at all.  In fact, I have gotten 2 done in the last 2 weeks (barely).  I have been substituting a Jillian workout in place of a run.  I know it is not the same, but at least it is something.  I have been consumed with work and baseball.  

Today, I broke the cycle and ran with Diva in the stroller.  I did almost 5 miles but I had to walk quite a bit.  The stroller is a pain to push.   Thankfully the wild days are starting to calm down and I can resume a more normal schedule.

Last night I went out for dinner and drinks with my friend who is in town from Arizona.  We discussed our October marathon over burgers and martini's.  Dinner of champions!!!  We ordered the martini sampler.  Thankfully the pub is within walking distance!

Tonight's dinner was not much better.  Dairy Queen.  Who can pass up a Reese's Blizzard that is FREE???  I certainly can't.

I had today off of work and I got to spend it with Diva.  I started getting kind of sad because was really missing being home with the kids.  It has been one year since I have gone back to work full-time.  Today was the perfect summer day and it really made me miss the daily summer walks, afternoon trips to the pool, and playing outside.

As the day wore on, I realized I LOVE my kids but I don't miss staying at home.  We are all much happier with me working.  Am I awful for admitting this?

We did have a lot of fun today.   They boys were at their summer program so it was just Diva and I.  We don't get a lot of time to spend 1 on 1 so it was really nice to spend the day together.  She made a great coach on our run this morning as she kept barking "Wun Faster!!!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Other Side of the Finish Line

I had the amazing opportunity of volunteer at the finish line of Grandma's Marathon this past weekend.  I got to give the runners their medals (the greatest job ever!).   Duluth, Minnesota is my hometown and I grew up watching Grandma's marathon.  This year since I wasn't running any of the events, I wanted to help.  I am so glad I did because I got to see the marathon from a whole different angle.

To sum up the experience in one word would be AMAZING!!!! What made this experience so amazing was seeing people of all abilities cross that finish line after conquering the SAME 26.2 miles.

I was completely in awe seeing the elite runners cross the finish line and making the marathon look effortless.  The next wave of people that came were what I call the speedy mortals.  This is the group of people that I can only dream about running with.  They are the Boston Qualifiers and the sub 10 minute per mile group.  I was so inspired watching this group finish because someday I want to be with them.  When the clock hit the 5 hour mark, my peeps started crossing.  I am a back of the backer myself and  seeing this group cross moved me the most.  There were a lot of first timers and a lot of people that did something that they once thought was impossible.  They finished and they did it with a lot of emotion.  I was brought to tears more than one time.  It was amazing because no matter if they were elite, a speedy moral, or a back of the backer....they all can call themselves marathoners.

Things that I saw experienced:
  • Elite Runners-  WOW!!  Their bodies are incredible and they made the marathon look effortless.
  • The first woman to cross the finish line ...again WOW!
  • 2 engagements- I can't imagine the pressure and the stress of carrying a valuable ring for 26.2 miles.
  • A couple that celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary by running the marathon
  • A woman celebrating her 70th birthday (Under a 5 hour finish too!!!!!)
  • LOTS of sweaty hugs and celebratory high fives
  • I also got kissed by a man that became a marathoner that day.
  • I heard a lot of people say "NEVER AGAIN" my response was "See you next year".  Ha!
It was a fabulous weekend.  Duluth really knows how to put on a great race!!

     I was so happy to make it a family affair this year. Chubby Hubby and my oldest son were on duty passing out finisher t-shirts.
    My brother and I
    This is my brother and a close family friend goofing around.  They crack me up.
    Sweaty and gross but we still have smiles on our faces.
    My favorite part of the day was seeing the faces of the runners when they were done and came to get their medals.
    Duluth throws one hell of a party after the race in Canal Park.  They have a huge tent party with lots of beer and great bands.  Perfect way to end the weekend.

    Last but not least....Happy Father's Day to the best baby daddy in the world!

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Three Things Thursday

    1.  Thanks for listening to me whine about my sick kiddos.  It truly was exhausting but I think everyone is on the mend.  I am happy to say that my son had a blast with Chubby Hubby.  He came home with one of those over-sized foam fingers and left over peanuts.  It was hard to stay disappointed when I saw how happy he was.  Chubby Hubby DVRed the game and just to see if they made it on TV....they did!  The Twins won and my laundry got DONE (that is something that NEVER happens).

    2.  Currently we are under a tornado watch and we are expecting some severe weather tonight.  I think I may be banished to the basement to do a Jillian video instead of getting a run in outside.  I must swing by the store for severe weather supplies (beer and wine) in case we are stuck in the basement.  The weather may also put a damper on baseball and tee-ball tonight.  My poor kids have gotten screwed this season by Mother Nature.  They have had more rain outs than games. 

    3.  We are getting ready to head north for Grandma's marathon.  I am hoping to meet some fellow bloggers as well as see some of my friends in Duluth cross the finish line.  My girlfriend from Arizona (also my partner in crime for Twin Cities Marathon) is visiting her parents and I roped her into some finish line work too.  It should be a fun day and the weather is supposed to be nice.  If you are running or there to watch, look for me and come say hi!  

    Grandma's a really fun beautiful race.  I might be a tad biased as Duluth is my hometown (as well as Kara Gouchers). 

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Bitter, Party of One

    What was supposed to happen:
    • Work until 2:30 and then run a few errands
    • Do 4 mile training run
    • Babysitter to come at 6PM
    • Chubby Hubby and I were to enjoy a pre-Twins Game cocktail
    • Enjoy Twins Game 2 rows behind the team dugout
    • Come home to 3 sleeping kids and a sitter that could drive herself home

    What really happened:
    • Left work at 11AM with fires still burning on my desk
    • Cleaned up 7 Diva vomits
    • Changed clothes 2 times because of vomit
    • Washed 6 loads of laundry
    • Did not do my errands
    • Did not run
    • Did not go to the Twins Game
    • Thought about drinking at 2:30 this afternoon (I resisted)
    • Currently eating stale McDonalds cheeseburger and a luke warm beer for dinner while watching for Chubby Hubby and my son on TV.
    I am whining and feeling sorry for myself.  I am disappointed that our plans were shaken up by sick kids but I am used to this kind of thing happening.   It all come with being a parent.   I am most disappointed that I didn't get my run in tonight.  ***gasp*** Did I just say that???  Yes, I am feeling worn out and pissy.  I really could use some endorphins right now.  Scratch that.  I have moved on to beer.  But I really like myself better when there is exercise involved.  Again....did I just say that?

    Anyway, that is enough of my pity party for tonight. I am off to do something productive like read blogs and stalk people on Facebook do a laundry and  pack for this weekend.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Tuesday's Puking Party

    I have learned that having three kids means that there will always be someone sick.  I have also learned that the timing of the sickness always happens at the worst possible time.   It should not be a shock when I learned that 2 of the kidlets were under the weather today.  Of course they are, it is one of the busiest times at work, the start of summer vacation, we are getting ready to go out of town, and we have a sitter lined up for tomorrow night because we have a real date planned.  I know a lot can change in 24 hours.   I also know that when 1 person in the family gets sick,  the rest soon follow.

    Warning:  The following story is about vomit.

    Tonight's episode should have been a scene on a sitcom.  I got home from work to see my middle son and Diva laying on opposite ends of the couch.  Both were running fevers, but were content watching cartoons.  I went downstairs to switch a load of laundry when all of the sudden Chubby Hubby was screaming for help.

    Diva said her tummy hurt and just like that, started vomiting and left a puke trail from the living room to the bathroom (Thank God for hardwood floors).  Chubby hubby ushered her to the bathroom only to get there and have her puke on him.  I was running around with a rag cleaning up the mess and then I heard my son get off the couch.  He  ran into the bathroom.  SPLAT!!!!  **pause***  Then came the expletives from Chubby Hubby.  He got nailed again....while cleaning up Diva. 

    If that wasn't bad enough, Diva wiggled her way away from him, ran out of the bathroom and hit the mess on the floor and did a home run type slide out the bathroom and into the Hallway.  My son was crying, she was crying, my whole main level was splattered and my house smelled like bile.  All we could do at that point was giggle.  There we were, stunned by the chaos and covered in barf.  There certainly is never a dull moment with children.  Tonight will definitely go down in the archives.

    I am saying little prayers that the rest of us do not get sick and that our plans remain intact.

    Because of the series of events that occurred tonight, I skipped my 3 mile run.  I should have done Shred or something but I didn't.  I am exhausted and I am hitting the hay! 

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    Weekend Wrap-Summer Vacation!

    Welcome Summer! It is officially here in our house because the boys finished up the school year last Friday.   No more drop off in 3 separate locations!!!   It has been a busy week and there is too much to recap...even for bullets.  Here is a quick rundown....

    Long Run PSA:
    Map out a route prior to heading out on a long run or your 7 mile run will become almost a 9 mile run. Yes, I did almost two extra miles on my long run on Saturday.  To my shock and awe, I did it in 1:37, my fastest long run average pace yet. 

    How did 7 turn into almost 9?  I turned onto Minnehaha Parkway (a beautiful place to run if you are in the area) but it twists and turns and when I finally came up to a street I recognized, I was all turned around.  It is quite humorous considering I do know the area the back of my hand....I just never ran that part of the parkway before.  The good news is that it was perfect running weather and I felt great.  It was a great surprise and I rewarded myself with a cold one of these:

    Jillian (She should drop her last name because EVERYONE knows her):
    Looking for a new way to torture yourself? 
    No More Trouble Zones is the workout for you!  I thought that there could not be anything worse than Shred.  Well, I was wrong.  This woman is crazy!  This DVD made me say words that would make my mother cry (and nothing shocks her)!  During one point of the workout there were tears rolling down my face.  It is one thing to get the dry heaves, but this one made. me. cry.  It was during the move called "Surrenders".  It was as bad as it sounds.

    My friend Leah lent me this DVD to try.  I hated it so much that I went right out and bought it.  It will be a great cross training tool and if I keep it up I might even see my abs without plastic surgery.

    Grandmas Marathon:
    Running Grandmas or the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon? Look for me!!! I will be at the finish line handing out medals to the finishers for both the half marathon and the full marathon. Also, Chubby Hubby and my oldest son will be helping hand out t-shirts. I am very excited to have such a fun job handing out the hard earned bling. My son is also over the moon to be helping out at such a big event. He wanted to know if he got a t-shirt (yes he does and even a finish line security pass). I think someone is going to have a cool show and tell when school starts up again. Ha!

    Today's cross training included level one of Shred, a 5 mile walk with BFF, and tending to a fevery, puking baby Diva.  It is summer, shouldn't this crud be done by now??  I am looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs.  I have been reading some, but I haven't had the brainpower to comment.  

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    My Glamorous Life

    I am sitting here pissing away a perfect night to get stuff done.  The dishes are piled up, the laundry needs to be done, and the house looks like a bomb went off.   Rather I am sitting here staring blankly into my computer surfing the interwebs and reading nothing more than my friends' status updates on Facebook.  It has been a busy day and a crazier week.  I just don't have it in me to do one more thing today. 

    I am tired.  This week past week was a short week, yet it felt so long.  Then today, I am a golf widow (13 hours and counting).  So rather than be productive, I have bellied up to my desk with a bag of chips and some cheap beer.  Dinner of champions.  Yes, my social life is kind of pathetic.

    First of all, thank you for all of the comments about sunscreen and vitamins.  The other night I was roaming through Tar-jay staring blankly at the shelves.  I could not make a decision to save my life.  So I thought I would do an informal poll to see what is in your cart.  I also thank you for all of the music suggestions.  I received an iTunes gift card for Mother's Day and I need to update the tunes. 

    Even though my mojo has left the building, I haven't really been lazy all day.  I did complete my long run this morning.  I did 6.26 miles (1 hour 12 minutes in the rain).  This is what six miles looks like (no wonder my kids ran screaming from the room).

    Friday night, I actually got out of the house and did something WAY out of my norm.  I went to the reading of Run Like a Mother.  One of the co-authors, Dimity McDowell, was in Minneapolis for a stop on the book tour.  I was lucky to have been sent a copy to review back in March.  I absolutely loved this book and thought it would be fun to meet one of the authors.  I was intimated to go by myself so I dragged a couple of my friends kicking and screaming to come with me to this reading.  Just me walking into a bookstore is laughable, but an event like this made me feel like such a fish out of water.
    I am really glad I went.  It was great to hear the author's comments on the book.  She was so down to earth and felt as though we could be great friends.  Even my friends enjoyed themselves so I didn't feel bad for dragging them into a bookstore on a Friday night.  I was inspired to re-read the book and I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time.  This is one that will be a good one to keep on the bookshelf and I highly recommend it as a great Summer read.  You do not have to be a mom to enjoy this book and it has something that all women runners can relate to.

     After the reading, my camera-shy BFF and I headed to continue the "discussion"..... over beers of course.

    We also had some some happy hour food....fried pickels and potroast and gravy fries.  Both were just....Meh.  Nothing to write home about and certainly not a great thing to eat the night before a long run.

    I am off to continue my fabulous Saturday night.  I may go fold a load of clothes before I hit the hay!  Don't be jealous!

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Three Questions Thursday

    I am looking for your opinions on:

    1.  What kind of sunscreen/sunblock do you use?  Do you use the spray, lotion, or gel? Separate stuff for the face?

    2.  What kinds of dietary supplements/vitamins do you take? Do you get them from a specialty store or at Target (or similar place)?

    3.  What is your favorite song on your music playlist? 

    Happy Thursday!  I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.  For a short week, this has certainly felt long!!!